YS Eco Bee Farms Propolis Review – 5 Hidden Truths About Bee Propolis

YS Eco Bee Farms Propolis Review Extract

Last updated: October 20th, 2019 This YS Eco Bee Farms Propolis review covers one of the weirdest and most powerful ingredients you need to know about.

Bee propolis. It’s natural, potent, and amazing for improving your health.

Below, I’ve listed the 5 hidden truths that you need to know about YS Eco Bee Farms Propolis.

Just keep reading for the full scoop on this magical little product made by honey bees…

Truth 1. Raw Bee Propolis Extract is one of the world’s healthiest ingredients

YS Eco Bee Farms Propolis Review Bottle

Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Bee Propolis 1000 is essentially raw bee propolis extract in the form of a capsule.

And, when you take bee propolis extract, you’re ingesting the actual stuff that bees use to line their hive, keep their colony healthy, and ensure that their hive is sterile. Isn’t that amazing?

When you use propolis, you’re supplementing with the same ingredients that bees use to keep their entire community running strong. That’s why bee propolis is one of the healthiest ingredients on this planet.

Truth 2. Propolis is packed with bioflavonoids

YS Eco Bee Farms Propolis Review Extract
Image: Honeygreen

Bioflavonoids are the main reason why propolis is so useful.

Propolis is loaded with bioflavonoids, which can help people with compromised immune systems feel a whole lot healthier. Bioflavonoids can also treat allergy symptoms, kill viruses, and fight against carcinogens.

It’s also worth noting that bioflavonoids can provide a variety of “niche” health benefits ranging from fighting inflammation, to improving microvascular blood flow.

Truth 3. Propolis can even be used as a natural antibiotic

YS Eco Bee Farms Propolis Review Antiobiotic Properties

Ready to ditch your Neosporin and go au natural?

If so, next time you get a small cut or a scratch, try applying some propolis to your wound. Then, simply watch as your skin heals better than it ever has before.

Propolis was used frequently in ancient Egypt, and even during times of war (World War II) to heal open wounds, and treat other nasty infections.

With thousands of years worth of verifiable use, you can bet that propolis works wonders at treating all kinds of skin ailments.

Truth 4. The product label is slightly misleading

YS Eco Bee Farms Propolis Review Bottle Label Slightly Misleading

While I’m a huge fan of the Y.S. Eco Bee Farms company, I’m not a big fan of marketing that misleads people. The only major complaint that I’ve seen about YS Eco Bee Propolis is that the product label makes it seem like each capsule contains 1000mg of Bee Propolis Extract.

But, when you actually look at the ingredients listed on the back of the bottle, you’ll notice that you have to take two capsules to get the full 1000mg dose of propolis that you’re probably looking for.

This means that each capsule contains 500mg of propolis rather than 1000mg. Is this misleading? Yeah, maybe a little bit. Is it a deal breaker? I don’t think so.

It’s still an amazing product.

But, you’ll have to take two capsules of this propolis to receive a “complete” 1000mg dose.

Truth 5. There’s also a great alternative ‘honey blend propolis’ product available

YS Eco Bee Farms Propolis Review Honey Blend Alternative

Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Propolis Extract in Honey is a great alternative propolis product for those who aren’t interested in swallowing capsules.

This ‘synergistic’ blend combines propolis with raw honey to give you a tasty and healthy honey paste. This product works just as well as the propolis in capsules.

But, if you decide to order this honey propolis paste, just keep in mind that it will probably arrive at your doorstep hard as a rock. However, all you have to do to soften your honey propolis paste is immerse the entire bottle in a cup of warm water for just a few minutes. Problem solved.

After you open up your bottle, you can simply leave it on your kitchen counter at room temperature for best results.

YS Eco Bee Farms Propolis review conclusion

Overall, I hope this review has shed light on one of the most useful ingredients that I always keep on hand – especially during the winter months.

Whenever you feel like you might come down with a cold, deciding to use some Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Propolis 1000mg (capsules) or Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Propolis Extract in Honey is one of the best decisions you can make.

Whether you have a weak immune system, you occasionally don’t get enough sleep, or even if you’re already healthy – and you just want to boost your immune system…

Propolis will be one of the best ingredients you can give your body.

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

I'm Casey. I created this website to give people practical solutions to every day problems they face. When I review a product, I don't just read about it. I order multiple items to compare and see what works best.

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