7 Surprising Skin Care Tips That Sound Weird But Actually Work

Last updated: November 16th, 2019

Today, I’m revealing 7 surprising skin care tips that seem weird, but actually work.

Here’s the full list of skin care tips that you need to keep in mind (don’t judge until you try them out)!

7 Surprising Skincare Tips

1. Use moisturizer when you have oily skin

Many people with oily skin find it hard to believe that moisturizer will work with their skin type.

This typically happens because people with oily skin are often told that gel works best for their complexion (rather than moisturizer).

However, if you have oily skin, and you’re willing to give moisturizer a try, you just might find that it works really well for your skin.

2. Commit to using physical sunscreen daily

It’s surprisingly common for people to think that sunscreen is a waste of time.

You might even think that you don’t spend much time in the sun – since you’re essentially indoors all day long.

But, most people are startled to find out how much time they actually spend in the sun.

For example, you might not realize that your skin is exposed to plenty of sunlight while you’re driving, sitting in front of a bright window, or even just stepping outside for a few minutes at a time.

It’s for this reason that just about everyone needs to commit to using sunscreen daily.

However, I strongly recommend that you use a mineral-based sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as a main ingredient. This is extremely important, because these “physical sunscreens” aren’t harmful to your skin. But, the same can’t be said about chemical sunscreens that use dangerous ingredients like oxybenzone.

Commit to using safe physical sunscreens every day, and you’ll look better, feel better, and possibly even protect yourself against diseases like skin cancer.

3. Replace pillow cases with t-shirts

It should be pretty obvious by now that changing out your pillow case every night is one of the best ways to prevent acne.

But, not everyone wants to buy 30+ pillow cases, since that can get a little bit expensive.

So, while this tip might seem sort of strange, you can always just slip a fresh t-shirt onto your pillow each night for a quick, clean and easy solution.

In fact, you might want to buy a jumbo pack of plain white undershirts for this exact reason.

Replacing your pillow cases with t-shirts is way cheaper than buying pillow cases. Plus, this trick will help you stay acne-free too.

4. Moisturize in the morning and night

Are you a once-per-day user of moisturizer  – like millions of other people?

If so, you might want to try moisturizing in the morning and night (twice per day).

Moisturizing in the morning and night essentially doubles the amount of beneficial ingredients that your skin absorbs (like hyaluronic acid and ceramides).

This can make your skin look better, feel softer, and even help you look younger, too.

If you need a good moisturizer in a pinch, I recommend using the time-tested CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. This is the moisturizer that I typically use to combat acne and dry skin.

5. Cut up your skincare bottles to get every last drop of product

Maintaining a good skincare routine can get a little bit expensive. There’s no denying that.

So, you should feel shameless when it comes getting every last drop of product out of your skincare tubes and bottles.

Whenever you find yourself squeezing your skincare tubes and bottles – just go ahead and cut them up using scissors.

You’ll probably be shocked by how much leftover product you discover inside.

6. Stop towel drying your face after washing

Have you ever seen a skincare tip that instructs you not to dry your face off with a towel after washing?

If so, then you most likely ignored this warning, and dried your face off after washing anyway.

But, next time you’re going through your daily skincare routine, try washing your face and then using moisturizer directly afterwards.

This tip basically sounds crazy. But, it works so well!

The problem with towel drying your face is that you can get lint fuzzies and excess bacteria on your face right after washing (thanks to towels). Plus, drying your face off with a towel is irritating to some people.

And best of all, by purposely skipping the towel, you’ll lock in extra moisture on your face when it comes time to moisturize (since your face will still be wet).

Give this tip a try, and make sure to let me know how it works for you in the comments section below.

7. Diet and exercise can drastically improve the appearance of your skin

Some people try everything to improve the appearance of their skin – from accutane, to body brushes, and more.

But, if you haven’t prioritized your diet and exercise routine, then you could missing out on the number one skincare tip that changes your life.

Diet and exercise has the power to influence your hormones, flush your pores, and provide you with a natural glow that simply makes your skin radiate.

If you don’t do so already, then I highly-recommend that you start eating high-quality food, and exercising at a nice gym near you!


Overall, it can be hard to believe that these 7 skincare tips actually work.

But, the truth is that anyone can implement these tips into their daily skincare routine…and see awesome results!

I truly hope that this list of surprising skin care tips helps you or someone you know.

Please make sure to spread the word about these tips, and share this article on social media as well. Thank you.

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

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Solid list. The T-shirt tip is genius! Going to start trying that soon. Thanks!

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