Rainbow Light Women’s One Food-based Multivitamin 2020 Review


Updated: October 20th, 2019 I’m writing this Rainbow Light Women’s One Food-based Multivitamin review today because I’m confident that women will benefit big-time by hearing the truth about this magical little bottle of tablets.

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Rainbow Light Women’s One Food-based Multivitamin Review

Rainbow Light Women's One Food-based Multivitamin Review Bottle
  • The Rainbow Light Women’s One Multivitamin is food-based, meaning it’s 100% free of artificial ingredients, and will only provide you with awesome health benefits (unless you’re on birth control, but we’ll get to that a little bit further down in the review)
  • You’re probably going to love this supplement because it works amazingly well for your skin, heart, hair and overall beauty
  • This multivitamin will also give you the extra energy to live a more exciting, upbeat and active lifestyle

Rainbow Light Women’s One Food-based Multivitamin Benefits

Rainbow Light Women's One Food-based Multivitamin Review
  • Rainbow Light Women’s One is rated ‘A’ quality by Labdoor, which is an independent scientific and technology startup that tests multivitamins
  • This multivitamin is ranked tenth best in Quality Ranking, and seventh best in Value Ranking (clearly, Rainbow Light is doing something right)
  • My closest family members, and most reviewers on the internet also agree that they feel a big increase in energy after taking this multivitamin

Rainbow Light Women’s One Food-based Multivitamin Negatives

Rainbow Light Womens One Multivitamin Review Negatives Red Clover
  • Rainbow Light Women’s One contains a small amount of Red Clover as part of the Women’s Strengthening Blend, which may be a problem for some women because Red Clover contains estrogen-like properties which might reduce the effectiveness of your birth control
  • While there’s an ingredient in this multivitamin that can interact with your birth control, it’s ultimately up to you to be fully aware of what’s hiding in your supplements (be careful if you’re on birth control)
  • It’s also worth noting that there’s only 150mcg of biotin in this multi – and you should probably be taking at least 1000mcg of biotin per day to make your nails, hair, and skin look even healthier
  • If you use this multivitamin, it will probably cover 90% of the daily supplements that you need to be taking to look great and feel energized – but you may still need to supplement with additional products
  • I would still recommend supplementing with extra biotin (for skin), curcumin (anti-cancer) and milk thistle (liver health) – as these supplements should cover almost all of your bases health-wise

Rainbow Light Women’s One Final Thoughts

  • Overall, Rainbow Light Women’s One is one of the very best multivitamins that women can buy, as long as you aren’t taking birth control or using any other form of hormonal therapy
  • You might need to take a few extra supplements throughout the week to make sure that you’re enhancing your skin, hair, nails, and general health, but for the most part, this multi has you covered
  • For the price point, and proven quality, I recommend grabbing this multivitamin today
Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

I'm Casey. I created this website to give people practical solutions to every day problems they face. When I review a product, I don't just read about it. I order multiple items to compare and see what works best.

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