Using Cleanser for Dehydrated Skin – 5 Most Hydrating Cleansers

Last updated: November 16th, 2019

If your skin looks dull, tired or unhealthy – then you could probably benefit from using a good cleanser for dehydrated skin.

The truth about dehydrated skin is that anyone can have it. It doesn’t matter if you have naturally dry, oily or combination skin.

Plus, if you haven’t exactly been drinking enough water, living a healthy lifestyle, or using high-quality (non-irritating) skincare ingredients – this can also have a huge impact on how hydrated your skin looks & feels.

Most importantly, your cleanser should never strip your skin, and make it feel tight or dried out (before using a moisturizer). If this happens, then you may have a damaged skin barrier.

Your cleanser should always make your skin feel fresh and clean!

So, without further ado, I’m going to name-drop the 5 best cleansers that actually hydrate your skin. Here we go…

1. Eau Thermale Avène Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion

Cleanser for Dehydrated Skin Eau Thermale Avène Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion

Eau Thermale Avène Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion is the best cleanser for dehydrated skin because it’s specially formulated to eliminate makeup, bacteria and oil without removing moisture from your skin.

Overall, this is a gel-style lotion that’s extremely gentle (heh) and super effective at cleansing your skin.

It uses plant-based cleansing agents that don’t even require rinsing. Yes, you can simply apply this cleanser lotion to your skin, and then wipe it away with a tissue or washcloth.

It’s an amazing product that I personally recommend!

2. COSRX Low PH Good Morning Cleanser

Cleanser for Dehydrated Skin COSRX Low PH Good Morning Cleanser

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser is a Korean gel-based cleanser that contains roughly the same pH as human skin (5.5 pH).

Many women make the mistake of using cleaners with a pH that’s far too high. This obviously isn’t good for your skin, as using a high pH cleanser can strip your skin hardcore, and put it way out of balance.

While this cleanser might not create plenty of suds like a high pH cleanser would – it will help you maintain great balance in your skin, and keep your face feeling fresh and hydrated!

3. CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

Cleanser for Dehydrated Skin CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser is the ultimate “go to” drug store cleanser that women everywhere adore.

If you need hydrating cleanser in a pinch, then CeraVe is probably going to feel like a trusted friend.

While CeraVe doesn’t necessarily work for all women, if it happens to work for your skin, then you will probably be able to achieve balanced, well-hydrated skin with this product.

Best of all, CeraVe can work wonders for some people’s skin at a minimal price point. So, if this product works for your skin, then you’re in luck.

I’ve linked to CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser on Amazon. But, you can probably also find it at your local Target store, or virtually anywhere else for that matter (Walmart, Walgreens etc.).

4. EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser

Cleanser for Dehydrated Skin EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser

EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser is a great facial cleanser from a great company.

I frequently recommend EltaMD’s sunscreens, because EltaMD generally puts forth a genuine effort to use safe, healthy ingredients in their skincare products.

And, when it comes to the EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser, you pretty much get a great gentle cleanser that works for all skin types. This product is pH-balanced, safe for daily use, and it’s oil-free as well.

It’s an awesome “general use” cleanser that the whole family (or just yourself) can use.

5. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Cleanser for Dehydrated Skin DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is a product that I’ve recommended multiple times on Health and Experiences.

I’ve actually recommended DHC Deep Cleansing Oil for oil cleansing your hair, treating sebaceous filaments, and more.

So, it’s safe to say that this is a highly-effective cleansing oil that can work wonders for your skin…as long as you respond well to oil-based products.

If your skin is compatible with oil, then you just might find that DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is the trick to hydrating your skin, and making your face feel amazing again!


Overall, these are the 5 cleaners that are most likely to hydrate your skin, and make your face appear super fresh and clean.

I recommend trying one or two of these cleansers out – as it can be difficult to determine which cleanser works best for your unique skin type.

But, if you put in the effort to find the cleanser that works best for your skin (they’re listed right in front of you!) – you’ll most likely be left with skin that blows people away…

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

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