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Living a lifestyle of true wellness doesn’t have to be complex.

Just covering the basics like…

Having great health

Surrounding yourself with POSITIVE people

Having exciting life experiences

Is often all that’s enough to live a better lifestyle than 99% of the world.

But, Health and Experiences wants to take this mission even further.

We bring you REAL wellness advice that you can apply directly to your lifestyle starting today.

So, you can forget about most of the wishy washy stuff that you’ve read on the internet, and start getting lifestyle advice that is based on truth, action, aggression, and excitement.

Rainbow Light Women’s One Food-based Multivitamin 2020 Review


Updated: October 20th, 2019 I’m writing this Rainbow Light Women’s One Food-based Multivitamin review today because I’m confident that women will benefit big-time by hearing the truth about this magical little bottle of tablets.

OK, ready?

Here we go…

Rainbow Light Women’s One Food-based Multivitamin Review

Rainbow Light Women's One Food-based Multivitamin Review Bottle
  • The Rainbow Light Women’s One Multivitamin is food-based, meaning it’s 100% free of artificial ingredients, and will only provide you with awesome health benefits (unless you’re on birth control, but we’ll get to that a little bit further down in the review)
  • You’re probably going to love this supplement because it works amazingly well for your skin, heart, hair and overall beauty
  • This multivitamin will also give you the extra energy to live a more exciting, upbeat and active lifestyle

Rainbow Light Women’s One Food-based Multivitamin Benefits

Rainbow Light Women's One Food-based Multivitamin Review
  • Rainbow Light Women’s One is rated ‘A’ quality by Labdoor, which is an independent scientific and technology startup that tests multivitamins
  • This multivitamin is ranked tenth best in Quality Ranking, and seventh best in Value Ranking (clearly, Rainbow Light is doing something right)
  • My closest family members, and most reviewers on the internet also agree that they feel a big increase in energy after taking this multivitamin

Rainbow Light Women’s One Food-based Multivitamin Negatives

Rainbow Light Womens One Multivitamin Review Negatives Red Clover
  • Rainbow Light Women’s One contains a small amount of Red Clover as part of the Women’s Strengthening Blend, which may be a problem for some women because Red Clover contains estrogen-like properties which might reduce the effectiveness of your birth control
  • While there’s an ingredient in this multivitamin that can interact with your birth control, it’s ultimately up to you to be fully aware of what’s hiding in your supplements (be careful if you’re on birth control)
  • It’s also worth noting that there’s only 150mcg of biotin in this multi – and you should probably be taking at least 1000mcg of biotin per day to make your nails, hair, and skin look even healthier
  • If you use this multivitamin, it will probably cover 90% of the daily supplements that you need to be taking to look great and feel energized – but you may still need to supplement with additional products
  • I would still recommend supplementing with extra biotin (for skin), curcumin (anti-cancer) and milk thistle (liver health) – as these supplements should cover almost all of your bases health-wise

Rainbow Light Women’s One Final Thoughts

  • Overall, Rainbow Light Women’s One is one of the very best multivitamins that women can buy, as long as you aren’t taking birth control or using any other form of hormonal therapy
  • You might need to take a few extra supplements throughout the week to make sure that you’re enhancing your skin, hair, nails, and general health, but for the most part, this multi has you covered
  • For the price point, and proven quality, I recommend grabbing this multivitamin today

Rainbow Light Men’s One Vs. Centrum Multivitamin Review – The Truth

Rainbow Light Men's One Vs. Centrum

Last Updated: October 20th, 2019 After using Rainbow Light Men’s One for over a year, and taking Centrum Men’s Multivitamin for a similar time frame, I feel qualified to write this Rainbow Light Men’s One Vs. Centrum Multivitamin Comparison.

You never know. This review just might help you make a lasting decision for your health, body, and mind.

Rainbow Light Men's One Vs. Centrum Comparison Review Health and Experiences

OK, so let’s get started with a review of Rainbow Light Men’s One first…

Rainbow Light Men’s one is a multivitamin that I personally take to this day, so I’d like to cover it individually first.

Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin Review

Rainbow Light Men's One Vs. Centrum Comparison Review Health and Experiences
  • I say this because you can literally feel the effects that Rainbow Light has on your body after just one dose
  • This is rare for a multivitamin (in my experience)

Rainbow Light Men’s One Benefits

Rainbow Light Men's One Vs. Centrum Comparison Review Energy Health and Experiences
Energy. Image:
  • Due to a powerful dose of B vitamins, you should feel energized within just a few hours of taking this multivitamin (again, you can actually feel the results)
  • Yes, this vitamin works very well as a pre-workout supplement (just make sure to pair it with a light snack)
  • I love Rainbow Light vitamins because their company ensures that your body isn’t taking in hazardous synthetic ingredients
  • I’m pretty cautious about what goes in my body these days – aside from the occasional night out where I drink and eat like a God – and this men’s food-based multivitamin qualifies as A+
  • This formula contains a blend of probiotics, vegetable juice extract, and a healthy dose of zinc, which is always nice to see in a men’s multi (good for a slight boost in testosterone)

Rainbow Light Men’s One Negatives

Rainbow Light Vs. Centrum Multivitamin Comparison Review Negatives
  • I’d like to see more than only 25mg of magnesium in this product (this is just 6% of your DV)
  • It’s also worth noting that the magnesium in Rainbow Light is actually magnesium oxide, which is practically worthless because of its poor absorption in the body
  • The label claims that the ingredients promote men’s sexual health, although the ‘Men’s Strengthening Blend’ listed in this product only contains a minor dose of Saw Palmetto and Organic Spirulina (this probably isn’t enough to truly be considered a Men’s Strengthening Blend)
  • This product needs some matcha green tea extract or more beet juice extract for a stronger sexual kick
  • DON’T take it on an empty stomach, or you’ll almost definitely feel sick

Rainbow Light Men’s One Bottom Line

  • Its minor flaws can be corrected by supplementing with a quality form of magnesium that absorbs well in the body (think magnesium citramate or magnesium citrate), some matcha green tea extract, curcumin, and maybe beet juice (freshly juiced if possible)
  • This men’s multivitamin is 100% worth buying

Centrum Adult Multivitamin Review

Rainbow Light Men's One Vs. Centrum Comparison Review Health and Experiences

Because this is a multivitamin comparison review, I’m now going to review Centrum’s Adult Multivitamin for you.

Honestly, just as a heads up: I’m not a fan of the Centrum Adult Multivitamin.

But, it might be worth reading my full review of Centrum Adult anyway – just so that you can hear the full scoop about this multivitamin…

Centrum Adult Multivitamin Benefits

Rainbow Light Vs Centrum Multivitamin Walgreens
Is easy availability Centrum’s biggest benefit? Image Credit:
  • Centrum’s Adult Multivitamin is one of the most readily available brands of multivitamins – as it can be found online, in your local pharmacy, or grocery store
  • For some strange reason, Centrum seems to be the go-to recommendation of general practitioners everywhere (if you need a multivitamin, your doctor will probably tell you to buy this one – take that for what it’s worth)
  • Centrum is usually much cheaper than most other multivitamins on the market
  • Taking this multivitamin might give you a mental lift because of the fact that you’re taking a multivitamin supplement every day (this is probably placebo, but has surprisingly still been shown to provide benefits)

Centrum Adult Multivitamin Negatives

Rainbow Light Vs Centrum Multivitamin Synthetics Walgreens
Too many synthetic ingredients. Image Credit: Noodles and Beef (Flickr)
  • Centrum Adult is a synthetic, mass marketed multivitamin that your body probably can’t process or absorb very well
  • Centrum contains some questionable ingredients like yellow 6 lake, soy, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), and others
  • This makes me wonder why a product that’s supposed to improve your health contains ingredients that are almost certainly harmful
  • It still isn’t clear as to whether synthetic multivitamins are able to offer any possible health benefits at all

Centrum Adult Multivitamin Bottom Line

Rainbow Light Men's One Vs. Centrum
  • Centrum Adult is most likely a low-quality multivitamin, although most doctors still recommend this brand of multivitamin for some reason
  • This multivitamin is probably designed to be mass marketed to low-information buyers
  • I do not recommend purchasing any Centrum Multivitamins at this time – until they can show stronger proof that their multivitamins’ ingredients contribute to one’s health

Rainbow Light Men’s One Vs. Centrum Conclusion

By this point you can probably tell where I stand on the Rainbow Light Men’s One Vs. Centrum Adult multivitamin debate.

Anyone who has taken these two multivitamins will be able to vouch that you can feel immediate benefits from taking the Rainbow Light product, while not feeling much of anything at all from the Centrum product.

When you’re in tune with your body, you become sensitive to what works and what doesn’t.

And, it’s difficult for me to tell if the Centrum Multivitamin provides any health benefits at all.

On the other hand, it’s extremely easy to feel that Rainbow Light offers a high-quality multivitamin product. Best of all, Rainbow Light is very reasonably priced, especially when you compare it to brands like Garden of Life.

Overall, I highly recommend Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin.

You really can’t go wrong with the Rainbow Light product line, and I will continue to recommend this brand of multivitamin as long as they continue to provide the world with premium-quality multivitamins.

The Death Bed Exercise – How to Start Living an Exciting Life in 5 Minutes

The Death Bed Exercise

Last updated: October 20th, 2019

The death bed exercise is a small exercise that will help you live life without regrets – starting today, regardless of your current place in life.

The objective of the exercise is to imagine yourself at 85 years old thinking back about the life that you’ve lived.

From there, you will work backwards, and figure out which aspects of life are most important to you today.

The death bed exercise sounds really grim, although it’s actually anything but that…

This exercise will set you free, and help you live the life that you truly want.

The Death Bed Exercise Rules

The Death Bed Exercise Vulnerable

There are only two rules to the Death Bed Exercise:

  • Answer all questions as honestly as possible
  • Answer all questions how you truly want to answer them, not how you want other people to perceive them (don’t worry about family, friends, ex-girlfriends, relatives etc.)

Ready to begin?

Just answer the following questions in a personal notebook.

It’s important that you WRITE your answers down some place that you can reference later on.

Remember to envision that you are at the end of your life as you answer these questions.

The harshness of this exercise is what gives it meaning, and empowers you to live an awesome life.

Here we go.

Remember, you’re 85 years old – and thinking back about the life you’ve lived.

The Death Bed Exercise Questions

The Death Bed Exercise Fierce
Image Credit:

Question #1. Did I live a life of passivity, or one of action and aggression?

Question #2. Did I do my absolute best to live a life of total freedom?

Question #3. Did I live a “high stakes life” full of calculated risks, wins, failures, and comebacks?

Question #4. Did I live my life mostly for myself, or for other people?

Question #5. Did I fulfill the affirmations that I set out to achieve?

You should feel free to add your own questions as well – and then answer those, too.

Ask yourself as many questions as necessary, until you feel that you’ve gotten as close as possible to figuring out if you’re currently on track to live your life with or without regrets right now.

The Death Bed Exercise Answers

The end goal of the death bed exercise is to answer all of your own questions with absolute honesty right now, so that you don’t have to question whether you’ve been honest with yourself at age 85.

Your answers are your own personal answers, and you don’t have to share them with anyone else.

If you want, you can share your answers in the comments section below, of course.

How to Use The Death Bed Exercise to Start Living Your Life Without Regrets

Regardless of your age, you can benefit from applying your answers to your own life, if you do so immediately.

For example, here are some of the answers that I wrote out in response to my questions.

  • I did not live a life of complete action and aggression
  • I didn’t do my absolute best to live a life of freedom
  • I did live a high stakes life full of calculated risks, wins, failures, and comebacks
  • I didn’t live entirely for myself
  • I fulfilled some of the affirmations that I set out to achieve

Notice that your answers won’t always be black or white.

Life is complicated, and you’ve probably made some great progress in certain aspects of your life, while lacking in other areas.

To start living your life without regrets, you just need to re-frame your answers for TODAY, since you most likely aren’t 85 years old.

This is the most exciting part of the exercise. Because after imagining your life at 85 years old, which was probably full of regrets and dishonesty, you now get a second chance to make things right.

Now you get to make sure sure that you live life on your terms. Starting right now…

How to Re-frame Your Death Bed Exercise Answers (Example)

  • Beginning now, I will live a life of action and aggression
  • Starting today, I will do whatever it takes to live a life of freedom
  • I will continue to live a high stakes life full of calculated risks, wins, failures, and comebacks
  • I will prioritize taking care of my own needs first, so that I can generously help other people down the road
  • I will fulfill the affirmations that I set out to achieve

Keep Yourself Accountable or Live a Life of Regrets

The Death Bed Exercise No Ragrets
Image Credit: Warner Bros

It’s easy to do the death bed exercise once, feel motivated, and then fall back into old routines.

To completely smash your old routines, I recommend returning to this article and re-reading it every now and again.

After doing the death bed exercise enough times, and applying what you learn to your life, you’ll probably come to appreciate the rewards of life a lot more.

Because, this is about making the most of the paradise that is Earth while you still have access to it.

Want To Know How To Retire Early? These Are The 7 Contrarian Tactics You Must Learn

How to Retire Early Health and Experiences Downsize

Last updated: October 20th, 2019

Figuring out how to retire early isn’t an easy process.

And, while most of us aim to retire in our 60’s, a select few are willing to do whatever it takes to leave the workforce at a much earlier age.

These 7 contrarian tactics will help you escape the rat race before most others do.

Tactic #1. Invest using a barbell strategy

How to Retire Early Health and Experiences Barbell Strategy
Image Credit: Illustrator Richard Borge (WSJ)

Talking to a trusted financial advisor about pursuing a barbell investment strategy could give you the greatest odds of “winning” a large payoff (without betting the house).

Pursuing a barbell investment strategy will allow you to put 90% of your portfolio in extremely safe instruments (like T-bills), and the remaining 10% in highly-speculative bets (such as options).

If you can practice this tail-end investment strategy over time, you might find yourself with a powerful payday that helps you earn an early retirement.

You can check out Nassim Taleb’s book called Antifragile to learn more about contrarian principles like barbell investment strategies.

Tactic #2. Kill your cable bill

How to Retire Early Health and Experiences Cut Out Entertainment

Watching television is fun. I’ll give you that.

But, it isn’t going to speed up your path to an early retirement.

Making the difficult decision to cut down on entertainment will not only free up your valuable time, but it will also help you save an extra $100 or more each month.

Cutting out your television bill, restaurant spending, and other entertainment expenses could help you retire years earlier than expected.

Trust me. Cutting out TV will be worth skipping The Price is Right every weekday morning.

Pro tip: If you still want to be entertained, invest in an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku Streaming Stick. That will give you access to the internet on your TV, and let you stream inexpensive or free media like Netflix and YouTube.

Tactic #3. Just do what you love

How to Retire Early Health and Experiences Do What You Love

We’ve all fantasized about working a prestigious job before.

But, when reality strikes, and you’re faced with bills to pay, it’s a lot easier to settle for a lesser line of work. This is quite common and totally fine.

However, the good news is that it’s never too late to start doing what you love today.

You can immediately begin doing what you love by pursuing a “new path” late in life.

For example, if your current skills are transferable to a new industry, there’s a fair chance that you can find new work that you actually enjoy doing.

You could work for a sports organization, travel service, radio show or any number of jobs that are becoming available as the American economy continues to recover.

Doing what you love will ultimately make it a lot easier for you to earn extra income towards an early retirement.

And best of all, it probably won’t even feel like work at all.

Tactic #4. Take more vacations

How to Retire Early Health and Experiences Take More Vacation

Taking more vacation days off from work might sound a bit counterintuitive when you’re trying to retire early.

However, the logic here is that if you’re going to work, then you might as well enjoy yourself more often.

You can even experience “mini retirements” if you’re able to request off 2-3 weeks’ vacation at a time.

And, if you can get PTO, that’s an even better deal all-around.

Taking more time off from work will lower your level of stress and cortisol, which will make it a lot easier for you to achieve retirement at an early age.

Tactic #5. Move

How to Retire Early Health and Experiences Moving

Moving to a less expensive city can easily cut down on your rent or mortgage payments by 30% or much more.

Many southern cities in the USA are prime locations for inexpensive, retirement-friendly living.

For example, Dallas, Phoenix, New Orleans and the Tampa Bay area are amazing “value cities” with many adventures to be had.

You can see this list of the top 5 best cities in the USA to get a better idea of great places to live.

Tactic #6. Downsize

How to Retire Early Health and Experiences Downsize

Just like moving to a cheaper city, downsizing your home or condo is another great way to significantly cut down on monthly expenses.

Plus, if you aren’t already living in a one or two bedroom condo, then why wouldn’t you want to?

You’ll save tons of money this way, and probably get even better, more centralized logistics at the same time.

Pro tip: If you’re really budget-savvy, check out Walk Score and find an apartment where you won’t need a car. There’s another few monthly payments gone.

Tactic #7. Pursue a “side business” you’re passionate about

How to Retire Early Health and Experiences Start A Business

The fastest path to an early retirement involves building a business that you’re passionate about in your spare time.

Building a “side business” will allow you to fast-track your wealth, and start gaining more momentum for your financial success than you ever thought was possible.

However, it’s important for you to pursue a business opportunity that you’re truly passionate about. You shouldn’t feel obliged to start a new venture for the money alone, as that rarely makes people happy.

Ironically, starting a business that you love will provide you with the greatest odds of finding financial success, and achieving an extremely early retirement to boot.

How to retire early conclusion

Overall, by following the 7 counterintuitive tips listed in this article, you’ll be on a far more accurate path to retirement than if you were to follow most advice out there.

Of course, every path to retirement is unique, so you shouldn’t take this advice as gospel, either.

It’s important for you to use these tips to come up with your own retirement plan that works for you. Speaking with a trusted financial planner couldn’t hurt, either.

But, at the end of the day, I’m confident that taking a contrarian approach to retirement is the greatest path that you can pursue. So take advantage of these tactics, and start making the most of your retirement today.

How To Get Rid Of Debt – 5 Crucial Tricks for Escaping Credit Card Debt

How To Get Rid Of Debt Health And Experiences Eliminate Fears

Last updated: October 20th, 2019

Want to know how to get rid of debt?

Well, there are just a few important tricks that you need to know if you want to live a life that’s free of debt collectors, pain and suffering.

Just keep reading to receive all of my tips, and start freeing yourself from the shackles of debt slavery today…

Trick  #1. Work a side gig or two

How to Get Rid of Debt Health and Experiences Side Job
Image Credit: Mariedegrainedemode (Instagram)

If you would truly like to get out of debt, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’ll need to work a side gig or two.

Doing something as simple as selling homemade goods, reselling items that you find on Craigslist, or becoming a photographer can easily net you an extra $1000+ every month.

As long as you get enough sleep every night, there should be zero downside to working an extra job or two. But, you will have a lot to gain.

The extra money that you earn from your side gig(s) can be used to build an emergency fund, or act as leverage for a debt settlement deal.

Trick #2. Prioritize your health and wellness

How To Get Rid Of Debt Health And Experiences Health And Wellness

Most people experience unbelievable amounts of stress under the shackles of debt. This is quite normal.

However, you should know that feeling stressed out won’t alleviate your situation in the least bit.

Instead, you should focus on eating nutritious food, exercising daily, and staying as physically and emotionally healthy as possible while you fight off your debt.

Having a healthy outlook will ultimately help you persevere over your financial troubles in the long-run.

Trick #3. Eliminate your fear about debt

How To Get Rid Of Debt Health And Experiences Eliminate Fears

Assuming you’re an American citizen, or someone who’s living in just about any Western nation – there is no such thing as a debtors’ prison.

So, nothing horrifying is going to happen to you if you can’t afford to pay your credit card bills.

In fact, according to Pew Charitable Trusts, roughly 8 in 10 Americans are in debt. And, while there is a negative stigma surrounding personal credit card debt, there is nothing for you to actually be fearful about. Most of your fears about debt are completely irrational, as it’s common for the human mind to allow negative thought patterns to spiral out of control.

Keep in mind that most people are able to settle their debts with creditors long before they are even sued in court. Debts are typically “charged off” after 180 days, so this means you have approximately six months before debt collectors will threaten to file suit.

It could even take years before creditors take legal action against you. You have more time than you think, so you shouldn’t fear any aspect of your debt whatsoever.

Trick #4. Track your debt collectors’ every move

How to Get Rid of Debt Health and Experiences Collection Agency

If you’re being intensely hounded by a debt collector, then your consumer rights are most likely being violated.

In America, debtors are protected by strong consumer protection laws like the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and state laws as well.

This means that debt collectors cannot threaten, harass, or intimidate you without facing some serious consequences.

It’s up to you to understand your rights as a consumer, and most importantly, document instances when debt collectors violate your rights.

You should do this because you will need to have verifiable proof of being violated by a debt collector in order to take your claims to a consumer attorney.

And, if you can prove to a consumer attorney that you have been violated by a debt collector, then you may be subject to an award.

Trick #5. Go minimalist

How To Get Rid Of Debt Health And Experiences Downsize Studio Apartment

Sometimes, leasing a one bedroom condo for a couple of years can give you the wiggle room that you need to truly get your finances back in order.

And, if you have to downsize to a one bedroom condo to live with clarity of mind, then so be it.

This can be especially helpful if you have a large mortgage payment to meet every month.

Other “minimalist moves” include using solar energy in your home, limiting your spending on entertainment, and moving cross-country to a cheaper city.

You will save thousands when you commit to living an all-around minimalist lifestyle.

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