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Living a lifestyle of true wellness doesn’t have to be complex.

Just covering the basics like…

Having great health

Surrounding yourself with POSITIVE people

Having exciting life experiences

Is often all that’s enough to live a better lifestyle than 99% of the world.

But, Health and Experiences wants to take this mission even further.

We bring you REAL wellness advice that you can apply directly to your lifestyle starting today.

So, you can forget about most of the wishy washy stuff that you’ve read on the internet, and start getting lifestyle advice that is based on truth, action, aggression, and excitement.

The 5 Best Bodyweight Exercises That Melt Fat Away

Bodyweight Exercises Health and Experiences

Last updated: October 2, 2019 There’s a hidden secret that most gym owners probably don’t want you to know. To stay in tip-top shape, you don’t need weights, kettlebells or even fitness machines. Your body is actually the greatest “machine” that you own. It’s for this reason that the following 5 best bodyweight exercises can help you get in the best shape of your life.

Best Bodyweight Exercise #5. Planks

Bodyweight Exercises Planks Health & Experiences

Planks are one of the greatest workouts that you can do for strengthening your core.

When you exercise your core, you actually help to build your entire body, since your core is your body’s foundation that keeps everything interconnected.

Planks require that you balance on your toes and elbows, while also keeping your back extended. Planks are sometimes also referred to as “bows and toes” for this reason, since you’re essentially only balancing on your elbows and toes.

Doing just 2-3 minutes of the plank pose per day just might be all that you need to maintain a rock-solid mid-section that you can feel great about.

Best Bodyweight Exercise #4. Lunges

Bodyweight Exercises Lunges Health & Experiences
Image Credit: Instagram user Shaelisegroesbeck

Walking around your home while repeatedly lunging down to the ground is one of the simplest and most effective bodyweight exercises that you can perform to strengthen your hips, butt and thighs.

Lunges will even work your core as well.

If you spend a lot of time sitting down, doing walking lunges is a great way to do some light cardiovascular exercise while you also tone your legs at the same time.

Best Bodyweight Exercise #3. Squats

Bodyweight Exercises Squats Health & Experiences
Image Credit: Instagram user ron_yaacob

Bodyweight squats are an all-around amazing exercise for your entire lower body. While you’ll primarily be targeting your quadriceps by performing bodyweight squats, you’ll also be working your calves and hamstrings as well. Interestingly enough, squats also raise your heart rate, so you should feel a nice cardiovascular pump after doing enough squats.

Try to aim for about 40+ bodyweight squats per day in sets of 10 (with short breaks in-between sets), as this is a great beginner’s goal that can be accomplished by anyone.

However, you can of course do many more squats throughout the day if you’re interested in more intensive exercise. Some people regularly do 100+ bodyweight squats per day, and that is a serious workout.

Best Bodyweight Exercise #2. Diamond push ups

Bodyweight Exercises Diamond Pushups Health and Experiences

Diamond push ups are by far one of the greatest exercises that you can perform to target your triceps. Many people don’t even realize that triceps make up roughly 2/3 of the human arm. So, exercising this crucial muscle is often severely overlooked.

And, while diamond push ups might sound glamorous, the exercise itself is fairly intense.

Simply position both of your hands in a triangular, diamond shape, and start by doing just 10 of these difficult push ups per day, until you can work your way up to doing 25+ or more.

Best Bodyweight Exercise #1. Pull ups

Best Bodyweight Exercises Pull-Up Bar
Image: Amazon

Purchasing a high-quality pull-up bar for your home is one of the least expensive and most effective investments that you can make for your overall health.

Performing just 10 simple pull ups per day is a great way to work your entire upper body in under one minute. Doing a single pull up will allow you to strengthen your biceps, chest and back. It’s the perfect exercise for tightening your favorite features, and looking amazing as well.


Overall, your time is extremely valuable, and no one wants to waste it. This is why I recommend that you always put aside just a tiny bit of time each day to knock out these 5 essential life-changing bodyweight exercises.

Doing a simple workout routine consisting of planks, lunges, squats, diamond push ups and pull ups should take you no longer than 20-30 minutes, and you’ll feel much more energized after finishing this powerhouse fitness circuit. This is often all that you’ll need to do in order to burn fat, make your body trim and flexible, and enjoy having muscles that are lean and attractive…

7 Socially Awkward Signals To Watch For (And How to Solve Your Awkwardness)

Socially Awkward Signals and Signs Health & Experiences

Last updated: October 2nd, 2019 Your friends were only half-joking when they casually mentioned that “you need to get out more.” Strong evidence has shown that not getting enough healthy social interaction in your everyday life can lead to some serious consequences that aren’t a laughing matter at all. And, if you often find yourself nervous at work, hiding out on the weekends, or simply stressed out from the everyday social interactions of life, then you aren’t the only one who feels socially awkward

To find out if you need to socialize more often, here are the 7 socially awkward signals that indicate it’s time for you to get out of the house, and surround yourself with fun-loving people once and for all…

(You’ll also see solutions that help you “fix” each of the socially awkward signals listed below)

Socially Awkward Signal #7. You’re having difficulty making eye contact

Socially Awkward Eye Contact Health and Experiences

If you’re having difficulty holding eye contact, this is a sign that you aren’t feeling as secure in social situations as you once were. A lack of strong eye contact signals doubt, uncertainty and insecurity to others.

It could even tell people that you’re thinking of other thoughts instead of listening to them speak. Experiencing a lack of eye contact is ultimately a negative, socially awkward signal that communicates a severe lack of social awareness.

How to not be socially awkward solution: To improve eye contact with others, you may need to experiment with anxiety-reducing ingredients like magnesium citramate and NAC. If you can reduce your level of anxiety, you’ll naturally feel more comfortable around people, and find it easier to make eye contact. I’ve personally experienced massive success with both magnesium citramate and NAC.

Socially Awkward Signal #6. You aren’t feeling as confident as you once were

Socially Awkward Feeling Unsure Health and Experiences

Experiencing a lack of confidence is something that you might think you’ll be able to hide. But, the truth is that you can only fake it up until the point in which your true-self eventually shines through. If you are lacking confidence due to not having a social life, then you probably stumble as you speak, repeatedly glance down at the ground, or even look to others for reassurance.

How to not be socially awkward solution: Try using a supplement like NOW True Calm before going into social situations. Supplements like NOW True Calm use ingredients like GABA which play on your neurotransmitters, and help you feel a lot more cool and relaxed in new social environments.

Socially Awkward Signal #5. Your posture is becoming slouched

Socially Awkward Bad Posture Health and Experiences

Having slouched posture is a definite sign that you spend too much time sitting down or walking with your shoulders hunched forward. When your shoulders are hunched forward, you appear as if you don’t feel good about yourself, or as if you potentially want to “hide” and not be seen by others.

How to not be socially awkward solution: Rolling your shoulders backwards, sticking your chest slightly outwards, and remaining mindful of positive posture habits is one of the best ways to combat poor posture.

Socially Awkward Signal #4. You haven’t felt like exercising lately

Socially Awkward Lazy Health and Experiences

Not wanting to exercise may be a major sign that you’re facing serious challenges in life. When you become stressed and overwhelmed with work or school, this is usually when most people rationalize away the decision to exercise.

Unfortunately, choosing to skip your daily exercise routine often leads to feeling insecure about socializing or even going out in public.

How to not be socially awkward solution: Using a high-quality pre-workout powder like Cellucor C4 for a few weeks can help you get out of a funk, and start working out again. Once you take a scoop of a pre-workout powder, you’ll basically be forced to either work out, or sit around feeling energized and bubbly. You’ll probably choose to hit the gym, and overcome your gym insecurity.

Socially Awkward Signal #3. You’re eating more junk food

Socially Awkward Eating Junk Food Health and Experiences

Eating more junk food could mean that you’ve recently been on a downward spiral.

Without as many of your friends around to notice, you’ve probably felt as if you could get away with eating more fattening foods or drinking more soft drinks.

If you feel like your diet has been out of control lately, then you could be experiencing the negative side effects of lacking a positive social life.

How to not be socially awkward solution: Since eating junk food can actually contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression, you’ll want to start eating clean foods as soon as possible. Foods like green vegetables, fruits and lean meats will provide you with the necessary vitamins and nutrients that “clean up” your appetite. When all else fails, start taking a daily multivitamin so you can at least put yourself on a better path towards healthy eating.

Socially Awkward Signal #2. You’re binge-watching TV

Socially Awkward Watching TV Health and Experiences

Not having a fun social life likely means that you substitute alternative activities in place of going out. If you’re like most people, then your substitute activity of choice is probably binge-watching TV.

Binge-watching TV might even make you feel as if you’re making a smart decision by choosing to stay in and save money, rather than going out to a restaurant or gathering with your friends. However, binge-watching TV can be a dangerous hobby to partake in. Your heart rate drops below that of when you’re sleeping when you decide to watch TV for long periods of time.

How to not be socially awkward solution: While watching some TV is definitely OK, it’s when you start to binge-watch TV that serious social problems can start to occur. So, make sure to get outside, participate in yoga or exercise classes, or cut out your cable TV plan if you have to. Just do whatever you have to in order to avoid wasting too much time on television.

Socially Awkward Signal #1. You aren’t responding to calls or text messages

Socially Awkward Missed Commitments Health & Experiences

Ignoring the calls and text messages of your friends or family members is a serious concern which means that you’ve been feeling severely socially inactive. You probably keep your phone on silent or vibrate, and have your read receipts set in the “off” position in order to avoid socializing with others at all costs.

While it is only natural to avoid the people in your life who make you feel bad, it’s always a good idea to stay in touch with the positive, fun and outgoing people in your life who can help you overcome your social issues.

How to not be socially awkward solution: Start engaging with people who actually have your best interests in mind (think long-term friends and family members). If someone doesn’t really care for your well-being, feel free to cut them out of your life. But, make sure to force yourself to interact with those who care for you. If someone consistently goes out of their way to get in touch with you, then they’re most likely a true friend of yours.


If you have been experiencing any of the above socially awkward signals in your own life, then you now realize you’ll have to take positive steps towards correcting these issues.

No one consciously makes the decision to have poor posture, eat junk food, or not respond to as many calls and text messages from friends. These things gradually play out over time as a result of living a more chaotic or socially disconnected lifestyle. We become caught up in our own realities, and start to forget about setting aside the small pockets of time that are necessary to be social. Avoiding going out and interacting with people will ultimately bring about awkward and negative social repercussions sooner rather than later.

It’s for this reason that we must force ourselves to interact with positive people throughout the week, regardless of what it takes. Setting aside even just 20 minutes per day to go out in public and meet with friends is an activity that can benefit you far more than you probably realize.

How To Feel Young Again With These 3 Weird Anti-Aging Activities

Feel Young Senior Lady Exercising

Last Updated: October 2nd, 2019 While reminiscing about the past isn’t usually seen as a healthy activity, learning how to feel young is one of the greatest things that you can do for your mind, body and spirit. Aging is a process that can be delayed or possibly even “reversed” in certain cases – depending on how far you’re willing to go for your health right at this very moment…

If you’re open to trying new things, the good news is that you’re in luck. By practicing the following 3 weird activities in your everyday life, you’ll likely come to a point to where you feel younger, much more energized, and all-around vibrant once again.

Feel Young Activity #3. Taking long barefoot walks on the beach

Barefoot Walks How to Feel Young Health and Experiences

There’s something oddly satisfying (and healthy) about walking around barefoot that just reminds you of the carefree times when you and your neighborhood friends were too young to even stop and think about wearing shoes. While the beach obviously provides the best setting for taking long barefoot walks, there’s nothing stopping you from visiting your nearest park and enjoying a stress-free barefoot walk on some tall green grass.

Walking around barefoot will help to strengthen your feet while also providing you with a nice form of cardiovascular exercise. Taking regular walks will also help to circulate blood throughout your body, and even release endorphins in the brain (these are the astonishing “happy” chemicals that you feel after exercising). Famous thinkers of the past like Beethoven and Steve Jobs were adamant about walking because they knew that going on long walks helps your brain’s creative juices flow.

You’ll even receive the benefit of getting extra sunlight and a healthy dose of vitamin D as you walk outdoors during the warmer months. If you think that people will look at you funny for walking around barefoot – simply dress nicely, and act as if you’re free to do whatever you want (you are 100% free to do exactly what you want).

Feel Young Activity #2. Riding a bicycle

Riding Bicycle How to Feel Young Health and Experiences

Do you even remember when the last time was that you rode a bicycle? For most people, it was many years ago.

What’s strange is that most of us used to get around town by riding bicycles. But now, you practically need to have a car to get around most suburban and city areas. While that trend is definitely changing, and more people are beginning to use bicycles as legitimate forms of transportation, there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing a bicycle for its hidden anti-aging benefits.

Biking is an extremely healthy hobby that will help to keep you fit, and also limit or reverse the signs of aging due to the intensive cardiovascular exercise that you’ll be participating in. By riding a bicycle, you will be greatly strengthening your legs and improving the health of your heart. Your blood will also begin to circulate more, and you’ll feel young (and much more refreshed) after a long bicycle ride.

Feel Young Activity #1. Laughing with friends

Moms Laughing How to Feel Young Health and Experiences

Did you know that laughing truly is one of the best forms of medicine? People who surround themselves with great friends have shown to enjoy lower levels of stress, greater feelings of happiness, and significantly lower risks of health issues.

Regularly getting together with some of your most authentic friends is one of the best ways to maintain a youthful and vibrant soul which will also shine through in your appearance. Laughing always helps to make you feel young – so make sure to do it as often as possible.

Everyone loves someone who knows how to enjoy themselves to the fullest, and enjoying yourself with great friends is definitely a weird anti-aging activity that will help you become the life of the party…

How to Feel Young With 3 Anti-Aging Activities Conclusion

Overall, if you follow these 3 weird anti-aging activities, you’ll be taking positive steps towards living a healthier, happier and all-around more fulfilling lifestyle.

It might seem strange that following these 3 odd tips will help you live a more youthful life. But evidence has consistently shown that walking, biking and laughing with friends are some of the greatest anti-aging tricks you can use.

Life is too much of a gift to waste. So, I suggest that you make the most of what you have by seizing every age-reversing activity that’s available to you.

How To Fight Inflammation With 3 Astonishing Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Fight Inflammation Tricks Health and Experiences

Updated: November 18th, 2019 To learn how to fight inflammation, you need to have faith in Mother Nature. This article actually lists the three natural and most important anti inflammatory foods that can help you reduce inflammation, kill pain, and live much more comfortably.

But first, there are a few things that you need to know about inflammation (the foods that actually fight inflammation are listed a little further down in this article)…

Why Inflammation Occurs in the Human Body

As you get older, big changes start to take place in your life. You may start to move a little bit more slowly, take breaks more often, and feel certain aches and pains that you’ve never experienced before.

This is just a regular part of the natural aging process…

But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to slow down. You probably want to live an even more active and interesting life, but your body’s best intentions are preventing you from doing just that.

It’s extremely common to feel the pains of inflammation after walking, dancing, swimming, exercising or living a more active lifestyle in general.

Experiencing some level of inflammation is incredibly important, as it helps to fight harmful pathogens and rebuild your muscles after strenuous physical activity.

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to help you live a better and more comfortable lifestyle.

But regardless of its ‘nice’ intentions, inflammation often gives you severely challenging symptoms to deal with, which can make your life infinitely more difficult to manage…

The good news is that you can fight back against inflammation, and you can do so safely.

How You Can Fight Inflammation Safely and Naturally

Mother Earth has provided you with 3 astonishing anti inflammatory foods that will help your body fight inflammation for good.

And, as long as you’re persistent about getting the following 3 foods in your diet, you can be sure that you’ll be helping your body adjust to living a more healthy and active lifestyle without the excruciating pain…

Anti-Inflammatory Food #3. Turmeric

How to Fight Inflammation with Three Anti Inflammatory Foods Turmeric
Image: Amazon

Turmeric is an ancient spice that has been used for its powerful anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties for thousands of years. Commonly found in curries and other Indian dishes, turmeric gives foods a golden-orange color and slightly spicy taste that many people come to love.

What’s so amazing about turmeric is that it contains pharmaceutical strength qualities, but it’s also inexpensive, and readily available for purchase at most major health food stores. You can also purchase a big 1 lb. tub of organic turmeric online that will probably last you all year.

I highly recommend that you begin to take turmeric each day as part of a regular inflammation-fighting diet. Turmeric tastes great sprinkled on organic eggs, quinoa, sprouted grain bread, meat, chicken and various other dishes.

It’s also important to note that turmeric becomes significantly more bioavailable when paired with bioperine, which is commonly found in black pepper. So, make sure to add fresh cracked black pepper to your turmeric every time that you use it to ensure that your body receives all of its amazing benefits.

Anti-Inflammatory Food #2. Fish oil

How to Fight Inflammation with Three Anti Inflammatory Foods Fish Oil
Image: Amazon

Commonly recommended by naturopathic doctors as an excellent way to help treat the symptoms of arthritis, premium grade fish oil is another amazing anti-inflammatory compound that’s been used by ocean-dwelling communities for millennia. It’s even believed that instances of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases are lower in Mediterranean regions because of the seafood-rich diets often consumed throughout Southern Europe and North Africa.

Fish oil provides long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids known as EPA and DHA, which are viewed as being crucial for fighting inflammation, heart disease, cancer, ADHD, depression, arthritis and a range of other painful illnesses.

You too can get a healthy dose of fish oil by regularly eating fresh seafood, or by taking a quality fish oil supplement each day.

Anti-Inflammatory Food #1. Ginger

How to Fight Inflammation with Three Anti Inflammatory Foods Ginger
Image: Amazon

Used as a potent form of herbal medicine throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Caribbean islands for thousands of years – organic ginger root powder is a spice that everyone needs to keep in their kitchen at all times.

Studies have shown that people who regularly consume ginger may experience a reduction in knee pain, muscle soreness, menstrual cramps, joint pain, migraines and more. Some people have even claimed that ginger contains the potential to be as effective as Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS).

Yes, the potential behind ginger appears to be that powerful…

How to Fight Inflammation With 3 Anti-Inflammatory Natural Foods Conclusion

While some inflammation is helpful, an abundance of inflammation will prevent you from living life how you see fit. Thankfully, there is a lot that you can do to help.

Fighting chronic inflammation by taking turmeric, fish oil, and ginger will help you ward off terrible instances of aches, pains, arthritis, cancers, degenerative disease and various other illnesses that many of us unfortunately think about each day…

Just use all 3 of these astonishing inflammation-fighting ingredients each day to fight off the worst that life has to offer. Your mind and body will thank you.

These Four Brain Chemicals Control Your Mind (Happy Chemicals)

Essential Brain Chemicals Health and Experiences

Updated: October 2nd, 2019 Did you know that up to 95% of the decisions that you make are actually based on primal emotions and instincts? Yeah, all of those arguments, feelings of attraction, and impulsive decisions in the supermarket are largely caused by four brain chemicals (also known as your brain’s happy chemicals)…

Now, you can take a glimpse into the 4 chemicals that are responsible for most of the decisions that you make every day.

What you find about how your brain operates will probably shock you…

Brain Chemical #4. Dopamine

Dopamine Brain Chemicals Health and Experiences

Dopamine instantly makes you feel amazing, almost as if you’re receiving a light dose of laughing gas each time that it’s released in your brain.

For example, receiving a package that you ordered, buying a new shirt, or even seeing your waiter bringing your food to your table at a restaurant are all situations that cause your brain to release dopamine. You surprisingly don’t even have much control over these everyday occurrences which release hits of dopamine in your brain and make you feel a nice buzz.

However, if you haven’t felt enough pleasure in your life lately, then you may not be getting enough dopamine at all. A reliable way to receive more dopamine over the long-run (and create more enthusiasm in your life) is to consistently set up small goals or activities that can be easily accomplished.

By making it a point to regularly experience more successful outings with friends, fun dates with love interests, or adventurous “mini vacations” with good people, you will begin to feel massive changes happening in your life. Your brain will suddenly begin to release more dopamine that will make you feel “alive” and fulfilled over time.

Brain Chemical #3. Oxytocin

Oxytocin Brain Chemicals Health and Experiences

Oxytocin is often referred to as the “love chemical” that’s released in your brain after feelings of love, trust and intimacy have been built.

You might recognize the feeling of oxytocin being released if you’ve ever seen a past love interest of yours in public. This is when all of those past feelings of desire, passion and excitement immediately hit you once again, like you’re at the peak of a roller coaster ride.

For an instant boost in oxytocin, try giving someone who you like a bear hug for 10 seconds or longer.

For a longer-lasting cultivation of oxytocin in your life, you must ultimately work hard towards developing great relationships with your friends and loved ones.

Brain Chemical #2. Serotonin

Serotonin Brain Chemicals Health and Experiences

When you’re feeling important, admired or like you play a significant role in your social circle (“high status”) this is when your brain can become flooded with serotonin. It’s common for people to experience a rush of serotonin after feeling like you’ve won a heated argument, had an amazing night out with friends, or accomplished something that you’d been meaning to take care of.

You can even feel the effects of serotonin being released when you think back on past victories or small moments of success.

Unfortunately, it can be common for people to lack serotonin, as this is a major reason why many people report feelings of loneliness or depression. This is also why most antidepressant medications focus on producing serotonin in the brain.

For a quick natural serotonin fix, you can lay out in the sun for 20 minutes, or regularly take a good vitamin D supplement. This will assist your brain with the production of serotonin in a pleasant and healthy way.

Brain Chemical #1. Endorphins

Endorphine Brain Chemicals Health and Experiences

I hope that you’ve never been involved in a serious accident or medical emergency. But, just in case you have, you’ll likely remember the rush of endorphins which immediately numbed any feelings of pain or anxiety that you experienced.

Endorphins are an important and almost magical type of chemical which the brain thankfully produces. Endorphins are also responsible for the “runner’s high” that can be felt during the final stages of an intensive 5K marathon, or even after finishing a hard-hitting cardio session at your local gym.

If you haven’t experienced an exercise-induced endorphin buzz lately, then it could be time for you to get back to your favorite workout routine.

Alternatively, you can also catch a quick rush of endorphins by visiting a comedy club, watching a funny movie or indulging in some at-home aromatherapy.

The Four Brain Chemicals (Happy Chemicals) Conclusion

Overall, being aware of the four essential chemicals that your brain naturally produces will allow you to understand why you may be experiencing certain thoughts, feelings and actions.

When you see that new pair of good-looking shoes at the mall, or even that ex-lover of yours at a holiday party, you now understand why you’re feeling that astonishing chemical buzz rushing through your mind and body.