5 Nasty Truths About Using Coconut Oil for Beauty, Health and Wellness

Last updated: November 16th, 2019

If you’re active on the internet, then you’ve probably seen the swarms of websites that recommend using coconut oil for all kinds of life hacks. I mean, coconut oil truly is an amazing substance. You can use coconut oil for beauty, health, wellness and so many other aspects of life.

Coconut Oil for Beauty Featured

But, what most websites won’t tell you is that coconut oil also has a pretty nasty side to it.

In fact, this article reveals the 5 nasty truths about using coconut oil that you aren’t going to hear anywhere else…

Coconut Oil Truth 1. Coconut oil smells like raw sewage in your hair

Coconut Oil for Beauty Hair Smells Funky
This chick looks happy but her hair smells like funky coconuts. Image: Flickr

Coconut oil is one of the best and worst natural products that I use for my hair.

Yes, notice how I worded that sentence in the present tense.

I still occasionally use coconut oil in my hair. Even though it makes my hair smell like raw sewage every time I use it.

I still use coconut oil as a shampoo/conditioner because it’s the most effective product that I’ve used to fix my dandruff problem.

Coconut oil is downright amazing at healing my itchy scalp and fighting off dandruff. But, it’s also the most vile-smelling ingredient that I’ve used in my hair.

And, if you think that you’re clever enough to just rinse coconut oil out of your hair without leaving any scent behind, you’d probably be wrong.

It’s really difficult to get rid of the lingering sewage smell that coconut oil leaves in your hair. But you can always try!

Coconut Oil Truth 2. Coconut oil can give you “extreme” bowel movements

Coconut Oil for Beauty Bathroom
You may end up here after using coconut oil. Image: Flickr

To be fair, using just a teaspoon of coconut oil can reward you with excellent health benefits because of the rich fatty acids found in coconut oil. High-quality coconut oil actually provides your brain with clean energy, which in turn helps you think more clearly.

But, taking down a teaspoon of coconut oil can also upset your stomach in a matter of minutes, and give you an “extreme” bowel movement in no time, as well!

This is especially true if you blend your coconut oil with coffee just like so many other people do.

So, make sure to take your coconut oil with a meal. Otherwise, you just might have to pay the consequences…

Coconut Oil Truth 3. Coconut oil probably won’t eliminate your wrinkles

Coconut Oil for Beauty Wrinkles
Image: Flickr

I know that coconut oil is a go-to recommendation in the beauty space.

I’ve even recommended coconut oil before as a solution for gradually helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

But, the keyword there is gradual.

Coconut oil works very gradually to improve the appearance of skin. Therefore, coconut oil isn’t going to be the best product in the world for dealing with wrinkles.

When it comes to getting rid of wrinkles, you need some good face cream or perhaps some brightening eye cream to do the trick.

Coconut Oil Truth 4. It doesn’t taste all that great

Coconut Oil for Beauty Taste

I’ve tried coconut oil on toast, waffles, cereal and even in my coffee.

No matter how you take it, coconut oil doesn’t seem to taste very good.

Obviously I’m being a little bit of a complainer here.

Trust me when I say that coconut oil is well worth using regardless of the taste.

But, there’s no reason to lie. It tastes pretty bad, doesn’t it?

Coconut Oil Truth 5. Coconut oil can’t be relied on for fighting acne

Coconut Oil for Beauty Acne

I know that some blogs rave about the potential benefits of using coconut oil to fight acne.

But, then there are other websites that document the mixed results of using coconut oil for acne.

I like practical solutions. And, in my everyday life, I don’t come very across many people who actually use coconut oil to keep acne away.

For the most part, I truly believe that most people are going to be much better off using acne treatments that are specially formulated to eliminate (or significantly reduce) your acne problems.


Overall, I’m still a big believer in the reality that coconut oil is a miracle ingredient.

It’s so extremely useful as a bacteria-killer, moisturizer and health booster.

But, coconut oil can’t solve all of your problems, like many websites seem to suggest. These 5 nasty truths of using coconut oil are pretty hard to ignore, after all.

As usual – I’ll end this article on a positive note, though…

Because, if you can overcome these 5 nasty issues of coconut oil, I’m convinced that you’ll find a way to enjoy the many helpful uses that coconut oil has to offer!

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

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