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Developing An Abundance Mindset For The First Time: How To Eliminate Scarcity From Your Life

Last updated: October 18, 2019

Many of us have heard the term abundance mindset before. But, what exactly does it mean to think in “abundance?”

What is an abundance mindset?

Abundance Mindset Paradise

Developing an abundance mindset means that you will no longer think in terms of scarcity.

To be more specific, giving yourself permission to do anything that you want, when you want, is what’s truly considered living in a state of abundance. It’s more than just rebellion. When you’re free to think as you want, and do as you please, that’s when you’ve reached an amazing stage of abundance in your life.

However, it isn’t always easy to develop an abundance mindset. Most people (including myself) have been raised to believe that scarcity is the only path one can take in life.

When a scarcity mindset can harm you

Abundance Mindset vs Scarcity

If you’re like most people, then you were raised in a household where hard limits were constantly enforced. Some of those limits that were imposed on you may have involved not watching television on school nights, being unable to date who you wanted, or having to abide by a midnight curfew over the weekend.

While many of these hard limits were imposed by our parents for good reason (all good parents fear for their children’s well-being) they also tend to come with negative, long-lasting repercussions that almost always follow us into adulthood.

As soon as you turned 18, you probably spent many weeknights watching television, dating new people, or staying out past midnight as an act of rebellion. Rebelling is almost like living in abundance.

How to develop an abundance mindset

In order to free your mind and live life on your own terms, you might want to follow a few simple guidelines (these aren’t hard rules).

The following tips will help you to eliminate feelings of scarcity, and develop an astonishing abundance mindset for the very first time in your life…

Abundance Mindset Development Tip #3. Tell yourself that you are enough

Abundance Mindset Confident

After waking up each morning, you should look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and announce, “I am enough”.

Now, that might sound a little bit silly.

But, it’s an extremely powerful way to wake up and remind yourself that you are whole, and that you don’t need to change for anyone but yourself.

Always knowing that you are enough is an extremely important tip for living a life of true abundance.

Abundance Mindset Development Tip #2. Practice being grateful

Abundance Mindset Grateful

Reminding yourself that you have access to good food, clean water and a safe place to live is one of the best ways to practice abundance.

If you have access to these essential resources, then you are in a blessed position that billions of people would love to be in.

3 billion people on Earth still haven’t even experienced air conditioning! These people would literally kill to be in the position that you’re most likely in.

When you start to think about how much you do have, and forget about what you don’t have, you’ll be making great strides towards developing a healthy abundance mindset.

Abundance Mindset Development Tip #1. Try to eliminate limiting beliefs

Abundance Mindset Limiting Beliefs

You should think twice about the next time someone tells you, “You can’t do that.”

While you should always obey the laws of your country or state, so much of life doesn’t involve any rules at all. Yet, so many people feel unnecessarily restricted in their day-to-day lives.

The truth is that you are not limited in any way, shape or form.

You are free to run around outside, laugh with friends, enjoy nature, and live your life to the fullest without any of the hard limits that you might have grown up with.

Eliminating limiting beliefs is the most powerful tip that you can internalize to start developing an unbelievable abundance mindset today.


While you might have been raised in a household that instilled hard limits and feelings of scarcity into your personality, everyone has the opportunity to reverse these negative characteristics regardless of your age or position in life.

You can make the decision to start living a life of healthy abundance today, as you begin to fight off those nasty limiting beliefs and restrictive emotions.

By consistently reminding yourself that you’re awesome, practicing gratitude, and eliminating your harshest limiting beliefs – you will be well on your way towards developing an abundance mindset for the very first time.

How To Block Out Negative Emotions (And Get Your Mind Right)

Last updated: October 18th, 2019

Experiencing strong negative emotions is a completely natural part of life. It’s absolutely normal for you to feel upset, unsettled and even downright angry for hours or even days at a time.

Life gets extremely tough for all of us, and scary problems are inevitably going to happen regardless of your unique journey.

You are not alone in feeling like it’s the end of the road. We have all been there before.

However, when you recognize that negative emotions are starting to build up inside of you, you have to remember three important facts of life:

1.) There is a healthy way to handle your negative emotions

2.) There is an unhealthy way to handle negative emotions

3.) You have complete control over your negative emotions

In this article, I’m going to explain how you can confront your negative emotions – and even make the most of them…

A short list of negative emotions

How to Block Out Negative Emotions Fear

Before you can learn how to deal with negative emotions, you have to understand which emotions are considered “negative” in the first place.

Here is a small list of negative emotions that you have to stay aware of:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Greed
  • Anger
  • Self-pity
  • Self-victimization
  • Boredom

Of course, there are more negative emotions than just the few on this short list. But, these are the negative emotions that I personally like to stay aware of.

How not to handle your negative emotions (weak emotional control)

How to Block Out Negative Emotions Weak Emotional Control

Let’s imagine for a moment that you find out you’re going to be late on your credit card payment for the month. Maybe you’re even experiencing some serious financial troubles. It’s normal to immediately feel like your life is going to be over. Maybe you feel anxious, worried and scared. You might even feel like you’re a victim in this situation.

These are all perfectly normal reactions to have.

However, there comes a point where you have to cut off your negative emotions from impacting your ability to take action and resolve problems.

If you continue to bask in your negative emotions and feel sorry for yourself, you might not ever find the opportunity to actually pay off your credit card bill. You will instead be too busy allowing your negative emotions to control how you live your life.

This is how you absolutely should not handle your negative emotions.

How you should handle your negative emotions (strong emotional control)

How to Block Out Negative Emotions Strong Emotional Control
This chick has rockstar emotional control

Using the credit card payment example from above, let’s again imagine that you’re going to be late on making your credit card payment for the month.

You suddenly feel worried, anxious and scared. Maybe you’re even terrified of the consequences that your late payment will have on your credit score. You might allow half an hour or maybe even a few hours to soak in these negative emotions, since it very well may make you feel better afterwards.

However, this time, something changes in you. You suddenly say to yourself, “OK, enough is enough. I have complete control over my negative emotions, and today will be different. I will find a way to fix this problem.”

This is called having an affirmation.

Handling your thoughts and feelings by repeating an affirmation to yourself is a great way to take control over your negative emotions and your life as a whole. Once you’ve dedicated some time to accept and feel your negative emotions, you can then ultimately cut them off for good.

Basking in your negative emotions for too long will not help you in the long-run. You ultimately have to take control of your mind at some point by using an affirmation like, “I am in full control and today is an amazing day to be alive” or any other unique phrase that you happen to come up with.

By repeating your affirmation whenever you want to rid yourself of negative emotions, you will retain power over your negative thoughts and feelings.

Something else that may help you is putting your problems in perspective. For example, if you think that your problems are difficult, keep in mind that there is always going to be someone who is experiencing significantly worse problems than you can even imagine.

Between disease, death and even more horrific things that billions of human beings are suffering through – putting your own problems in perspective will help you realize that your life probably isn’t so bad after all.

How to block out negative emotions for good (advanced emotional control)

How to Block Out Negative Emotions Advanced Emotional Control

While negative emotions are a healthy and natural reaction to the most unpleasant aspects of life, they can oftentimes be extremely inconvenient.

Sometimes, you simply don’t want to have your entire evening ruined simply because someone made a rude or inconsiderate comment to you.

So, to block out negative emotions from happening in the first place, you must visualize having a successful day or night out. You have to take a few minutes to really imagine yourself laughing, dancing and loving other people. Better yet, you might even combine this visualization exercise with an affirmation such as, “Today, I get to decide that I’m going to have the best day of my life.”

Either way, you should immediately start to practice this exercise of visualizing your perfect day while also repeating a positive affirmation to yourself.

Do this as often as you’d like, and it will completely change how you experience the world.


You should now understand that you’re going to experience a lot of bad emotions throughout your lifetime. And that’s perfectly okay.

But, knowing how you will handle your negative emotions ahead of time is one of the most important decisions that you can make.

You can ultimately choose to bask in negative thoughts and feelings for unhealthy amounts of time. Or, you can decide to seize power over your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions – and cut them off once and for all. It’s totally up to you to decide.

However, if you happen to decide that you are willing to regularly visualize and affirm having the best day of your life, then you’ll also begin to understand just how much control you truly have over your negative emotions.

You will soon realize that you are the only person on this planet who gets to determine how you feel.

3 Powerful Tips For Experiencing Greater Mindfulness: How to Be Mindful

Last updated: October 2, 2019 This article reveals the three most powerful tips that you can use today to be more mindful. I use these mindfulness tips in my everyday life, and they have been some of the most important tricks that I use to fight anxiety, socialize freely, and enjoy life.

But, before we dive into my 3 powerful tips, let’s cover some crucial information about mindfuless that you need to know ahead of time…

What is mindfulness?

What Is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a state of awareness that enables you to become totally conscious of your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surrounding environment. This means that by practicing mindfulness, you will literally become “present to the moment,” rather than constantly worrying about what is going to happen in the future, or thinking about what has already happened in the past.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Well, it is. Practicing mindfulness will become an unbelievable supplement to your lifestyle. The truth is that this very moment is the only time that actually exists. So, practicing mindfulness will allow you to tap into the time that matters most – the present moment.

Why you should be mindful

Mindfulness Zen Meditation Breathing

Studies have shown that practicing mindfulness for even just a few weeks can bring about life-changing psychological, social and physical benefits. Practicing mindfulness has even been proven to help fight mental illness, combat depression, improve memory, decrease stress, and spark a variety of other powerful advantages that you will gain over others.

For a simple “quickstart guide” to understanding mindfulness, you can implement the following 3 powerful tips in your own life to start experiencing its amazing benefits right away.

Once you’ve gotten your first true taste of mindfulness, you’ll never want to live life without it again…

Experience Mindfulness Tip #3. Focus on your breathing

Mindfulness Breathing Health & Experiences

Imagine that you’re blowing up a balloon for just a moment. No really, try this out right now. Breathe in deeply through your nose, and then exhale through your mouth. Repeat this 10 times in a row.

See how much better you feel after performing a continuous set of deep breaths? When you breathe in deeply (also called taking “power breaths”) you actually saturate your body with fresh oxygen.

While you’re doing these deep breathing exercises, you might feel just a little bit light headed. But, you will ultimately be OK. Most people actually find clarity of mind after focusing on their breathing for short durations of time (think 5 to 15 minutes daily). Some people even claim to experience tingling sensations and surges of energy.

Focusing on your breath each day will allow you to develop crystal clear thought patterns, which will lead to achieving greater mindfulness.

Experience Mindfulness Tip #2. Pay attention to everything that you’re feeling in a given moment

Mindfulness Feeling Health & Experiences

Most people have 10 different ideas buzzing through their mind at any given point in time.

But, if you can just take 5 minutes each day to stop for a moment, sit back, relax, and pay close attention to everything that you’re feeling, you will be taking great strides towards becoming much more mindful. You can begin doing this right now.

Start by feeling the texture of the chair that you’re sitting in, or even the wall that’s closest to you. Does your chair feel slightly cool and leathery? Or, does it possibly feel warm and fuzzy? How about the emotion that you sense when you feel the chair you’re sitting in? Are you currently hearing any sounds at all, or picking up on any smells?

It might sound silly to think about all of these extremely subtle details. But, as a result of doing this, you will become much more mindful of your existence on Earth. You will also gain a greater appreciation for life in general once you begin to take notice of small pleasures like these.

Experience Mindfulness Tip #1. Understand that your emotions and thoughts are fleeting (and do not define you)

Mindfulness Emotions Health & Experiences

One of the greatest realizations you will ever experience involves becoming conscious of how you treat yourself.

Do you constantly call yourself dumb, or possibly say even worse things to yourself when no one is around?

These are some of the most harmful habits that we as humans can have. It’s a serious form of self-destruction, and it’s surprisingly common for people to treat themselves exactly like this.

However, you can eliminate almost all of the self-doubt and other problems that you experience with yourself by simply understanding that your emotions and thoughts are constantly fleeting.

What this means is that your thoughts and emotions are constantly being renewed.

You no longer have to feel “stuck” experiencing the same hurtful thoughts and emotions over and over again.

You’re actually free to feel however you would like to feel, as you are not defined by your thoughts and emotions.

Once you’ve internalized this mindfulness tip, you will free yourself from experiencing negative thought patterns, and develop a much healthier state of mind.

Natural tools and supplements for being mindful

Mindfulness Tools and Supplements for Becoming More Mindful

While being more mindful is largely a mental and physical practice, the ingredients that you put in your body each day can have a massive impact on how mindful you become.

There’s a good reason why there’s a large correlation between how clean your diet is, and how clearly you think.

Luckily, the following natural supplements and tools can help you think, act and live much more mindfully…

Vitamin D

Mindfulness Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is a supplement that has had a massive impact on my happiness and mental well-being. It wasn’t until I spoke with my doctor, and had a blood test done, that I realized I was severely deficient in vitamin D. That was also when I found out that vitamin D deficiency is one of the most widespread problems that doctors encounter in patients.

I ultimately recommend Jarrow Vitamin D3 5000 IU (pack of two) or similar because most people are more deficient in vitamin D than they realize. Of course, you can also choose to have a blood test done to find out exactly how much vitamin D is best for you to be taking.

One thing that I’m sure of is that taking vitamin D will have an unbelievable impact on how clearly you think, and how good you feel about life. And, as you can probably tell by now, thinking clearly and feeling great about life are both advantageous to being a more mindful human being.

Daily multivitamin (food based)

Mindfulness Whole Food Daily Multivitamin
Image: Amazon

A high-quality whole food daily multivitamin will keep your brain functioning at peak performance.

While I always stress that eating a good diet is even more important than taking a multivitamin, it’s hard to ignore the fact that most of the soil in America is depleted of minerals and nutrients.

Therefore, most food that you eat probably doesn’t have enough vitamins and nutrients to help your brain function properly. This is actually an epidemic that most Americans are still totally unaware of.

But, by taking a good food-based multivitamin each day, you’ll be giving yourself a huge advantage when it comes to being mindful.

Magnesium citrate

Mindfulness Magnesium Citrate
Image: Amazon

Magnesium citrate is an essential ingredient that you need to be taking. Because, similar to vitamin D, most people are also suffering from a magnesium deficiency.

Taking a high-quality form of magnesium like magnesium citrate will help you sleep more easily, think more clearly, and wake up feeling much more rested.

It should be pretty easy to imagine how all of these benefits will allow you to live a more mindful lifestyle.

Super Rich

Mindfulness Super Rich A Guide to Having it All
Image: Amazon

Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All is a book by Russell Simmons that teaches the essentials of Transcendental Meditation. Transcendental Meditation (TM) is probably the #1 most effective practice that you can absorb to start living a more mindful lifestyle today.

People attend expensive workshops to learn the basics of TM all the time. But, this book is an inexpensive and effective way to learn the power of meditation blended with deep breathing practices.

Mindfulness conclusion

Becoming more mindful of how you truly live your life is a spiritual practice that will be one of the best decisions that you make.

Learning how to live life without the unnecessary brain fog, scattered thoughts and self-deprecating ideas which plague most Americans is one of the purest forms of freedom that you’ll ever experience.

By taking the proper steps to focus on your breathing, become conscious of your feelings, and understand that your thoughts and emotions are constantly fleeting – you will become a much more enlightened, happy and mindful human being.

The 10 Signs To Look For In Bipolar Disorder: How to Tell if You’re Bipolar

Bipolar Disorder Health & Experiences

Last Updated: October 2nd, 2019 Are you aware of the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that affects millions of people around the globe. However, it’s rare for people to be aware of the true signs of this disorder. Medical professionals claim that bipolar sufferers experience episodes of mania and episodes of depression in no particular order. These high-and-low extremes which bipolar sufferers experience is why the disorder is often perceived as such a serious medical condition.

The most common symptom of bipolar disorder

Signs to Look for in Bipolar Disorder Mood Swings

The most common symptom to look for in bipolar disorder is mood swings. Mood swings mean that those with the disorder will experience phases of powerful euphoria and joyfulness, but also stages of deep depression and guilt. But, mood swings are not the only symptom of the disorder. There are many other indicators of this condition, and some of the symptoms surprisingly contradict one another.

The two major types of symptoms of bipolar disorder

Manic and Depressive Bipolar Disorder

There are essentially two major types of symptoms: manic and depressive. Each category of symptom can produce wildly different behavior types, and these various behaviors can all be experienced within a relatively small window of time.

This article is going to take you through the full list of symptoms provided by various medical sources, which will give you a clear picture of what to look for when dealing with bipolar disorder.

You’ll also see the corresponding symptom type (manic, depressive or both) for each symptom.

Bipolar disorder sign #10. Binge drinking & drug use

Type: Manic

Bipolar Disorder Alcohol Health & Experiences

People who suffer from bipolar disorder often feel the need to turn to alcohol and/or drugs in search of relief. This is a very common symptom in patients. However, using alcohol excessively can easily exacerbate one’s problems, and can even cause one’s mood to become further destabilized. Medical professionals often recommend that those suffering from bipolar disorder limit their use of alcohol, or completely stop drinking alcohol altogether. Using street drugs is another dangerous way that some bipolar patients choose to self-medicate.

Bipolar disorder sign #9. Irritation

Type: Manic and Depressive

Bipolar Disorder Irritation Health & Experiences

Irritation is a common symptom that can be experienced during both manic and depressive episodes. It’s common for bipolar sufferers to become easily frustrated over little problems or grievances which can lead to feeling greatly annoyed, frustrated or even angry. Irritation often comes with the general mood instability that can occur during manic and depressive episodes. But, bipolar disorder is often treated by using lithium and other mood stabilizers, which can significantly help to prevent some of the irritation and anger issues that may arise from manic and depressive episodes.

Bipolar disorder sign #8. Euphoria

Type: Manic

Bipolar Disorder Euphoria Health & Experiences

Strong feelings of euphoria are often sparked in bipolar sufferers when one is experiencing a manic episode. This means that a bipolar patient may feel highly accomplished, overjoyed and even “unbreakable” during a manic episode. Manic episodes will make certain sufferers want to pursue ambitious goals or get work done – even though they are often distracted from achieving their objectives. Some patients even refer to the feeling of manic euphoria as a type of “high.” Euphoria can make those experiencing a manic episode want to go out with friends, socialize, and feel overrun with positive emotions. However, manic episodes can quickly come to a screeching halt, and bring about extreme irritability in some sufferers.

Bipolar disorder sign #7. Racing thoughts

Type: Manic

Bipolar Disorder Racing Thoughts Health & Experiences

Experiencing racing thoughts is a symptom of dealing with a manic episode, which is commonly seen in bipolar patients. This means that sufferers will often become “lost in their head” in a series of repetitive ideas and thought patterns. This is also referred to as being stuck in a state of “analysis paralysis,” to where bipolar sufferers cannot come to strong conclusions on their own. It’s easy to understand how racing thoughts can contribute to feeling extremely distracted. Sometimes, however, milder forms of manic episodes known as “hypomania” can occur, to where patients are in fact able to manage their racing thoughts. The hypomania phase typically allows for patients to enjoy temporary periods of clarity and mindfulness, although it still holds the potential to spiral into regular mania.

Bipolar disorder sign #6. Not needing sleep

Type: Manic

Bipolar Disorder Mood Health & Experiences

Because manic episodes often bring about large bursts of energy, this can make bipolar patients resist the urge to sleep. This doesn’t necessarily occur because bipolar sufferers can’t sleep. Instead, patients often feel the need to resist sleep during a manic episode. They will feel less tired and more energized. It’s for this exact reason that not needing to sleep is a symptom commonly mischaracterized as experiencing insomnia. However, insomnia is an entirely separate medical condition that revolves around wanting to sleep but being unable to rest. Meanwhile, bipolar patients simply don’t feel the need to sleep at all during a manic episode.

Bipolar disorder sign #5. Missed commitments

Type: Manic and Depressive

Bipolar Disorder Missed Commitments Health & Experiences

It’s common for bipolar sufferers to skip out on important commitments that they have previously arranged. For example, this can involve skipping out on showing up to work, doctor’s appointments or outings with friends. To reinforce how important this symptom can be – one of the key diagnostics of bipolar disorder involves determining if the sufferer’s symptoms are severe enough to impede their everyday life. When experiencing a manic episode, patients may skip out on their commitments if they consider alternative interests to be more important. This is a life-changing habit. Alternatively, during a depressive episode, one may not feel like getting out of bed at all in order to meet their daily obligations.

Bipolar disorder sign #4. Mood swings

Type: Manic and Depressive

Bipolar Disorder Mood Swings Health & Experiences

Mood swings are the most common symptom that can be found in bipolar sufferers. Mood swings often bring about a combination of manic and depressive symptoms which can spark extreme emotion in the lives of those who have the disorder. Manic and depressive episodes can last anywhere from only a few days, to weeks or even months at a time. Those who experience mood swings also often experience a buffer period known as “hypomania.” Hypomania is considered to be a mild manic period which doesn’t heavily impede sufferers from living their lives. It’s also fairly common for people to experience mood instability in the days leading up to a full-blown manic or depressive episode, which is a more subtle sign to watch for.

Bipolar disorder sign #3. Fatigue

Type: Depressive

Bipolar Disorder Health & Experiences

Those experiencing a depressive episode often feel extremely tired before their day has even begun. Feeling the need to stay in bed, watch television and avoid speaking with friends often comes with the territory of feeling fatigued. These are strong signs of having bipolar disorder. In addition to feeling physically fatigued, patients may also feel mentally worn down as well. Experiencing strong brain fog or mental exhaustion even after getting adequate sleep is a common sign of feeling stuck in a depressive state.

Bipolar disorder sign #2. Rapid speech

Type: Manic

Bipolar Disorder Talking Health & Experiences

Rapid speech is a powerful indicator that someone is experiencing a manic episode. Bipolar patients will often suddenly begin to speak quickly and extensively on subjects that may not be relevant. These patterns of rapid speech typically do not follow logical thought sequences, and may come across as being jumbled. Rapid speech is ultimately a result of the significant increase in energy that one gains while experiencing a manic episode. When a bipolar patient feels overstimulated due to mania, rapid speech is one of the earliest symptoms that can be detected.

Bipolar disorder sign #1. Overwhelming sadness

Type: Depressive

Bipolar Disorder Sad Health & Experiences

One of the most clear signs of a depressive episode is feeling overly sad without reason. Feeling hopeless is a major characteristic of the disorder, which will impact almost every aspect of a bipolar sufferer’s life. This is the complete opposite of experiencing manic euphoria – since feeling overwhelming sadness is a depressive symptom that can make patients feel their absolute worst. If left untreated, overwhelming sadness can lead to a loss of interest in normal hobbies and personal relationships, or even suicidal thoughts.

How to deal with the symptoms of bipolar disorder

If you or someone who you know is showing the signs of what you believe to be bipolar disorder, you should immediately seek professional medical help.

While the symptoms of bipolar disorder may sound drastic, there are modern medicines, discreet medical services, and even holistic alternatives that can make the life of a bipolar sufferer significantly healthier and happier.

Remember that life is always worth living, and one can always fight through the struggles and symptoms which millions of bipolar sufferers deal with on a day-to-day basis. You are not alone.

The 3 most important natural treatments that can significantly improve symptoms of bipolar disorder

While it’s always best to prioritize the advice of a medical professional, there are also some natural options that have been shown to improve the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Natural treatments and supplements for bipolar disorder can often help you stabilize your mood, provide you with positive energy, and make you feel much more invigorated about attacking life.

Here are the three most important natural treatment options that can significantly improve the symptoms of bipolar disorder…

Fish oil

Signs to Look for in Bipolar Disorder Fish Oil
Image: Amazon

Premium fish oil can flood your brain with omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA. These fatty acids can have a life-changing effect on how you think, act and live your day-to-day life. Most people experience feelings of warmth, happiness and well-being after supplementing with high-quality fish oil for a number of weeks.

You might also find yourself thinking more clearly after using good fish oil, and helping to stabilize your mood.

Food-based multivitamin for mental well-being

Signs to Look for in Bipolar Disorder Brain and Focus Multivitamin
Image: Amazon

A food-based “brain & focus” multivitamin is a simple supplement that can have a profound impact on your mood and level of happiness. Because fatigue is a common depressive symptom that people with bipolar disorder face, making sure that you’re getting all of your b vitamins will help you stay energized and mentally alert throughout the day.

Rainbow Light’s Brain & Focus Multivitamin also contains ingredients like choline, American ginseng and l-theanine which can give you the motivation to exercise, visit with friends and socialize.


Signs to Look for in Bipolar Disorder Magnesium Citramate

Magnesium citramate is an ingredient that I rave about on this website because of how much it can relax and calm you. While I tend to take my magnesium citramate at night before going off to bed, you can use magnesium at any time of the day to feel significantly more cool and calm. It’s amazing how many people don’t realize that they have a magnesium deficiency. Odds are strong that you’re missing out on this powerful ingredient in your life. And, if you suffer from bipolar disorder, magnesium citramate can especially help you with falling asleep, sleeping more deeply, and having more energy during the day.

Bipolar disorder signs, symptoms and treatment options conclusion

If you’ve made it this far down in the article, I truly appreciate you taking the time to absorb all of the information that I’ve laid out for you.

I hope that this article helps you gain a better understanding of the signs and symptoms to look for in bipolar disorder.

And most importantly, I hope that this article puts you in a better position to acquire the help that you need.

If you have any comments about bipolar disorder, or natural treatments for bipolar disorder that you’d like to see added to this article, make sure to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

The 5 Best Bodyweight Exercises That Melt Fat Away

Bodyweight Exercises Health and Experiences

Last updated: October 2, 2019 There’s a hidden secret that most gym owners probably don’t want you to know. To stay in tip-top shape, you don’t need weights, kettlebells or even fitness machines. Your body is actually the greatest “machine” that you own. It’s for this reason that the following 5 best bodyweight exercises can help you get in the best shape of your life.

Best Bodyweight Exercise #5. Planks

Bodyweight Exercises Planks Health & Experiences

Planks are one of the greatest workouts that you can do for strengthening your core.

When you exercise your core, you actually help to build your entire body, since your core is your body’s foundation that keeps everything interconnected.

Planks require that you balance on your toes and elbows, while also keeping your back extended. Planks are sometimes also referred to as “bows and toes” for this reason, since you’re essentially only balancing on your elbows and toes.

Doing just 2-3 minutes of the plank pose per day just might be all that you need to maintain a rock-solid mid-section that you can feel great about.

Best Bodyweight Exercise #4. Lunges

Bodyweight Exercises Lunges Health & Experiences
Image Credit: Instagram user Shaelisegroesbeck

Walking around your home while repeatedly lunging down to the ground is one of the simplest and most effective bodyweight exercises that you can perform to strengthen your hips, butt and thighs.

Lunges will even work your core as well.

If you spend a lot of time sitting down, doing walking lunges is a great way to do some light cardiovascular exercise while you also tone your legs at the same time.

Best Bodyweight Exercise #3. Squats

Bodyweight Exercises Squats Health & Experiences
Image Credit: Instagram user ron_yaacob

Bodyweight squats are an all-around amazing exercise for your entire lower body. While you’ll primarily be targeting your quadriceps by performing bodyweight squats, you’ll also be working your calves and hamstrings as well. Interestingly enough, squats also raise your heart rate, so you should feel a nice cardiovascular pump after doing enough squats.

Try to aim for about 40+ bodyweight squats per day in sets of 10 (with short breaks in-between sets), as this is a great beginner’s goal that can be accomplished by anyone.

However, you can of course do many more squats throughout the day if you’re interested in more intensive exercise. Some people regularly do 100+ bodyweight squats per day, and that is a serious workout.

Best Bodyweight Exercise #2. Diamond push ups

Bodyweight Exercises Diamond Pushups Health and Experiences

Diamond push ups are by far one of the greatest exercises that you can perform to target your triceps. Many people don’t even realize that triceps make up roughly 2/3 of the human arm. So, exercising this crucial muscle is often severely overlooked.

And, while diamond push ups might sound glamorous, the exercise itself is fairly intense.

Simply position both of your hands in a triangular, diamond shape, and start by doing just 10 of these difficult push ups per day, until you can work your way up to doing 25+ or more.

Best Bodyweight Exercise #1. Pull ups

Best Bodyweight Exercises Pull-Up Bar
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Purchasing a high-quality pull-up bar for your home is one of the least expensive and most effective investments that you can make for your overall health.

Performing just 10 simple pull ups per day is a great way to work your entire upper body in under one minute. Doing a single pull up will allow you to strengthen your biceps, chest and back. It’s the perfect exercise for tightening your favorite features, and looking amazing as well.


Overall, your time is extremely valuable, and no one wants to waste it. This is why I recommend that you always put aside just a tiny bit of time each day to knock out these 5 essential life-changing bodyweight exercises.

Doing a simple workout routine consisting of planks, lunges, squats, diamond push ups and pull ups should take you no longer than 20-30 minutes, and you’ll feel much more energized after finishing this powerhouse fitness circuit. This is often all that you’ll need to do in order to burn fat, make your body trim and flexible, and enjoy having muscles that are lean and attractive…