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Living a lifestyle of true wellness doesn’t have to be complex.

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Surrounding yourself with POSITIVE people

Having exciting life experiences

Is often all that’s enough to live a better lifestyle than 99% of the world.

But, Health and Experiences wants to take this mission even further.

We bring you REAL wellness advice that you can apply directly to your lifestyle starting today.

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How To Get Slim Thighs Fast in 2020 – Tone Your Thighs Using These 5 Tricks

How to Get Slim Thighs Health and Experiences Lean Thighs

Last updated: October 20th, 2019

Trying to figure out how to get slim thighs fast might sound superficial to some. But, that’s just not true…

Because, having slim thighs not only looks great. But it feels great too.

Your legs will feel better in jeans, skirts, and bikinis when your thighs are thin, trim, and lean…

Ready to know how to get slim thighs fast?

Well, there are just 5 major tricks that you need to know about to make 2020 your fittest, sexiest year yet!

Here we go…

Trick #1. Take a quality thermogenic

How to Get Slim Thighs Fast Thermogenic Fat Burner

Try using a thermogenic dietary supplement like Sheer Thermo to enhance your thigh-fat-burning workouts.

Because, while you can’t really target specific areas of body fat – you can take supplements that help you lower your overall body fat percentage, which makes it a lot easier for you to burn off the excess fat on your thighs.

Thermogenic supplements like Sheer Thermo actually assist in a fat burning process called lipolysis, which helps your body burn fat naturally.

Trick #2. Eat a low-glycemic diet

How To Get Slim Thighs Fast Health And Experiences Low Glycemic Diet

Eating a low-glycemic diet simply means that you should eat high-quality foods that don’t spike your blood sugar.

In other words, you should eat whole, all-natural foods that aren’t heavily processed.

For example, eating foods like vegetables, beans, whole grains and lean meats will help you burn off thigh fat fast.

Meanwhile, it’s obviously important to avoid high-glycemic foods such as refined sugars and processed goods while on this diet as well.

White breads and soft drinks are good examples of foods that you especially need to avoid if you want to maintain great-looking thighs.

Trick #3. Do bodyweight squats daily

How to Get Slim Thighs Fast Bodyweight Squats Health and Experiences

Doing just 100 bodyweight squats each day is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get lean and mean thighs in practically no time.

You can even watch TV while you do your daily squats if you like.

Better yet, turn on some electronic dance music (EDM) before doing your 100 bodyweight squats, since you’ll probably want to feel extra-motivated to push past the pain of squatting.

And, I’m not going to lie to you…

Doing 100 bodyweight squats each day will be a bit painful at first. But, it will be one of the best pains that you experience in your life.

Because, after just a few weeks of doing 100 bodyweight squats per day, you’ll look in the mirror and realize that your thighs have never looked better.

If you’re feeling like a true champion, you can also try out some other fat burning bodyweight exercises to top off your bodyweight squats.

Trick #4. Drink organic green tea

How to Get Slim Thighs Fast Organic Green Tea

Organic green tea provides so many astonishing benefits, and it’s absolutely shocking that plenty of Americans still don’t drink it (Most Asians are on their game – on the other hand).

The most important fat-burning ingredients in green tea are caffeine and l-theanine.

Together, caffeine and l-theanine will help you burn fat, feel happier and reduce your anxiety.

Green tea is the ultimate beverage for burning fat.

Best of all, it’s natural, too. You really can’t go wrong with green tea. Unless you drink too much, obviously. Then you’ll just feel dehydrated. So make sure to drink water with your green tea, too.

Trick #5. Start stepping

How to Get Slim Thighs Fast Fitness Stepper

You can’t exercise your thighs by sitting. If only looking good were that easy…

To be perfectly clear, you will have to do some moving around if you want to get slim thighs fast.

But, you’ll probably feel pretty amazing after using a high-quality Fitness Stepper machine to tone your butt and thighs.

Using a stair stepper could even become your newest (healthy) addiction.

Simply start stepping, cut down on your overall body fat, and blast away the fat on your thighs.

That’s seriously the secret. That’s all it takes.

How to get slim thighs fast conclusion

Overall, if you can dedicate just 1-2 hours per day to practicing these 5 thigh-fat-burning tricks, you will have slimmer-looking thighs in a matter of weeks.

I know how depressing having chunky thighs can be (trust me, I’ve been there).

But, the sooner you start taking action – the quicker your thighs will look amazing.

Simply get started with having slimmer thighs today, and you’ll never look back…

How To Stop Someone From Snoring in 2020 – 7 Quick Remedies You Must Know

Stop Someone From Snoring CPAP Machine Health And Experiences Modern CPAP Machine

Revisited on October 20th, 2019: Figuring out how to stop someone from snoring can be tough – but not impossible. In fact, there are some real remedies that you can offer your husband, boyfriend, wife or roommate which just might stop them from snoring for good.

Ready to live a snore-free lifestyle?

Sweet, me too. Keep on reading to make the pain in your life go away for good…

Snoring Remedy #7. Using the right kind of allergy medication

How to Stop Someone from Snoring Allergy Medication

While it might be tempting to encourage someone who snores to take nasal decongestants, this is actually a big mistake (take it from me).

Nasal decongestants (like Allegra-D) allow snorers to breathe extraordinarily well for 12 to 24 hours.

But, once nasal decongestants wear off, snoring typically gets much worse.

This “bounce back” period torments people who consistently take nasal decongestants, and makes their snoring even worse over the long-run.

Instead, snorers should take a basic over-the-counter allergy medication that contains cetirizine or fexofenadine.

Allergy medicines like generic cetirizine can be ordered in bulk for a relatively small price (I prefer generic cetirizine). And, when used regularly, cetirizine or fexofenadine should cut back on snoring by at least 30%.

Snoring Remedy #6. No more alcohol

How to Stop Someone from Snoring Herbal Kombucha

Snorers who cut back on the booze will see a major improvement in their breathing.

This is because alcohol has a tendency to make it difficult for people to breathe through their nostrils, which obviously causes problems when it comes to snoring.

If you can encourage the snorer in your life to limit their alcohol consumption, you’ll probably be shocked at how much more peaceful your nights can be.

And, you don’t have to feel like you’re being a buzzkill, either.

You can still encourage the snorer in your life to drink some delicious non-alcoholic beverages like high-quality kombucha, instead.

Snoring Remedy #5. Modern anti-snoring devices

Stop Someone From Snoring CPAP Machine Health And Experiences Modern CPAP Machine

The original anti-snoring device is the CPAP machine, which is still one of the best anti-snoring devices of all-time because it continues to evolve with modern times.

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure, and the machines are specially designed for snorers suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

However, CPAP machines can also be used by ‘everyday snorers’ who simply want to breathe and sleep better at night.

Alternatively, there are many other anti-snoring devices available on the market, and they are becoming more technologically advanced with each year that passes.

Some of these newer snoring devices like the Airing are absolutely worth a try.

Snoring Remedy #4. Weight loss

How to Stop Someone from Snoring Weight Loss

Losing weight enables most snorers to reduce their snoring by a significant threshold.

Think about it.

With less body weight to manage, your respiratory system doesn’t have to work nearly as hard. After trimming excess body fat, snorers will almost always breathe easier and snore less.

And, while there are many ways to lose weight, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise is the best way to stay lean. Stick with vegetables, lean meats, water and lots of exercise.

However, if you need a short-term method for losing weight, then you can consider using a fat-burning supplement for men, or a fat burning supplement for women.

I recommend using Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode (Stimulant Free), because it’s highly-effective for burning fat safely.

Of course, it’s best to use fat burners sparingly. But, there’s no doubt that fat burners can be extremely effective for short-term weight loss acceleration (which may help to reduce snoring).

Snoring Remedy #3. Surgery

Stop Someone From Snoring Health and Experiences Snoring Surgery

Snoring surgery is kind of like the ‘final straw’ that some snorers really do resort to.

This just shows you how embarrassing, frustrating and harmful snoring can be to some people’s overall quality of life.

Deciding to go under the knife isn’t an easy decision. But, it can be an effective treatment option under the right circumstances.

The key to undergoing successful snoring surgery involves finding an otolaryngologist or Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) doctor who you trust.

This can be a lengthy process, as some of the best ENT surgeons in the world have long waiting lists of clients. However, working with a world-class surgeon is priceless, as surgery should never be a quick or cheap decision.

Snoring Remedy #2. Nasal strips

How to Stop Someone from Snoring Breathe Right Nasal Strips Extra Strong

Extra strong nasal strips offer one of the fastest and safest ways to get relief from snoring. I’m talking about getting someone to stop snoring in seconds here. They’re really that effective.

You can purchase nasal strips in bulk online, which is something that everyone who lives with a snorer should do.

Nasal strips ultimately look like a small bandage that sticks to the top of one’s nose.

Nasal strips will make snorers feel like their nostrils are being ‘stretched open’, and this will likely become one of the greatest feelings that they come to know.

Because, once snorers start using nasal strips regularly, they will finally be able to breathe clearly at night, and possibly even stop snoring altogether.

Snoring Remedy #1. Make changes to your sleeping arrangement

How to Stop Someone from Snoring Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

Making changes to your current sleeping situation is the best way to stop someone from snoring for many reasons.

First of all, this treatment option can be as easy as moving a snorer onto their side or stomach.

Snorers often snore loudest when they sleep on their back. So, adjusting someone’s physical sleeping situation is the most obvious solution to snoring.

But, beyond just physically moving a snorer, or getting them to roll over, there are plenty of additional options that you can try, such as:

  • Using a hypoallergenic memory foam pillow
  • Purchasing a new mattress
  • Trying electronic/adjustable beds
  • Investing in a good humidifier
  • Using extra-cold A/C
  • Taking a hot bath before bed to clear the sinuses
  • Etc.

There are so many changes that snorers can make to their sleeping situation which will almost positively improve their snoring.

And, these changes can eliminate snoring from your life too.

The most important thing you can do is encourage the snorer in your life to keep trying new things until a solution is found.

How to Stop Someone from Snoring Conclusion

Trying new treatment options like losing weight, limiting alcohol, and wearing nasal strips all sound like small “life hacks.”

But, they’re actually much more powerful than just that.

Many people have stopped snoring all-together because of small changes like these. And, the snorer in your life can absolutely do the same.

Small habits lead to big changes in one’s life, and snorers can experience massive improvements in their breathing by implementing the 7 snoring remedies on this list.

And, while it isn’t your responsibility to force your snorer into making any of these changes, it’s safe to say that you could benefit from getting a good night’s rest too.

The 5 Troubles Of Living With Someone With ADHD – How to Make it Work

Health and Experiences Living With Someone With ADHD Daydreaming

Updated: October 20, 2019 You don’t have to ignore the real-life troubles of living with someone with ADHD.

In fact, you should figure out how you can live life to the fullest while working with your child or significant other’s ADHD traits.

To learn about the 5 troubles of living with someone with ADHD, and figure out how you can solve many of the biggest pains of living with someone who has ADHD, just keep reading…

ADHD Trouble #5. They won’t always get the details

Details Health and Experiences Living With Someone With ADHD

You might notice that people with ADHD typically don’t pay attention to details.

Many people unfortunately mistake this trait for believing that people with ADHD are just lazy or poor workers.

But, the reality is that those with ADHD tend to skip over fine details because their brains are wired for creative, big-picture thinking.

This is why people with ADHD tend to be right-brain creatives rather than left-brain mathematical or logical types.

If you’re living with someone with ADHD, odds suggest that they aren’t detail-oriented, and you might have to become more accommodating of this fact.


Take your time explaining things to people with ADHD. Try to have some patience. People with ADHD don’t process information the same way you do. But, if you take your time, and explain concepts clearly, the person with ADHD will understand you much better.

ADHD Trouble #4. They think differently than you do

Health and Experiences Living With Someone With ADHD Brain

Those with ADHD don’t necessarily lack attention. They just want to dedicate their attention to the things in life that interest them the most.

This is why you will find that your child or partner’s ADHD will drive them to follow their favorite passions, hobbies and sports rather than doing school or office work.

It’s important to not be angry with your ADHD child or partner because of their natural attraction to the more exciting side of life.

Instead, help them to accomplish their work-related goals, and encourage them to have as much fun as they want afterwards.


Encourage people with ADHD to follow their passions – because that’s where their true strengths probably lie.

ADHD Trouble #3. They daydream a lot

Health and Experiences Living With Someone With ADHD Daydreaming

People who suffer from ADHD tend to daydream a lot, and you can witness this happening in most workplace or school settings.

Most neurotypical people actually view this kind of behavior as rude or ignorant, since they normally don’t understand that people with ADHD can’t help but daydream for the most part.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that this behavior can be controlled to some extent (and you can help).

If you’re living with someone with ADHD who daydreams a lot, then you should encourage them to meditate, eat healthy organic foods, and exercise as often as possible. Daydreaming a lot is a sign that someone isn’t checked-in to reality, and even with ADHD, this situation can absolutely be improved.


Encourage people with ADHD to take a daily food-based multivitamin, eat healthy food, exercise and meditate. These practices will help them concentrate, and stay more present to the moment.

ADHD Trouble #2. They are forgetful

Health and Experiences Living With Someone With ADHD Forgetting Things

Seeing your child or partner lose things around the house is an ordinary part of living with someone with ADHD.

It’s usually small items like smartphones, eyeglasses, keys and wallets that are lost most often in the ADHD world.

One of the best steps that you can take to help remedy this situation involves purchasing an “ADHD box.”

An “ADHD box” is a nice box or bowl for your child or partner with ADHD to leave all of their most important “forgettable” items in.

This will work wonders in helping them to build positive habits, while also limiting forgetfulness.


Get your person with ADHD an organizer tray for keeping in the kitchen or bedroom. This will make it easy to store objects like smartphones, car keys, medication, wallets and other important items.

ADHD Trouble #1. They just want to be normal

Health and Experiences Living With Someone With ADHD Be Normal

People with ADHD want nothing more than to be normal, and this is often the harshest reality for people without ADHD to deal with.

While some people claim that ADHD is a gift, the reality is that ADHD is also a major handicap in many areas.

Learning to accept people who have ADHD as human beings who want to live a normal, happy life is the best way to build strong relationships with ADHD sufferers.

Accept ADHD’ers as good people, but try your best to help them with their deficiencies at the same time.

Doing this isn’t easy by any means, and you deserve a lot of credit for living with someone with ADHD.


If you can simply work with your ADHD child or partner’s natural predispositions, rather than fight against them, this is how they will appreciate you the most.

Because, when you can appreciate people with ADHD for who they are, they will absolutely return the favor back to you.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt – These 10 Truths Help You Get Out of Debt

Being Sued Lawyer Health and Experiences Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Updated: October 20, 2019 It’s no secret that millions of Americans are struggling with paying off credit card debt. It’s an extremely difficult situation to deal with. But, it is also manageable for anyone to do, if you understand the actual truths of paying off credit card debt the right way.

With so much bad information on the internet about paying off your credit card debt, you need information that you can trust.

And, this article is about as honest as it gets.

While I’m not a lawyer, and this article isn’t intended to be used as legal advice, you can take the following truths about paying off credit card debt – and do as you wish…

Paying Off Credit Card Debt Truth #10. You might be better off not paying

Not Paying Off Credit Card Debt Health and Experiences

If you’re having trouble paying off credit card debt, then odds are strong that your credit is already damaged. Depending on how bad your credit report already looks, the reality is that there may not be any incentive for you to make payments on your credit card debt at all.

This is because making payments on an aged debt can actually provoke creditors into hounding you even more, since they will realize that you have ‘new money’ to spend.

This could obviously make your situation a lot worse, while not improving your credit score in the least bit.

Instead, start focusing on some of the things that you can control while you’re dealing with credit card debt, such as…

  • Prioritizing your health
  • Looking out for your family’s well-being
  • Saving as much money as possible to create an emergency fund (which can also be used for settling your debt)

Just focus on these three things for now, and always make your family’s health and well-being a top priority.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt Truth #9. It will take a long time before most creditors actually sue you (if they do at all)

Being Sued Lawyer Health and Experiences Paying Off Credit Card Debt
Image Credit: Kate Gardiner (Flickr)

Debts are “charged off” after about 180 days of inactivity. This means that if you haven’t made payments on your account for roughly half a year, you will reach a point when your creditor will consider your account to be a “bad debt.”

Having your account charged off as a bad debt might sound like a good thing (I thought it was at first too). But, having your debt charged off is actually the opposite of good.

Once your debt is charged off, this is the stage when creditors will either sell or assign your account to a collection agency. Even worse, this is the point when people will really start to chase, intimidate, and possibly harass you into making credit card payments, since debt collectors receive a healthy commission when you pay them.

However, this process of constant intimidation could carry on for many months or even years before you’re actually sued in court.

If you’re in credit card debt, odds are strong that you still have time to save, strategize and not get too worried yet.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt Truth #8. Arbitration may be an option

Arbitration JAMS AAA Health and Experiences Paying Off Credit Card Debt
Image Credit: UKinUSA (Flickr)

You should always read over the fine print of the original credit card agreement that presides over your debt.

If there is any mention of something called JAMS or AAA, then you may be in luck. These are called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services, which many credit card companies offer to consumers as a means of preventing class action lawsuits from happening (arbitration is private).

The real advantage to arbitration is that creditors are often legally bound by their own contracts to pay your legal fees in arbitration. This means that there is less downside for you to sue creditors in arbitration, and some leverage to be gained (in certain cases). This is because it’s expensive for debt collectors to pay your legal fees while in arbitration, and this makes it an attractive option for consumers.

However, arbitration is still a real form of court, so you need to be sure that you have honest claims (legal violations) against a collection agency if you decide to pursue them in arbitration. But, if you’ve even spoken to a debt collector before, then the reality is that you almost certainly have legitimate violations against them.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt Truth #7. Collection agencies don’t care about your problems

Debt Problems Not Paying Off Credit Card Debt Health And Experiences
Image Credit: Photographer Emily D’Angelo (Flickr)

If you’ve spoken with a debt collector, then you already understand how downright manipulative and shady the majority of them are. In many cases, debt collectors are borderline criminals, and you really shouldn’t be speaking to them much at all.

This is because debt collectors do not care about your problems. They only care about one thing, which is making you part with your money.

It’s best to avoid speaking to debt collectors altogether, unless you are trying to negotiate a debt settlement. And, because debt collectors don’t care about your problems, you have to understand that they only care about making you pay.

Pro tip: If you’re going to negotiate with a debt collector, then you’ll be expected to play hard ball with them. Try reading a book like Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It to learn how to negotiate debt settlements like a pro.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt Truth #6. The law is usually on your side

Consumer Protection Law Health and Experiences Paying Off Credit Card Debt
Image Credit: USMC (Wikimedia Commons)

The USA has some of the best consumer protection laws in the world.

You should know that debt collectors are bound by a strict set of laws that you have to remain aware of. For example, debt collectors aren’t allowed to threaten, harass, or intimidate you. And, they certainly aren’t allowed to stalk you by phone. Unless you let them, of course.

If you owe a debt, then you have to study the consumer protection laws of your state, and the federal laws of our country, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) among many others.

Federal law is on your side when it comes to dealing with credit card debt. You should also check with a local attorney to ask about your state’s consumer protection laws.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt Truth #5. You don’t have to put up with the harassment

Paying Off Credit Card Debt Harassment

You can request that a debt collector stop calling you at any time, and they will have to stop calling you immediately. This is your right. However, you should know that if you choose to do this, it usually results in the debt collector selling off your account or assigning your debt to an even more aggressive debt collector.

It’s for this reason that the best thing to do in this situation (when you believe that you are being harassed by a debt collector) is to send your debt collector a letter explaining that you only want to communicate with them by post mail or e-mail.

Write them a letter that says, “Stop calling my phone. You may only contact me at ‘X’ mailing address and ‘X’ e-mail address.”

This is what’s called sending a Cease & Desist letter. Remember to send your Cease & Desist letter via CMRRR (Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested) for proof of service. The goal of sending a Cease & Desist letter is to show your debt collector that you won’t put up with any of their nonsense, but that you are still willing to work out a settlement deal with him or her.

Be firm, but be open to some amount of communication, too.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt Truth #4. Debt can usually be settled for 35% of the principle amount (or much less)

Debt Settlement Health and Experiences Paying Off Credit Card Debt
Image Credit: Corporate Traveller (Flickr)

Here’s a truth about the credit card industry that creditors really don’t want most people knowing about. They hate it when consumers fight for their own best interest. Once you know this fact, you will be free to negotiate the best debt settlement deals for yourself, not the collection agency or credit card company.

Remember that debt collectors don’t care about your problems, but only about what they can get from you.

While negotiating with a debt collector might seem scary at first, the reality is that they mainly want to see if they can scare you into paying them. This is why you should be firm with your debt settlement offers, and push for a 35% settlement agreement in most cases.

Just make sure that you don’t pay a debt collector a single penny until you’ve received their settlement offer in writing, and have read over the contract at least five times.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt Truth #3. You need to start documenting everything right now

Paying Off Credit Card Debt RadRecorder

Every single letter that you get in the mail, phone conversation that you have, and missed call that you receive needs to be documented pronto.

If you take calls on your smartphone, then download a good phone call recorder app. Or, if you need to record phone calls on your landline telephone, then grab a RadRecorder. When you’re dealing with a debt collector, investing in a good phone recorder can save you many thousands of dollars down the road.

However, keep in mind that you need to understand all of the laws regarding recording phone calls and conversations in your state.

Above all else, every detail that involves your debt needs to be saved as ‘proof’ for the almost inevitable harassment that takes place. This is because if you are harassed by a debt collector, and you have verifiable proof, you can take your documented violations to a local consumer attorney and they will consider suing the collection agency on your behalf.

It’s important to protect yourself from the predators of the debt collection industry. Debt collectors will absolutely abuse you if you allow them to. And, it’s for this reason that you need to document everything that happens to you while you’re being pursued for a bad debt.

Pro tip: It also helps to be extremely organized during the process of getting out of debt. If you can afford it, make sure to invest in a few Pocket Folders and 3-Ring Binders so that you can keep all of your most important files together. Getting your files in order right now will be extremely helpful further down the road.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt Truth #2. Bankruptcy shouldn’t be in the cards unless your situation is dire

Health and Experiences Truths About Paying Off Credit Card Debt
Image Credit: Photographer Bill Guerriero (Flickr)

While many people like to think that bankruptcy is a simple process that eliminates all of your pain and suffering, it usually isn’t that simple.

And, while bankruptcy can be astonishingly effective at eliminating your debt, it’s best to make sure that you actually have enough debt to make filing for bankruptcy the right option.

But, the harsh truth is that most people simply don’t have enough debt to make filing for bankruptcy a good option for their situation.

Bankruptcy is usually only a great option when you have bills that are in the high five-figure range, that you simply cannot afford to pay. Since bankruptcy can destroy your credit report for years, you really need to save bankruptcy as a ‘nuclear’ last resort option for when your situation is extremely bad (avoiding a default judgment).

All situations are unique. So, be sure to follow your instincts. But with that being said, if your credit card debt is $25,000 or less, there is almost always going to be a way out for you that is a significantly better option than declaring bankruptcy.

If your debt is $25,000 or greater, then yes, you might want to consider speaking speaking with a bankruptcy attorney if you believe that your debt is too much to manage. No judgments here.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt Truth #1. It’s going to be OK

Paying Off Credit Card Debt It Will Be OK

Being chased down by debt collectors makes people feel ashamed. Knowing that you owe someone money is a truly terrifying feeling. Collection agencies will even try to use the emotions of shame and guilt against you, and many consumers actually fall for their dirty tricks.

But, the reality is that credit card companies are insured against bad debts, meaning that they do not lose money when your account is charged off. They are prepared for this to happen, while you most likely aren’t.

This is why you shouldn’t feel guilt or remorse for being unable to pay back your credit card debt if you are genuinely in a tough spot in life. You just need to forgive yourself, and take care of yourself first and foremost before you pay a debt collector another penny.

Save up an emergency fund, make sure that you can eat well, and exercise daily, and start negotiating favorable deals to settle your debts once and for all. No repayment plans. No borderline usurious interest rates.

Just settle those credit card debts by negotiating deals that are in your own self-interest, and move on with living a happy and healthy life.

How To Cure Anxiety Naturally in 2020 – 5 Anxiety Remedies That Work

Updated: October 20th, 2019

Having anxiety feels like people are watching your every move.

You feel nervous, scared, and uncomfortable in your own skin.

But, if you’re willing to take the proper steps to domesticate your feelings of anxiety, you can learn how to cure anxiety naturally in 2020 using 5 awesome remedies.

The following 5 remedies for curing anxiety naturally have worked well for me. And they can work for you too, if you put honest effort into using these strategies in your own life.

Here’s the full list of remedies that you need in order to be anxiety-free…

Cure Anxiety Naturally Remedy #5. Replace coffee with high-quality tea (like yerba mate)

How to Cure Anxiety Naturally Switch to Yerba Mate
Image: Amazon

While high-quality coffee is an amazing beverage, it’s also a major anxiety enabler.

After drinking just a few cups of coffee, you probably feel jittery and experience thoughts racing through your mind.

To help cure your anxiety naturally, you should try switching your daily coffee habit to a tea habit.

Drinking a quality tea like yerba mate or another green tea will give you a powerful caffeine buzz – but without the anxious side effects that coffee provides.

Tea makes you feel calm and upbeat, and even tastes great too.

Cure Anxiety Naturally Remedy #4. Do cardio in the morning

5 Tricks To Cure Anxiety Naturally Cardio In The Morning Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Photographer Dragan Brankovic (Flickr)

Doing cardio first thing in the morning is a great way to clear your mind, and release powerful brain chemicals that will keep you feeling great throughout the day.

Anyone who runs or jogs regularly knows that doing cardio is essential to keep your neurons in check.

Most people will feel the life-changing benefits of doing cardio after just 25 minutes on the treadmill.

Cure Anxiety Naturally Remedy #3. Know your brain

5 Tricks To Cure Anxiety Naturally Know Your Brain Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Ivan (Flickr)

Knowing how your brain works is essential to understanding why “anxious brains” are wired a little bit differently than most. In fact, a recent study published by Current Biology has revealed that anxious people may view the world as a more “threatening” environment than most people.

This explains why people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) feel more nervous, uncertain and scared of seemingly ordinary aspects of life (like going to the grocery store, or speaking with people).

Know your brain, and you will be in a much better position to treat your anxiety.

Cure Anxiety Naturally Remedy #2. Take great care of your gut

How To Cure Anxiety Naturally Gut Health Probiotic
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Taking wonderful care of your gut is one of the best tricks that you can use for your entire life, but especially for the benefit of your anxiety disorder.

Eating yogurt that contains probiotics, or even taking a quality food-based probiotic supplement every day will change your life in profound ways.

This is believed to happen because your gut (gastrointestinal tract) is basically your “second brain.” Your gut impacts your thoughts, mood and emotions in ways that most people find hard to believe. So, detoxing your gut with high-quality foods and beverages is an absolute must if you want to cure your anxiety naturally.

Cure Anxiety Naturally Remedy #1. Change your self-talk

5 Tricks To Cure Anxiety Naturally Change Your Self Talk Health And Experiences
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Changing how you talk to yourself is the #1 trick to cure anxiety naturally because of how unbelievably powerful self-talk is.

If you’re like most people, then you probably tell yourself horrible things every day. You probably say things to yourself that you would never say to anyone else. So, why would you tell yourself these bad things?

Well, this is actually very common, so you shouldn’t feel too bad.

But, you should change this negative habit right away. Changing your self-talk is about treating yourself like a trusted friend. You have to constantly lift yourself up and repeat positive mantras if you hope to fight off feelings of anxiety for good.

How to Cure Anxiety Naturally Conclusion

It will take some time and energy to make habits out of these 5 tricks to cure anxiety naturally. But, it will absolutely be worth it in the end.

Overcoming your anxiety is one of the most difficult challenges that people face in life. But, you should know that it can absolutely be done.

If you can simply…

  • Stop drinking coffee
  • Start doing cardio
  • Get to know your brain
  • Improve your gut health
  • Change your self-talk

You will start to feel excited about chatting with new people, going out in public, and living a life that’s free from the shackles of anxiety.

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