Mr Burberry Review – Best Smelling Cologne For Men of 2020

Mr Burberry Review Box

Revised on: September 17, 2019 This Mr Burberry review reveals what could be the best smelling cologne for men.

Just keep reading to find out the benefits, downsides and final thoughts on this exciting men’s fragrance…

Mr Burberry Review – Some Thoughts About the Best Smelling Cologne For Men of 2020

Mr Burberry Review Box

Mr. Burberry is a new fragrance from Burberry that can only be described as…sexy.

This men’s fragrance is a moderate scent that’s perfect for anytime use.

The scent is described by Burberry as “capturing the essence of London,” and I actually think that’s a pretty good way to describe Mr. Burberry.

It’s fresh and crisp. But, it’s also seductive and smokey.

Yes, this is the best smelling cologne for men that I’ve used.

What Exactly Does Mr. Burberry Smell Like?

Mr Burberry Review Bottle

It’s tough to describe a certain smell using just words.

But, I’ll do the best that I can – because I believe that Mr. Burberry deserves a top-notch description…

Mr. Burberry smells like a “sophisticated businessman on a dinner date.”

Just imagine a business professional who earns six or seven figures a year.

Think about how he’d smell if he were to attend a nice dinner date in the city.

That’s exactly how Mr. Burberry smells…

It isn’t too light or deep. It’s honestly just the right, moderate blend of zesty and sexy.

What Occasions Are Mr Burberry Good For?

Mr Burberry Review Occasions

Mr Burberry is an excellent all-purpose men’s fragrance that’s genuinely great for all sorts of occasions.

  • It’s light enough for casual lunch
  • Mr. Burberry is seductive enough for a dinner date in the city
  • It’s also good for weddings, parties and special occasions

I believe that Mr Burberry is a scent that blends in well with your environment. It can be used almost anywhere.

Are There Any Occasions Where You Shouldn’t Wear Mr Burberry?

Mr Burberry Review At The Office

I don’t think that Mr Burberry is an ideal fragrance for wearing to work, because it’s a bit too seductive for the office.

It might literally be distracting to co-workers because of how good it smells.

When you’re at work, the goal is to work, and get stuff done.

Your co-workers might have a more difficult time focusing on their work when someone nearby is wearing Mr. Burberry.

This is not a joke. I’m dead serious. This cologne smells too good to wear to work.

For work, I would recommend a much more neutral (and equally nice) men’s fragrance like Burberry Touch for Men.

Mr Burberry Review Conclusion – My Final Thoughts and Opinion…

Mr Burberry Review Professional Image

Overall, if it still isn’t clear, I highly suggest that you grab a bottle of Mr. Burberry.

This cologne for men is ideal for most life situations. Whether you’re interested in wearing something for lunch, dinner or a special night out, Mr. Burberry is an excellent all-purpose cologne.

Oh, and to answer my question from earlier…

Yes, Mr. Burberry is the best-smelling cologne for men.

It’s just the right blend of sophisticated and seductive that most people find irresistible.

When you wear Mr. Burberry, you’ll get compliments from women, men and everyone.

This cologne is that good.

Make sure to leave your thoughts and comments about Mr. Burberry in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your feedback on this amazing cologne for men.

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