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Does Physical Exfoliation Actually Improve Your Skin Quality?

Published on: November 18th, 2019

Everyone knows that physical exfoliation feels incredible.

There’s a good chance you already love the sensation of lathering your body with a loofah or scrubbing yourself with a washcloth.

But. There’s still one very important question that needs addressing…

Does physical exfoliation actually make your skin look better?

This is the question du jour that we’ll be attacking!

A brief introduction to why women practice physical exfoliation

Image credit: Instagram user ayla_geneva

As mentioned above, it’s extremely common to thoroughly enjoy the sensation of scrubbing yourself with a loofah, washcloth or a myriad of other beauty-enhancing tools.

But why does this feel so good?

Is there any actual benefit attached to physical exfoliation?

Well, it turns out that humans shed their entire outer layer of skin every 2 to 4 weeks. This is according to the American Chemical Society.

Exfoliation happens naturally. And it happens often.

However, you can enhance the natural exfoliation process yourself with a little bit of gentle loving and scrubbing.

Gentle physical exfoliation is perfectly healthy and incredibly good for you

Image credit: Instagram user allaboutvelour

Physical exfoliation has been shown to improve blood circulation.

Blood circulation is necessary for moving oxygen throughout your brain and body.

Oxygen is the key to life for all human beings.

Therefore, it’s easy make the connection between physical exfoliation, blood circulation, oxygenation, and becoming your healthiest and most beautiful self.

Just as a side note, one of the top-recommended remedies for hair loss involves frequently massaging your scalp (i.e. blood circulation).

What I’m getting at here is physical exfoliation is massively beneficial to your health, wellness, beauty and all other aspects of life.

What are the best ways to physically exfoliate your skin?

Image credit: Instagram user earths_tribe

Lucky for you, physically exfoliating your skin is pretty simple.

You just need a gentle tool for scrubbing, soap and water.

As far as gentle scrubbing tools go, I recommend using either a facial cloth, loofah or both.

Facial cloths are excellent for people with sensitive skin.

But some women prefer loofahs for lightly scrubbing areas that need a little bit more work, like your back, butt or thighs.

Body brushes are another excellent option as they combine the toughness of a loofah with the maneuverability of an easy-to-grip handle.

The key is to experiment and find what works best for your skin

At the end of the day, you have to find what works best for your unique skin.

Some people hate the idea of physically exfoliating their skin, but then try a loofah or washcloth, and find that it smooths their skin like butter.

On the flip side, some people don’t respond very well to harsh physical exfoliation, and require very little physical exfoliation or none at all.

But it’s safe to say that just about everyone can benefit from light, gentle exfoliation – because this is only going to enhance the natural exfoliation process that your body utilizes to keep you clean.

Just keep everything soft and gentle, and I guarantee you won’t regret physically exfoliating your skin.

There’s a great chance you’re going to look and feel a whole lot healthier as a result. Which is exactly what Health and Experiences is all about.

10 Unpopular Skincare Opinions That Will Make You Feel Uneasy

Last updated: November 16th, 2019

Everyone secretly has some unpopular skincare habits and routines that they don’t want to share.

But, in today’s article, I’m willing to get down and dirty with you. Hehe…

Ready to see my 10 unpopular skincare opinions that might make you feel uneasy?

Here we go…

10 Unpopular Skincare Opinions Featured Image with Logo

Unpopular Opinion #1. You don’t always have to wear sunscreen (if you’re feeling lazy)

You can admit that you’ve had days where you rocked some pajamas, chilled out at your house, and felt too lazy to wear sunscreen.

I mean, if you don’t even go outside, then not wearing sunscreen shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

Sometimes, the human skin just needs to breathe in a 100% natural state.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE wearing sunscreen. But it definitely isn’t always necessary.

Unpopular Opinion #2. Face scrubs are amazing

You can use body brushes. You can use loofahs.

But at the end of the day, nothing feels as amazing as a good old face scrub.

I know, I know. Face scrubs are supposedly pretty bad for you. So, don’t get too carried away with them.

But, it’s probably OK to enjoy a good face scrub now and again 🙂

Pro tip: Use raw honey and brown sugar to make an impeccable (and tasty) face scrub.

Unpopular Opinion #3. Carmex is awesome

Unpopular Skincare Opinions Carmex
Image credit: Flickr

If Carmex doesn’t make you feel a little bit nostalgic when you apply it to your lips, then you might have missed out on your childhood.

Sure, Carmex tastes a little bit weird. And it definitely irritates your skin. But who cares, right?

That tingly feeling that you get from Carmex is amazing!

Plus, keeping that little yellow tube on hand is just an addictive pastime of mine.

Unpopular Opinion #4. High end skincare products are sometimes a LOT better than the products you get from the drugstore

This rule definitely isn’t universal.

For example, there are definitely some cheap products, like Garnier’s micellar cleansing water, that works really, really well. And of course, who isn’t a fan of cheap-o CeraVe moisturizing cream?

But, once you’ve tried a few luxury nail polishes and high-end hand creams, you’ll understand why paying a few extra bucks sometimes pays off in the end.

Unpopular Opinion #5. Popping pimples is an addictive habit that you probably love

I know you’ve seen some of Dr. Pimple Popper’s videos on YouTube.

And, I know that you secretly LOVE going full “Dr. Pimple Popper” on your own pimples (whenever you get the opportunity).

So, just make sure that you pop your pimples properly. You can do this by lancing your pimples, cleaning the area, drying your skin, and finishing it off with a hydrocolloid bandage.

Unpopular Opinion #6. A little sun is good for you

Unpopular Skincare Opinions Sun
Image credit: Flickr

I know what you’re thinking.

The sun is the enemy of your skin. You’re supposed to protect your skin from the sun at all times. That’s what your dermatologist probably tells you, right?

But, while getting some sun might be bad for your skin, it’s extremely healthy for your health and wellness.

You need some amount of natural sunlight if you want to maintain optimal vitamin D levels! Vitamin D is so important for your mood, health, and overall quality of life.

So don’t be afraid to hit the beach. It’s worth it. Trust me.

(But, if you do decide to hit the beach, then ignore unpopular opinion #1 on this list. You’ll need some mineral-based sunscreen in this case.)

Unpopular Opinion #7. Diet and nutrition plays a MAJOR role in the quality of your skin

Your diet and nutrition plays a major role in the quality of your skin.

People don’t always want to hear this. But, it’s the truth!

There’s a reason why this website is about Health and Experiences.

Your health and wellness is the biggest contributor to your looks.

The good news is that maintaining good health is an addictive habit. And, there’s plenty of healthy food that tastes amazing. So, once you get into a habit of taking great care of your health, you’ll never want to stop.

Unpopular Opinion #8. Nose strips are epic

You can’t separate me from my Biore nose strips. There’s just no way.

I know this isn’t a popular opinion in the greater skincare community. But, so what!

Pore strips are the only thing that get rid of cluster whiteheads around my nose, especially in those really hard-to-reach crevices.

Unpopular Opinion #9. You can probably use soap on your face (and you’ll still be OK)

Unpopular Skincare Opinions Soap
Image credit: Flickr

Soap has gotten a really bad reputation in recent years.

But, here’s the truth:

If you have a particular soap that you really love, and it’s gentle enough for use on your face, then go for it!

As long as your skin responds well to soap, then you WILL be okay. I promise you.

Unpopular Opinion #10. You aren’t totally immune from aging (plus, aging is sexy anyway)

Skincare products can do a lot for you.

As anyone in Hollywood knows, using effective skincare products from a young age can prolong your youthful appearance for many, many years.

But, the reality is that everyone has to age. Aging is just a normal part of human nature. This isn’t a bad thing. You will age. And, luckily, you can age beautifully.

It’s always important to embrace your age, because women are beautiful throughout all stages of life.

Best of all, natural aging is sexy, anyway!

The 5 Best Anti-Aging Tips of 2020 – How to Actually Look Younger

Last updated: November 16th, 2019

Practicing genuine anti-aging tips is hard work. Because first of all, it’s hard to tell which anti-aging tips even work. And second of all, it can take weeks or even months to see any real progress!

So, this article dives into the very best anti-aging tips of 2020. And best of all, these anti-aging tricks actually work (yes – they make you look younger).

Just check out these 5 tips, and start seeing actual progress in a matter of weeks…

Best Anti Aging Tips Juicing
Image credit: Flickr

1. Drink green juices every day

I promise you that nothing will transform your appearance like juicing will.

Juicing green vegetables like kale, spinach, and parsley…and mixing them with fruits like apple, mango and banana will provide you with an unbelievably healthy anti-aging beverage.

All of the yummy vitamins and nutrients in your green drink will brighten your skin, and literally make you glow. I’m not exaggerating.

If you can commit to drinking green juices every single day, you’ll notice an unbelievable transformation in your appearance.

2. Start doing egg white facials

Have you heard of an egg white facial? It’s exactly what it sounds like – literally rubbing egg whites onto your skin.

If you haven’t heard of the trend, you can check out this article titled: DIY: Egg White Face Mask Recipes for Beautiful Skin.

I like mixing a little bit of turmeric with my egg whites before applying the mixture to my face.

If you’re willing to give yourself egg white facials, you’ll literally start to notice an improvement in your skin in just weeks.

3. Use a high-quality brightening eye cream

Using brightening eye creams will improve the appearance of your eye zone, help fade dark circles, and generally make you look years younger.

If you haven’t tried a high-quality brightening eye cream, then you’re seriously missing out on a magical little beauty product that I LOVE.

You’ll be shocked by the comments that you receive after boosting the appearance of your eye zone.

I recommend using L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Eyes. However, I make a few other great eye cream recommendations in the article that I linked to above. Check it out, pick out your favorite eye cream, and notice a BIG improvement in your beauty.

4. Burn fat fast

By now, most ladies know that excess body fat can add years to your appearance.

But strangely enough, most women don’t spend enough time thinking about the exact opposite fact of life:

You’re going to look absolutely amazing the moment you burn off all that excess body fat.

This is why I recommend burning fat fast – as it will give you the biggest anti-aging results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Most importantly, I recommend burning fat safely and healthily.

And that’s why I recommend you check out my list of the best fat burners for women.

In my article, I recommend 5 easy-to-use fat burners that will help you slim down fast, safely and beautifully.

5. Trust your body brush

If there’s one “must use” product that I recommend you keep in your bathtub…then it’s got to be a good body brush.

Because, using a good body brush will help you shed away dead skin cells, and show off FRESH skin (reveal what’s underneath).

And…the best part is that showing off fresh skin makes you appear more youthful in a matter of minutes.

So make sure to pick up a good body brush, stash it in your bathtub, and brush yourself regularly. You’ll be thrilled with how good you look afterwards.


Overall, I hope this article gives you some amazing tips for actually looking younger in 2020 and beyond.

Pursuing an anti-aging routine is hard work.

But, when you actually see positive results (i.e. appearing younger) – that’s when anti-aging feels like it’s really, really worth it.

Enjoy your new self!

The Ultimate Lip Discoloration Treatment Guide – Cure Lip Pigmentations

Last updated: November 16th, 2019

Many women are concerned about the discoloration of their lips. Lip discoloration is actually a pretty serious problem that can occur for a number of reasons. But worst of all, lip discoloration looks pretty gnarly! So, just consider this article to be your ultimate lip discoloration treatment guide which helps you better understand the hyperpigmentations on your lips, and most importantly – cure your lip pigmentations once and for all. Sounds good? Let’s get started…

What is lip discoloration?

Lip Discoloration Treatment What Is Lip Discoloration
Image credit: Flickr

Lip discoloration happens when your lips undergo an unnatural change in color. Both women and men experience lip discoloration, although it typically happens to women more frequently. It’s common for lip discoloration to make pink lips darken over time – usually making your lips appear “dirty” or “blotchy”. However, it’s also possible for your lips to “lighten” in color as well.

Either way, if your lips show a change in color for any reason at all, it’s worth addressing the problem immediately.

What causes lip discoloration?

Lip Discoloration Treatment Causes
Image credit: Flickr

There are various causes of lip discoloration that you should keep in mind, such as…

Lip Discoloration Cause #1. Photodamage (exposure to ultraviolet radiation)

Photodamage (sun damage) is one of the most common causes of lip discoloration that people experience. When people forget to protect their lips with SPF lip balm, it’s really easy to accidentally expose your lips to sun damage. Sun damage to the lips is especially common during warmer months, and in dry climates.

Lip Discoloration Cause #2. Cheilitis (chapped lips)

It’s relatively common for people to experience lip discoloration because of cheilitis (chapped lips). Cheilitis is often associated with anemia (iron deficiency), vitamin B deficiency, and various other conditions.

If you think that your cheilitis is caused by some sort of nutritional deficiency (like an iron deficiency), it’s best to visit with a doctor and have your blood tested. Having extremely pale lips (like ghostly white lips) is typically a sign of anemia. If you also experience weakness, lethargy, or hair loss – these are also signs of anemia. So, please visit with a doctor to get these serious symptoms addressed immediately!

It’s also worth noting that many people experience cheilitis or chapped lips simply because of cold weather. When freezing temperatures and wind becomes a daily occurrence in your town or city, it’s relatively common to experience lip discoloration.

Lip Discoloration Cause #3. Isotretinoin (brand name Accutane)

Many people use isotretinoin or Accutane to combat severe acne.

However, many people who undergo Accutane treatment also complain about extreme cheilitis or chapped lips.

This can obviously lead to lip discoloration and similar lip problems.

Lip Discoloration Cause #4. Lifestyle factors (smoking, drinking, stress)

Smoking is a common cause of lip discoloration. When you smoke cigarettes or hookah, you’re essentially drying out your lips with smoke.

Alcohol is another substance that can dry out your lips and cause damage.

But, stress is perhaps the most harmful lifestyle factor of all. Stress has been known to contribute to all sorts of medical issues, including lip discoloration!

Lip Discoloration Cause #5. Dehydration

Dehydration is a serious problem that can cause your lips to change color.

If you aren’t drinking roughly one gallon of water per day, then you should adjust your water consumption to a healthy range immediately.

Lip Discoloration Cause #6. Bad beauty products

Since this is partially a beauty blog, it’s important to note that some beauty products can absolutely contribute to lip discoloration.

For example, some women don’t respond well to certain lipsticks or glosses that use low-quality ingredients.

So, please pay close attention to the ingredients in your beauty products, and make sure that your skin responds well to all of the ingredients that you put on!

Lip Discoloration Cause #7. Acne or acne scars located along the vermilion border

If you’ve had acne or acne scars along your vermilion border or oral commissures, this could be another factor that contributes to lip discoloration.

Lip Discoloration Cause #8. Bacterial or skin fungal infections (in extreme cases)

While it’s uncommon to experience lip discoloration because of bacterial or skin fungal infections – it can happen.

If you think that bacterial or skin fungal infections might be the cause of your lip discoloration, it’s important for you to speak with a medical doctor as soon as possible.

Lip Discoloration Cause #9. Picking the skin on your lips

Do you frequently pick and pull away bits of dead skin from your lips?

If so, this is a habit that usually leads to problems with lip discoloration.

I know it’s tempting to do this…

But, try your best to refrain from picking your lips, and you might notice an improvement in your discoloration.

What lip discoloration treatments are available?

Depending on the specific cause of your lip discoloration, there are a number of treatment options available…

Lip discoloration treatment: SPF lip balm

Lip Discoloration Treatment Supergoop Fushion Lip Balm

Supergoop! Fushion Lip Balm is my favorite “easy” treatment for lip discoloration.

If you think that your lip discoloration is caused by photodamage (sun damage), then you can try using a high-quality SPF lip balm like this one.

This lip balm contains SPF 30 sunscreen, so it will protect your lips against further sun damage. Plus, this lip balm is also a great option if you’re dealing with chapped lips.

Lip discoloration treatment: Vitamin C serum

Lip Discoloration Treatment Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum is my top recommendation for vitamin C serum because it contains high-quality ingredients and a light concentration of vitamin C (which is ideal for the delicate skin on your lips).

If your lips have sun damage, you can try applying a light layer of high-quality vitamin C serum to your lips.

Vitamin C serum is known to help repair sun damage. So, by applying a very thin layer of vitamin C serum to your lips, you may be able to reverse sun damage, and repair your lip discoloration.

Alternatively, you can always choose to make your own vitamin C serum at home. This is a budget-friendly option that’s also fun to do!

And of course, at the most basic level, you can just squeeze a lemon, mix with distilled water, and apply this lemon-water concentration to your lips.

You have plenty of options when it comes to using vitamin C to treat lip discoloration.

Lip discoloration treatment: High-quality multivitamin and/or iron supplement

Lip Discoloration Treatment Womens Multivitamin

Rainbow Light Women’s One is one of the very best multivitamins available. I highly-recommend using this multivitamin because it’s a food-based multivitamin that should cover just about all of your nutritional bases. This is an extremely convenient way to combat many of the nutritional deficiencies that can lead to cheilitis (chapped lips) and lip discoloration. I’ve also written a full review of Rainbow Light Women’s One that you can check out for more information on this awesome multivitamin.

Rainbow Light Certified Plant-Source Iron is another excellent option to consider if you believe that your lip discoloration is caused by an iron deficiency (anemia).

Of course, you can always just make sure that you’re eating a wide range of vegetables, meats, fruits and legumes. This is perhaps the best way to ensure that you don’t experience a nutritional deficiency.

But at the same time, it’s becoming increasingly common for food in America to lack the proper nutrients. This tends to happen because our soil is being depleted of nutrients, and this causes our food to lack nutrients as well.

So, this is why I ultimately still recommend using high-quality food-based nutritional supplements that help you meet all of your dietary needs!

 Lip discoloration treatment: Tweak your lifestyle and habits

Lip Discoloration Treatment Smoking

If you think that your lifestyle and habits may be the underlying cause of your lip discoloration, then you’ll probably want to make some changes to your daily routine.

For example, one of the easiest changes that you can make involves cutting back on smoking and alcohol consumption. You have total control over these two lifestyle factors. If you currently smoke, then you can try using nicotine lozenges as a safer form of nicotine replacement. If you currently drink quite a bit, then you can try drinking non-alcoholic drinks that still leave you feeling good!

Stress is a lot harder to deal with, because everyone is at least a little bit stressed out in modern society. But, you can still get massages, take more spa days, and eat healthy foods to combat the stress in your life.

You can also drink more water, and be more careful about the types of beauty products that you use on your lips.

Tweaking your lifestyle and habits isn’t easy. But, it can absolutely be an important treatment option in the fight against lip discoloration.

Lip discoloration treatment: Visit with a medical professional

Lip Discoloration Treatment Medical Doctor

At the end of the day, it’s still worth chatting with a medical professional about the problems related to your lip discoloration.

You can visit with your general practitioner (GP) first, and she or he may refer you to a specialist.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Overall, I genuinely hope that this article helps you discover the underlying cause of your lip discoloration, and most importantly, allows you to treat your lip discoloration issues as soon as possible.

No one wants to deal with lip discoloration. But, life happens, and lips can look weird for a number of wacky reasons!

So, take great care of your lips today, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of having glamorous lips tomorrow.

If you like this article, please remember to share it on social media, or subscribe to the Health and Experiences VIP e-mail list. Thank you.

7 Surprising Skin Care Tips That Sound Weird But Actually Work

Last updated: November 16th, 2019

Today, I’m revealing 7 surprising skin care tips that seem weird, but actually work.

Here’s the full list of skin care tips that you need to keep in mind (don’t judge until you try them out)!

7 Surprising Skincare Tips

1. Use moisturizer when you have oily skin

Many people with oily skin find it hard to believe that moisturizer will work with their skin type.

This typically happens because people with oily skin are often told that gel works best for their complexion (rather than moisturizer).

However, if you have oily skin, and you’re willing to give moisturizer a try, you just might find that it works really well for your skin.

2. Commit to using physical sunscreen daily

It’s surprisingly common for people to think that sunscreen is a waste of time.

You might even think that you don’t spend much time in the sun – since you’re essentially indoors all day long.

But, most people are startled to find out how much time they actually spend in the sun.

For example, you might not realize that your skin is exposed to plenty of sunlight while you’re driving, sitting in front of a bright window, or even just stepping outside for a few minutes at a time.

It’s for this reason that just about everyone needs to commit to using sunscreen daily.

However, I strongly recommend that you use a mineral-based sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as a main ingredient. This is extremely important, because these “physical sunscreens” aren’t harmful to your skin. But, the same can’t be said about chemical sunscreens that use dangerous ingredients like oxybenzone.

Commit to using safe physical sunscreens every day, and you’ll look better, feel better, and possibly even protect yourself against diseases like skin cancer.

3. Replace pillow cases with t-shirts

It should be pretty obvious by now that changing out your pillow case every night is one of the best ways to prevent acne.

But, not everyone wants to buy 30+ pillow cases, since that can get a little bit expensive.

So, while this tip might seem sort of strange, you can always just slip a fresh t-shirt onto your pillow each night for a quick, clean and easy solution.

In fact, you might want to buy a jumbo pack of plain white undershirts for this exact reason.

Replacing your pillow cases with t-shirts is way cheaper than buying pillow cases. Plus, this trick will help you stay acne-free too.

4. Moisturize in the morning and night

Are you a once-per-day user of moisturizer  – like millions of other people?

If so, you might want to try moisturizing in the morning and night (twice per day).

Moisturizing in the morning and night essentially doubles the amount of beneficial ingredients that your skin absorbs (like hyaluronic acid and ceramides).

This can make your skin look better, feel softer, and even help you look younger, too.

If you need a good moisturizer in a pinch, I recommend using the time-tested CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. This is the moisturizer that I typically use to combat acne and dry skin.

5. Cut up your skincare bottles to get every last drop of product

Maintaining a good skincare routine can get a little bit expensive. There’s no denying that.

So, you should feel shameless when it comes getting every last drop of product out of your skincare tubes and bottles.

Whenever you find yourself squeezing your skincare tubes and bottles – just go ahead and cut them up using scissors.

You’ll probably be shocked by how much leftover product you discover inside.

6. Stop towel drying your face after washing

Have you ever seen a skincare tip that instructs you not to dry your face off with a towel after washing?

If so, then you most likely ignored this warning, and dried your face off after washing anyway.

But, next time you’re going through your daily skincare routine, try washing your face and then using moisturizer directly afterwards.

This tip basically sounds crazy. But, it works so well!

The problem with towel drying your face is that you can get lint fuzzies and excess bacteria on your face right after washing (thanks to towels). Plus, drying your face off with a towel is irritating to some people.

And best of all, by purposely skipping the towel, you’ll lock in extra moisture on your face when it comes time to moisturize (since your face will still be wet).

Give this tip a try, and make sure to let me know how it works for you in the comments section below.

7. Diet and exercise can drastically improve the appearance of your skin

Some people try everything to improve the appearance of their skin – from accutane, to body brushes, and more.

But, if you haven’t prioritized your diet and exercise routine, then you could missing out on the number one skincare tip that changes your life.

Diet and exercise has the power to influence your hormones, flush your pores, and provide you with a natural glow that simply makes your skin radiate.

If you don’t do so already, then I highly-recommend that you start eating high-quality food, and exercising at a nice gym near you!


Overall, it can be hard to believe that these 7 skincare tips actually work.

But, the truth is that anyone can implement these tips into their daily skincare routine…and see awesome results!

I truly hope that this list of surprising skin care tips helps you or someone you know.

Please make sure to spread the word about these tips, and share this article on social media as well. Thank you.

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