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Why Does Kanye West Have A Big Ego (The 7 Reasons)

Updated: October 18th, 2019 It’s time to address the Kanye West ego thing. This article will probably come as a surprise to many people. But, it has to be made available to the public!

Because, if you can temporarily look past Kanye West’s attitude, controversial lyrics, and habit of not smiling in photographs, you will probably realize that there are genuine reasons for his seemingly outlandish behavior. The truth is that Kanye West has faced more difficulties in life than most (we think).

In fact, Kanye has undergone so many challenging and diverse situations – that most people will actually be able to relate with him on many of the following issues.

Keep an open mind when reading this article, and try to enjoy the ‘uncomfortable’ insights you’re about to experience. Here are the 7 surprising reasons that will finally answer the question you’ve been wondering…Why does Kanye West have such a big ego?

Kanye West Ego Truth #7. He wrote and recorded a hit song with his jaw wired shut

Kanye West Ego Jaw Wired Shut Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

After surviving a car accident that almost took his voice away, Kanye West recorded his debut single titled ‘Through the Wire.’ He insists that the accident was God’s way of saying, ‘I am about to hand you the world, just know at any given time I can take it away from you.’

Kanye’s positive outlook on such a bad situation shows his willingness to fight through hard times. He almost lost everything he had, only to take on the world right afterwards.

Kanye West Ego Truth #6. He thrived as the only foreigner in his fifth grade class…in China

Kanye West Ego Child China Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Reddit user Rdelamora1/Consequence of Sound

Kanye West spent the fifth grade in China while his mother taught at Nanjing university as a visiting professor. But, instead of feeling like a social outcast, Kanye eventually convinced Chinese children to give him sheep skewers in exchange for watching him breakdance.

He learned that difficult cultural experiences can be turned into solid life lessons.

Kanye West Ego Truth #5. He retreated to Asia and Europe for a year after claiming that he ‘had thrown a Molotov cocktail at (his) own career’

Kanye West Ego Taylor Swift Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Photographer Patrick Vernack

This one is a little more like an ego-check. After Kanye famously interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 Video Music Awards, he took the advice of a fellow musician and fled the USA. Kanye spent a year overseas so that he could reflect on his life, and get his music career back on track. It was probably one of the major moments in Kanye’s life that he addressed his own ego, and then backed away from it.

Kanye West Ego Truth #4. He dropped out of college and worked as a telemarketer to pursue his dreams

Kanye West Ego College Drop Out Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Photographer Daniele Dalledonne

At the age of 20, Kanye West dropped out of Chicago State University to pursue a career in music. Because his mother worked as a professor at Chicago State University at the time, she was understandably upset. However, she later acknowledged that carving out your own path in life can be worth the risk.

The risk absolutely paid off, since no one knows what the music industry would be like today if Kanye had gotten comfortable making cold calls and selling insurance.

Kanye West Ego Truth #3. He holds himself accountable for his mother’s death

Kanye West Ego Donda West Mother Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Photographer Tyler Curtis

Kanye West’s mother unexpectedly passed away at the age of 58 after suffering complications from elective surgery. Kanye claimed, ‘If I had never moved to L.A. she’d be alive.’ While this is an extremely unfair burden for Kanye to hold over himself, it’s also a surprisingly normal sign of having loved the person who supported him the most.

Kanye West Ego Truth #2. He changed the world with a single quote

Kanye West Ego Quote Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

‘Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter. Someone will always be younger. But they will never be you.’

This quote shows Kanye West’s commitment to living for yourself. Most people consider this to be selfish, but to Kanye, it’s just a way of life.

Kanye West Ego Truth #1. He insists that ‘Kanye’ means ‘The only one’ in Swahili – and lives up to this claim

Kanye West Ego The Only One Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Photographer Angel Laws

There has been an ongoing debate regarding the meaning of the name Kanye for some time. Most evidence points to the fact that Kanye translates directly to ‘Let’s give’ in Igbo, while not much information can be found regarding the supposed origin of Kanye in Swahili.

But, regardless of what we know, the fact that Kanye West has convinced himself that he’s literally ‘The only one’ is a surprisingly rational stance to take, considering everything that he’s been through.

We all have to help ourselves before we can help others. And sometimes, viewing yourself as ‘The only one’ is the most logical approach that someone in Hollywood can leverage.

Conclusion: Health and Experiences’ Take

Kanye West Ego Kim Kardashian Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Instagram user Kimkardashian

Kanye West is well-known for his ego, brash behavior, and a number of other controversial qualities that would take all day to list.

But, the truth is that he’s also one of the most renowned leaders in the music industry, and you can’t typically ‘make it’ in Hollywood unless you’re willing to force your way to the top.

Sometimes, ‘rough and tough’ characteristics like the kind Kanye West has are necessary if you hope to become a self-assured human being.

He isn’t perfect by any means. He has made many mistakes, just as we all have. But, at the end of the day, he is willing to take great strides towards accomplishing his biggest aspirations in life – regardless of how he gets there. That’s something we can all learn from. That’s also why Kanye West is surprisingly ordinary dude considering all that’s he’s gone through…aside from the ego thing, of course.

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