Rainbow Light B Complex Review 2020 – A Real Food-Based Multivitamin That Actually Works

Rainbow Light B Complex Review Final

Last updated on October 20th, 2019…

If you’re looking for a supplement that will actually increase your energy, make your brain feel razor-sharp, and boost your happiness, then you’ll want to breeze through this Rainbow Light B Complex multivitamin review.

The full name of this multivitamin is the Rainbow Light Complete B-Complex, and I’ll tell you straight away that I trust this multivitamin enough to give it to my mother who suffers from tinnitus.

I take this multivitamin 2-3x per week as well.

But, you still deserve to know the facts about this multivitamin, including the good and the bad.

That’s why I’m giving you my full Rainbow Light B Complex Review. Here we go…

Rainbow Light B Complex Benefits

Rainbow Light B Complex Review Benefits
  • Rainbow Light Complete B-Complex is a food-based multivitamin, meaning that it’s made from natural ingredients and not shady chemicals that were manufactured in some lab (this is comforting to know, as you should want your multivitamin to resemble real food as much as possible)
  • You can use a quality pill cutter to easily cut the Rainbow Light Complete B-Complex multivitamins in half (I enjoy doing this)
  • The Rainbow Light B-Complex Multivitamin contains at least 4,000% of your recommended daily value’s of vitamins B-1, B-2 B-6, B-12, and 1,200% of your recommended daily value of vitamin B-5
  • This multivitamin also contains many other vitamins, herbs, superfoods, and amino acids – going far above above and beyond what’s typically required of a b-complex
  • I use this specific b-complex multivitamin because it contains a Lemon Bioflavonoid Complex in addition to the standard b vitamins
  • Bioflavonoids have been shown to help your brain fight against oxidative stress – which plays a large role in helping you think more clearly, protect your brain, and enjoy a long healthy life
  • I also like that this product contains biotin, which will make your hair appear stronger and healthier (biotin is technically vitamin H, but also belongs to the b-complex family)

Rainbow Light B Complex Cons

Rainbow Light B Complex Review Downsides
  • This multivitamin’s greatest flaw is that you can’t take it late in the evening (past 7 pm), or it will almost certainly mess with your sleep cycle
  • I recommend that you use this multivitamin no later than 6:30 – 7 pm
  • This product gives you a lot of energy because it simply works, so it only makes sense that you won’t be able to sleep very well if you take it too late
  • My only other quirk with this multi is that the tablets are a little bit larger than average, and you may need to take 2-3 of them per day to get the best results

Rainbow Light B-Complex Multivitamin Conclusion

Rainbow Light B Complex Review Final
  • If you can get past the slightly-larger-than-normal tablets, and commit to taking two or three of these multivitamins per day, then you’re going to understand why I consider Rainbow Light Complete B Complex to be the most energizing b-complex multivitamin available today
  • The b-complex formula, amino acids, and superfood ingredients in this product are nearly flawless, which is an incredibly difficult statement to make about a multivitamin while maintaining your credibility
  • But, I stand by my statement, because this is a multivitamin that’s worth at least double the relatively dirt-cheap price Rainbow Light is asking for.

P.S. One month’s supply of naturally-sourced b-complex tablets is a steal for the price Rainbow Light is charging. Hop on over to Amazon and order a bottle for yourself right now to see what I’m jabbering about.

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

I'm Casey. I created this website to give people practical solutions to every day problems they face. When I review a product, I don't just read about it. I order multiple items to compare and see what works best.

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