Thai Cold Brew Coffee In The USA – Native Jack Thai Coffee Review

Last updated: October 20th, 2019 I recently had the pleasure of trying some amazing Thai cold brew coffee that’s available right here in the USA.

This is my Native Jack Thai Coffee review to help you decide if this different and delicious style of coffee is right for you…

Thai Cold Brew Coffee In The USA: Native Jack Thai Coffee Review

Native Jack Thai Coffee Flavor

Here’s what you’ll find in this special review of Native Jack Nitro Hemp Thai Coffee:

  • Details about the taste of Native Jack
  • The magic of having pure hemp plant oil infused in Native Jack coffee
  • Nutrition information and caffeine content
  • Company branding and style

Just keep reading to get all the details about the only Thai style cold brew coffee that I’ve been able to find in a can right here in the USA.

The Native Jack Thai-Colorado flavor

Native Jack Thai Coffee Review Cup

Let’s kick off this review by breaking down what Native Jack tastes like.

To put it simply, I’ll just say that Native Jack is different and delicious.

Here’s what I taste when I sip a fresh pour of Native Jack:

  • Light almond flavor
  • Cardamom
  • Delicious coffee
  • Light sweetness
  • Smooth taste

Native Jack is flavorful with just the right amount of sweetness. I strongly believe the high-quality ingredients have a lot to do with this (I cover Native Jack’s ingredients in a section below).

I also love that Native Jack uses sweetened condensed milk for their coffee in traditional Thai fashion.

The blend of quality ingredients, organic coffee, just-enough sweetness and CBD oil make for a truly tasty and healthy beverage.

Pure CBD oil infused in Thai Coffee?

Native Jack Thai Coffee Review Pour

One of Native Jack’s most attractive benefits is that they infuse their Thai-style cold brew coffee with pure grade CBD hemp oil.

In case you aren’t aware, cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the non-psychoactive oils that can be extracted from the cannabis plant. There’s a lot of growing research that shows just how beneficial CBD oil can be for your health.

For example, taking high-quality CBD oil can make you feel more calm and alert, and help you fight inflammation.

There’s also evidence indicating that CBD oil can fight symptoms of mental illnesses like anxiety, and ward off oxidative damage caused by stress.

The only tricky thing about CBD oil is that some people show concern about the possibility of ingesting CBD oil that’s been extracted from cannabis plants that have been sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers.

However, Native Jack took the initiative to completely ease people’s concerns about the purity of CBD oil in their product.

Native Jack’s CBD oil is extracted from high-quality European hemp using a process that’s entirely free of chemicals and solvents. In fact, Native Jack’s CBD oil is organic – just as their coffee is.

I felt comfortable drinking Native Jack knowing that its CBD oil is just as pure as the rest of its ingredients.

Nutrition information and caffeine content

Native Jack Thai Coffee Review Nutrition

For a cold brew coffee, I’d say that Native Jack is just about as healthy as it gets.

I can’t think of another brand of coffee that contains 10 grams of protein, organic cardomom extract, almond extract and hemp plant oil extract.

Then, you have the actual health benefits of drinking organic coffee, too.

Coffee is an amazing plant that’s loaded with health benefits in general. But, many people still don’t realize that traditional coffee is one of the most chemically adulterated products around.

That’s why it’s usually best to stick with drinking organic coffee, like Native Jack. Organic coffee is as pure as it gets.

Native Jack ultimately strives to deliver an all-around nutritious cold brew coffee, and they manage to execute well.

As for Native Jack’s caffeine content – I think it’s right on the mark.

200mg of caffeine per can is a solid amount of caffeine that will keep you buzzing for at least a few hours. Native Jack tastes like a light and smooth cold brew coffee, but it packs a powerful punch of caffeine (which I like).

Company branding and style

Native jack thai coffee review can

Native Jack labels their product as “Nitro Hemp Thai Coffee.”

It’s safe to say this product angle really grabs your attention.

Some would argue that there’s too much going on with Native Jack’s product as a whole. But, I beg to differ.

I actually believe there’s way too much of the same old sugary flavor combinations and styling in the coffee industry as a whole.

Native Jack is finally shaking up the coffee industry with something that’s refreshing in every possible way.

It’s Thai-style cold brew coffee with pure hemp plant oil added to it.

The combination of caffeine with hemp plant oil gives you an upbeat and relaxing kick that’s more synergistic than anything else.

To me, the company branding, choice of ingredients and overall style just makes sense.


I’m sure you’re already aware, but I have to highly-recommend Native Jack Nitro Hemp Thai Coffee.

  • It’s delicious, different, and has an excellent nutritional profile as far as coffee goes
  • It gives you an energetic and calming buzz that feels synergestic
  • It’s a niche brand of Thai cold brew coffee that’s made in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado

What’s not to love about Native Jack?

If you give Native Jack a try, I’m sure that you’ll really enjoy it too.

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

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