Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Review – Best-Tasting Probiotic Tea In A Can?

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Review Featured

Last updated: October 20th, 2019 I recently had the opportunity to enjoy a case of Tealixir Herbal Kombucha (Variety Pack).

As a kombucha addict, I had no problem jotting down the truth about Tealixir to help you uncover an exciting new probiotic tea. So, this is my complete Tealixir Herbal Kombucha review that answers the important question at hand…

Is Tealixir the best-tasting, healthiest probiotic tea drink in a can?

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Review Featured

Just keep reading to get the full scoop on this awesome kombucha brand, and find out about the surprisingly unique benefits that can be had by drinking Tealixir Kombucha.

At the very least, you’ll enjoy a delicious new beverage.

At best, you’ll load your body with a variety of nutritious herbs and spices that make you feel amazing.

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Review – A Quick Introduction

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Review Package

When I was searching for a tasty, ready-to-drink kombucha product to recommend in an article about mood-enhancing non-alcoholic beverages, I eventually stumbled across Tealixir.

Tealixir caught my eye because the company brands itself as a premium kombucha craft brewery that sells a variety of magic tonics to help you live a healthier, more enjoyable life.

As soon as I received my Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Variety Pack, I put the cans in the fridge, and went to work on my taste test shortly after.

Here are the truths I discovered about Tealixir’s products:

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Elixir Review #1. China Rose

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Review China Rose

I’m a fan of Eastern medicine. But, the problem is that there are a lot of ancient herbs, spices and remedies that are still being overlooked in the Western world to this day.

So, I was excited to find that Tealixir’s China Rose Herbal Kombucha blends the health benefits of Eastern medicine with Western taste.

Here’s how I would describe the taste and potential health benefits of China Rose:

Clean and effervescent

Tealixir China Rose is a clean and pure-tasting kombucha. It’s one of the very best fermented teas that I’ve tried.

Light citrus floral taste

The organic ginger, lemongrass and rose flavors stand out the most to me. I love the flavor combination, as it’s a unique blend that most people in the U.S. don’t get to try too often.

Delicate herbal flavor

While I personally couldn’t pick up on a strong herbal taste (my palette isn’t the best), I could definitely still tell that the herbal taste was there.

The herbal flavor of China Rose is subtle yet reassuring. You’ll feel confident knowing that you’re drinking a nice blend of ancient herbs and spices, and receiving the health benefits that come with that.


Special ingredients like organic fo-ti, rhodiola, lemongrass and even organic roasted brown rice prove that this kombucha product provides plenty of energizing, life-enhancing ingredients.

After drinking a can of Tealixir China Rose, I felt more focused, calm and awake.

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Elixir Review #2. Amrita Chai

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Review Amrita Chai

One of my all-time favorite beverages is the classic iced chai latte.

Tealixir’s Amrita Chai Herbal Kombucha has a similarly great chai taste, but without the unnecessary fat content, sugar and calories that a traditional chai latte weighs you down with.

Here’s how I would describe the taste and health benefits of Amrita Chai:

Excellent chai flavor

Amrita chai is smooth and refreshing with a light spicy finish.

Diverse flavor profile

Organic cinnamon bark, ginger root, and vanilla bean ingredients make for a delicious blend that’s unlike anything I’ve tried before.

Calming and stimulating

I felt that Amrita Chai was calming and stimulating at the same time. That might sound like a contradiction. But, the buzz that I felt was nice and synergistic. I think this might happen because of the ashwagandha ingredient found in Amrita Chai, which is an ancient herb that can relieve stress and ‘wake you up’ simultaneously.


While kombucha is considered an Ayurvedic medicine, Tealixir’s Amrita Chai is the only beverage I’ve discovered that maximizes the number of Ayurvedic ingredients in a single kombucha product.

I love that this product uses genuinely life-enhancing ingredients like organic gotu kola, ginger root, cloves, nutmeg and more.

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Elixir Review #3. Dr. Marigold

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Review Dr Merigold Can New

Tealixir’s Dr. Marigold Herbal Kombucha is my favorite Tealixir beverage.

Here’s how I would describe the taste and potential health benefits of Dr. Marigold:


Dr. Marigold tastes like a light, crisp and non-alcoholic apple cider/citrus beer.

Just enough sweetness

Tealixir has figured out how to balance kombucha with the ideal amount of sugar content. At 12 grams of organic cane sugar per 12 oz. can of Dr. Marigold, it’s just sweet enough to satisfy, without making you feel guilty afterwards.

Uplifting and energizing

This is where Tealixir really lives up to its reputation as a brand of ancient herbal medicine. I immediately felt a potent buzz after gulping down a can of Dr. Marigold. The lift in my mood lasted for at least an hour. I have to assume that this was the St. John’s Wort working its magic, as it’s an herb known for its anti-depressant benefits.

Immune system and heart health

While I obviously couldn’t feel the immune system or heart health benefits of Dr. Marigold right away, I trust that the organic ginko, hawthorn berries and various other powerful ingredients in Dr. Marigold provide awesome health benefits over time.

Tealixir’s Additional Benefits

There are so many benefits to drinking Tealixir, that it’s truly difficult to list everything that this awesome brand stands for.

But, here are just some of the additional benefits that Tealixir Herbal Kombucha offers:

Better gut health

Your gut acts as your ‘second brain’, and plays a massive role in how you feel, think and act.

Improving your gut health can surprisingly change your entire outlook on life.

Thankfully, Tealixir contains bacterial acids and probiotic flora that assists with digestion, and helps to regulate your gut.

Tealixir is a probiotic fermented tea after all, and helps to keep your ‘second brain’ in good shape.

All-natural, genuinely useful ingredients

I’ve tried a number of kombucha products. But, I don’t think I’ve tried one with as many organic, genuinely health-boosting ingredients as Tealixir.

BPA-free lined cans

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a hormone disruptor that I try my best to avoid. It’s great to know that Tealixir stores their kombucha in BPA-free lined cans.

Shelf stable

Because Tealixir’s cans are vacuum sealed and protected, they’re shelf stable. This is really convenient, because you can refrigerate your Tealixir whenever you want to.

Powerful non-alcoholic beverage

Before trying Tealixir, The Bu Kombucha was probably the most potent kombucha product that I’d tried. Now, I can safely say that Tealixir gives an even stronger kick than The Bu Kombucha. With more health benefits, too.

Great alcohol mixer?

Though I haven’t tried it yet, a quick Google search shows that kombucha and vodka is one of the healthiest cocktails you can make.

I have a feeling that Dr. Marigold mixed with Ciroc would be a fun party hit.

Coffee, soda or energy drink replacement

If coffee occasionally burns you out, then Tealixir could work great as a coffee substitute.

If you drink soda or energy drinks, then you should definitely consider switching to Tealixir.

I find that Tealixir has enough carbonation to give you a satisfying bite, but without any of the downsides of drinking traditional sodas.

Is Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Truly The Best-Tasting, Healthiest Kombucha Available?

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Review Cans In Refrigerator

In my search for the perfect kombucha, I think that I might’ve found it.

Tealixir tastes great. It’s genuinely good for you. And it comes in a BPA-free lined can. I don’t know what else someone can ask for…

Did I mention that it’s available on Amazon, too.

You can order a Variety Pack of Tealixir Herbal Kombucha on Amazon right now. It ships fast, in a vacuum sealed 12-pack, and comes with all three of the elixirs that I’ve reviewed in this article:

  • China Rose
  • Amrita Chai
  • Dr. Marigold

Hope you enjoy the best-tasting, healthiest kombucha that I’ve been able to find.

P.S. I know that you’re going to love ordering a pack of Tealixir because the company delivers on their promises, and provides an exceptionally healthy and great-tasting kombucha tea that anyone can enjoy.

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