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How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams Review

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Review

Last Updated: October 20th, 2019 This How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big review will cover an entirely contrarian book written by Scott Adams that you need to know about.

Who is Scott Adams?

How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big Review Scott Adams Picture

Scott Adams is an entrepreneur and public speaker who is best known for creating Dilbert, one of the most famous cartoons of all time.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Overview

I’m a big fan of this book because it takes a really unexpected turn that you won’t find in most self-help styled books.

Because, most of the time, self-help advice comes down to “find your passion, hustle really hard, do what you love, and the money will come” (or something along those lines).

However, Adams immediately addresses this mainstream thought pattern by titling the third chapter of his book “Passion Is Bullsh*t” (page 13).

And, while it might sound brash to refer to following your passion as BS, the truth behind his claim is genuine – and designed to help you.

(The following sections of this review highlights my favorite aspects of the book that you will probably find interesting, too.)

Passion is BS

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Review Passion Health and Experiences

In the third chapter of How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, Scott Adams explains a non-mainstream viewpoint that is unsurprisingly similar to what 99% of successful people truly think but never reveal to the public.

Adams explains that following your passion is usually a bad idea because you can develop passion for just about anything.

And, if you can develop a passion for almost anything, then wouldn’t you want to start a business in your field, create a product that you have personal experience with, or do something that you have a natural advantage at?

To put it simply, if you have some kind of competitive advantage or edge in any area of life, then you will almost certainly become super-passionate about that line of work anyway.

Here are some key takeaways of this section of the book:

Learning Skills Helps You Attract Success and Wealth

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Review Health and Experiences

Scott Adams titles Chapter 21 of his book “The Math of Success” because he (like a few other authors) is willing to reveal the truth about finding success.

This chapter of the book will probably surprise you, because Adams goes into detail about many of the niche skills that are complementary to finding success.

For example, Adams claims that for every new skill that you learn, you will double your odds of finding success.

This changed my outlook on a lot of things, because I’ve always been someone who focuses on what I’m good at. Now, I feel much more open to absorbing new information that I might not have cared about before reading How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

In this chapter, Adams explains how learning lifelong skills can change your life. He recommends learning skills such as:

  • Psychology
  • Accounting
  • Public speaking
  • Business writing
  • English grammar
  • Persuasion
  • Golf

Adams goes on to say that understanding psychology and persuasion is a lot like having a magical power that is sometimes almost “unfair” to use in certain situations.

This immediately made me order a copy of Influence by Robert Cialdini.

Here are some key takeaways of this section of the book:

  • Adams makes it clear that his many years of experience in banking, business, and paid-for corporate classes brought him big success in life – most notably with Dilbert
  • He is also convinced that learning new marketable skills and applying them to your own life will give you the greatest possible shot at finding success


How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Review Affirmations Health and Experiences

Chapter 24 is my favorite chapter of How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

This chapter, beginning on page 154, explains how Scott Adams used affirmations many times throughout his life to get rich, cure an “incurable” medical condition, and become a famous cartoonist.

Creating an affirmation is the simple process of continually writing or repeating a statement that you want to happen in your life.

Your affirmation can be something like “I, John Williams, will be a successful doctor” or “I, Susan Young, will be cancer-free in 12 months”.

Adams claims that he writes his personal affirmation 15 times per day.

He is adamant about how well his affirmations have worked for him in the past, and also he gives his reasons as to why he thinks affirmations work so well.

Adams also explains that while affirmations are powerful, you still have to take steps towards accomplishing whatever affirmation you set for yourself.

Affirmations simply help you envision the completion of your goal, and sometimes, allow for very very strange things to play out in your own life. I’m a huge believer in affirmations, too. Affirmations are the real deal, and they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here are some key takeaways of this section of the book:

  • Adams gives a shocking amount of credit to the power of simply writing down a daily affirmation (I personally continue to do this to this day)
  • Scott Adams has likely gotten rich in large part due to affirmations
  • Interestingly, Scott Adams has explained on a Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode that he believes humans live in a simulated reality (which may tie into why he places a lot of emphasis on affirmations)

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Review – The Bottom Line

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Review Scott Adams Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Washington Times

Overall, there are too many golden nuggets hidden in this book to list.

In this book, Scott Adams covers the importance of failing, why you should build systems instead of setting goals, how you can do things that keep your energy high in life, and so many other eye-opening topics.

How to Fail At Almost Everything and Still Win Big is an embodiment of what Health and Experiences stands for.

Scott Adams has discovered the key to living a life full of health, wealth and success, and he has shared these secrets with us in a simple and breezy book that’s packed with hilarious anecdotes.

If you don’t understand why you continue to fail in life, this book will help you understand why your mistakes have actually been a good thing.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big is the guide that helped me continue on with my many business ventures in spite of facing many failures, and it will absolutely help you accomplish your goals – regardless of what they may be.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big Review

How to Fail At Almost Everything and Still Win Big deserves a full 5 out of 5 star rating, and I highly recommend that you order your copy today.

The 7 Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends – Cool Gifts for Guys in 2020

Last updated: October 20th, 2019

Gift ideas for boyfriends are kinda’ challenging to come by. You have to find a fun gift for the man in your life. And, while your boyfriend probably isn’t expecting you to splurge on him, he’s most likely expecting something cool, useful and maybe even exciting, right?

To help you out, I’ve listed 7 of the best timeless gift ideas for boyfriends that will make your man pretty pumped up to be with you.

Here are the gift ideas that your boyfriend will love in 2020 and beyond…

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #7. Ultimate Ears Boom 2 (Waterproof and Shockproof Speaker)

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends BOOM 2 Waterproof Speaker

The Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 is an amazing speaker that will let your boyfriend listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks anywhere, anyplace.

Yes, this thing is totally waterproof, and is easily portable, so that it can be brought anywhere (like your shower, swimming pool, bathtub etc.).

It’s also wireless, so it connects to iPhone or Android smartphones via Bluetooth technology.

Get this thing for your boyfriend, and he might just love you forever.

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #6. Memory foam bean bag chair for chillaxing (Chill Bag)

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Chill Bags Comfortable Memory Foam Chair

Boyfriends don’t put much thought or effort into buying life-changing items like the Chill Sack.

So, you can be sure that he’ll actually use this amazingly comfortable gift that you give him.

Next time you decide to watch a movie together, just wait, and rest assured that he’ll want you to join him on the really comfortable memory foam bean bag chair that you bought for him.

Then you’ll both feel nice and cozy together.


Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #5. Awesome clothing

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Ralph Lauren Clothing

You know your boyfriend’s shirt size, don’t you?

Well then, getting him some clothing from a cool, comfortable retail brand will make his entire week.

I’m a fan of Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirts because they’re clean, timeless and comfortable.

If your boyfriend has more of an athletic style, then you should go with some Nike Men’s Legend Tees.

Oh, your boyfriend’s kind of a hipster, you say? American Apparel it is.

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #4. Give him live access to his ‘thing’

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Health and Experiences Buy Sports Tickets

Every guy has a thing.

Whether that’s football, boxing, hockey, or maybe even motorcycle riding, there is some kind of hobby that almost every guy is super passionate about.

For example, if your boyfriend is really into football, then you should consider buying him sports tickets to attend his favorite team’s next home game.

Or, if he’s into rock music, then you should consider booking VIP tickets for an upcoming concert. Giving him access to his ‘thing’ is a great way to make his birthday a great one…while you get to join in on the fun, too.

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #3. Pressure cooker

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Who ever said that guys don’t like to cook? Between slow cooking in crock pots, grilling out on the patio, and stir frying late-night goodies, odds are strong that your boyfriend loves cooking up some delicious food.

But, you have to forget about buying him another ‘kiss the cook’ apron.

Just go straight for elite kitchen gear that helps your boyfriend cook delicious food.

Consider buying your boyfriend a crock pot, indoor grill, or for the ultimate kitchen tool – an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #2. Navy SEALs Tactical Bowie Knife

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Navy SEALs Tactical Knife

The Navy SEALs Tactical Bowie Knife is an awesome 9″ blade that’s perfect for hunters, fishermen, survivalists or boyfriends who just like to live life a little bit dangerously.

I mean, most boyfriends like to be a little bit dangerous, as you probably already know.

So, getting your boyfriend this tactical hunting knife is a present that will immediately excite his primal side.

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #1. Cocktail Shaker Set

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Cocktail Shaker Set

The SILVERgrade Cocktail Shaker Set is an ideal gift for the boyfriend who likes to mix up a drink or two.

Whether your man is a weekend party animal, or a nightly-martini-drinker – forcing him to shake up his own cocktails will turn him into a bartending pro.

I also love that this cocktail shaker set comes with an e-book of drink recipes, too. So, your boyfriend will have everything that he needs to make some amazing drinks (for both you and him).

Who ever said that getting your boyfriend a gift can’t make you happy, too?

The 17 Best Retirement Gifts For Men in 2020 (That He Will Actually Use)

Hotel Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health and Experiences

Last Updated: October 20, 2019

Searching for the best retirement gifts for men in 2020 is a challenge. If you think that men aren’t picky, then you’ll be surprised to hear what men really want in a retirement gift…

If you hope to leave a lasting impression on your co-worker, friend, dad, husband, relative or anyone else who is retiring, then choosing the right retirement gift is an extremely important decision to make.

Luckily, I happen know what men really want.

The truth is that men want valuable life experiences, and items that are truly useful for living a more enjoyable lifestyle.

To make your job extra-simple, I’m going to list the 17 best retirement gifts for men in 2020 (that he will actually use).

Here we go…

Men’s Retirement Gift #17. Massage therapy

Massage Therapy Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Art of Massage with Adrian Carr (Vimeo)

Spending years in an office setting can put your back entirely out of wack. Thankfully, you can be a back-saving-buddy if you decide to purchase a few sessions of massage therapy for your new retiree.

He will thank you tremendously, because going through a few rounds of massage therapy can change someone’s entire outlook on life.

Men’s Retirement Gift #16. Sound bar system

Best Retirement Gifts For Men Sound Bar Health and Experiences
Image: Amazon

Let’s face it. A man who’s entering retirement isn’t going to have the best sense of hearing in the world.

Therefore, purchasing a high-quality sound bar audio system for your retiree will allow him to hear the news, movie channels, and all of the other TV stations that he watches regularly.

Sound bar systems easily connect to TV’s and emit loud, crystal-clear sound.

Giving the gift of hearing is a no-brainer.

Men’s Retirement Gift #15. Funny retirement t-shirt

Best Retirement Gifts for Men Funny Tshirt
Image: Amazon

After a lifetime of hard work, men who are facing retirement would prefer not to receive a new tie, business casual dress wear, or anything that even reminds them of their past office life.

It’s for this reason that it’s best to give your male retiree a comfortable yet funny retirement t-shirt that tells the world he’s retired.

You can also find comfortable, high-quality clothing at many popular fishing, boating and athletic websites.

Men’s Retirement Gift #14. Handwritten letter

Handwritten Letter Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health and Experiences
Image Credit: User Churl (Flickr)

A handwritten letter is a really, really powerful gift that you can create from scratch. As long as what you write is authentic, you don’t have to be a Hemmingway or Shakespeare to offer a handwritten letter as a retirement gift, either.

The entire point of this gift is that you’re taking the time to write something meaningful for your retiree. This is often more thoughtful and considerate than a $1000 gift (maybe). Just make sure that you have something genuine to say, and you’ll be golden.

Men’s Retirement Gift #13. Sports tickets

Sports Tickets Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health And Experiences
Image Credit: Photographer Nathan Rupert (Flickr)

Sports tickets are an amazing retirement gift for men because of the unbelievable feeling that he will get from attending a live sporting event. Your retiree will be thrilled to “feel” the action of a football, hockey, baseball, basketball or soccer match (depending on their sporting event of choice).

You normally can’t go wrong with purchasing football, basketball or hockey tickets in the USA (in case you don’t know which sports your retiree likes). Just make sure to choose decent seats, and purchase at least two tickets for this retirement gift (this is so that your retiree has someone special to bring to the big game with him).

Men’s Retirement Gift #12. Airline credit

Southwest Airlines Credit Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health and Experiences
Image: Amazon

Giving a retiree airline credit is like giving them a free pass to see the world. Men love to travel. Especially men who are entering retirement. Allow your retiree to experience life in a new city or country, and he will appreciate you for an eternity.

You can purchase gift cards for most major airlines like Southwest and American Airlines.

This can be done online in just a few seconds, or at your nearest airport.

Men’s Retirement Gift #11. Gym membership

Gym Membership Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Photographer Snehal Kanodia

While some people might view the gift of a gym membership in a negative light, giving the right retiree a one year gym membership could literally save their life.

The trick to this retirement gift is ensuring that you’re gifting a membership to a high-quality gym. No one wants to exercise in a dirty or questionable gym. So, just find a nice gym in town, and ask if you can purchase a gift membership for someone who is retiring.

Men’s Retirement Gift #10. High-quality backpack or duffle bag

The North Face Backpack Or Duffle Bag Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health And Experiences
Image: Amazon

Most men who are now entering retirement have been waiting decades to explore the world.

Giving your retiree a nice, high-quality backpack or duffle bag from a reputable brand shows that you want him to travel and explore. Remember that every man has an adventurous side…and you just have to help him uncover it.

Men’s Retirement Gift #9. Kindle Fire e-reader or similar tablet

Best Retirement Gifts For Men Kindle Fire HD 8
Image: Amazon

The Kindle Fire HD 8 is an excellent gift for a man who is entering retirement, because of the free time that he will suddenly have for reading, surfing the web, and relaxing.

Tablets are so handy because you can store thousands of e-books, videos and pictures on a single device. He will love the convenience.

Men’s Retirement Gift #8. Knives, guns, bows or other weapons

Guns Knives Bows Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health and Experiences
Image Credit: User M01229 (Flickr)

All men have an animalistic side. They can’t help but be drawn to things that have a dangerous edge such as guns, knives, bows and other kinds of weapons.

But, there’s no need to think that anything “dangerous” will actually come of gifting a responsible retiree a weapon.

This is a gift that any man will certainly appreciate.

Men’s Retirement Gift #7. Two nights’ stay at a hotel

Hotel Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Photographer Kleran Lynam (Flickr)

Purchasing two nights’ stay at a hotel is a top retirement gift for men because of how excited your retiree will feel once they find out that you went “out of your way” to purchase a mini-vacation for them. But, here’s the funny part: It is not difficult to do this at all. Almost all popular American hotel chains offer gift cards that you can purchase and then give to your retiree as a present.

And best of all, your retiree will be able to use this gift to stay at any hotel they choose in the world (among the hotel chain’s network of hotels, of course).

Men’s Retirement Gift #6. Road bike

Denali Road Bike Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health And Experiences

Ah, the road bike.

This is a gift for retirees who have been waiting years to explore the open outdoors.

Gifting your retiree a road bike is something that they’ll actually use and enjoy, because it will help them stay healthy, get fresh air, and see brand new parts of town.

Men’s Retirement Gift #5. Tassel loafers

Cole Haan Loafers Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health And Experiences

High-quality tassel loafers are the most comfortable, stylish and versatile shoes that a retiree can wear.

He will be able to wear tassel loafers to lunch, dinner, or even for a night out on the town. Just make sure that you ask your retiree for his shoe size ahead of time, and make sure that the tassel loafers you purchase run “true to size.”

Men’s Retirement Gift #4. Fly-fishing trip

Fly Fishing Trip Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Photographer Loren Kerns (Flickr)

It’s every man’s dream to take off on a spontaneous fly-fishing adventure. Popular fly-fishing destinations are located throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana, as well as in many other U.S. states. If you purchase a fly-fishing trip package for your retiree, there’s no doubt that he will eagerly book the flight for himself.

Men’s Retirement Gift #3. Golf clubs or Tennis rackets

Best Retirement Gifts For Men Golf Clubs
Image: Amazon

Another obvious top retirement gift for men is a set of awesome golf clubs, or even some tennis rackets.

The point of this gift is that you encourage your retiree to enjoy the outdoor air, especially while playing an extremely healthy sport. Tennis involves more running than golf, but playing golf is an extremely relaxing (and addictive) experience.

If you’re feeling really generous, you can just purchase both gifts for your retiree.

Men’s Retirement Gift #2. Florida vacation

Florida Vacation Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Photographer Olln Gilbert (Flickr)

Going to Florida is a retiree’s dream. There are so many amazing cities in Florida such as Destin, Tampa Bay, Daytona Beach, Miami, and many others with golden-white sand. Your retiree will be able to swim in the ocean, sunbathe, and enjoy a toasty climate in The Sunshine State.

Men’s Retirement Gift #1. Your time

Your Time Best Retirement Gifts For Men Health And Experiences
Image Credit: Photographer Gary Knight (Flickr)

Giving someone your time is the most valuable retirement gift that you can give to a man. And we mean that sincerely. You never know how much time you’ll miss out on spending with someone until it’s too late. So, be sure to make the most of the time that you do have with him. Take him out for a swim, light lunch, or even just a walk in the park. As long as you dedicate some time to your special person who is retiring, he will recognize that you are a giving and wonderful human being. Oh, and he’ll remember you forever, too.

Best Retirement Gifts for Men Conclusion

Overall, I hope that this article has helped you find the ideal retirement gift for the person in your life.

Whether it’s a friend, co-worker, relative or loved one, there’s a lil’ something for everyone on this list.

If you have a good idea for a retirement gift that wasn’t included on this list, make sure to leave a suggestion with your idea in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you!

11 Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks That Actually Work

Lower Back Pain Relief Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Health and Experiences

Last updated: October 19th, 2019 Lower back pain is a frustrating, destructive, and extremely limiting factor on your overall quality of life. So, you need lower back pain relief exercises and tricks that actually work, and you need them fast. That is the reason for today’s article…

This isn’t really a fun topic to discuss by any means. But, it has to be done. Lower back pain has to be discussed because you need to have a happy, healthy, and functional lower back in order to accomplish most of your dreams (not to mention your everyday activities as well).

Luckily, there are some amazing ways for you to find genuine lower back pain relief in a relatively short period of time.

And, these are the 11 best options that I know of for finding real relief in your life…

1. Decompressing your spine

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Hanging Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Redefining Strength

Hanging from a metal bar is the easiest way to decompress your spine, and most gyms carry equipment that you can hang from. The key to decompressing your spine by hanging involves making sure that your feet are totally off of the ground as you hang.

But, you also have to “mentally relax” and visualize your back loosening up as you hang (this is extremely important).

Once you’ve decompressed you spine for the first time in a while, you will experience one of the greatest feelings of relief that you’ve ever felt.

2. Lat pulldowns

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Lat Pulldowns Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Instagram user Sebkentmorris

Lat pulldowns are a type of exercise that you can perform at your local gym with minimal effort. The goal of performing lat pulldowns is simply to strengthen your hard-to-reach lat muscles, which is basically your mid-to-lower back region.

You’ll want to use just enough weight to get a nice stretch throughout your entire back area without overexerting yourself. You’re simply stretching and strengthening your back here, and not trying to become a professional bodybuilder (although that would be kind of fun).

After a few weeks of consistent lat pulldown exercises, you should absolutely feel some amount of lower back pain relief.

3. Budgeting for one massage every week

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Massage Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Conny Nordin (Wikimedia Commons)

Lots of people believe that massages are expensive, and claim that this is the real reason they don’t purchase professional therapeutic services.

However, in some Eastern countries, the Asian people actually consider massages to be a necessary part of life – just like eating and bathing.

This is how important receiving massages can be in some cultures. So, if you’re in search of genuine lower back pain relief, then you must budget for weekly massages – otherwise your quality of life will likely suffer.

4. Upgrading your mattress

Upgrading Mattress Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Yahquinn (Wikimedia Commons)

You’ve heard it time and time again for very good reason. Upgrading your mattress is one of the quickest and easiest fixes that there will ever be for lower back pain relief. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Well, you do have to find a high-quality mattress, so that does involve a little bit of research.

But, if you can sift through the online reviews, and actually try out some mattresses in-person, you just might find that upgrading your mattress is the end-all solution to your lower back pain.

5. Squats

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Squats Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Squats are a timeless exercise that provide almost immediate lower back pain relief. Squats actually strengthen your entire body, but your back will feel especially great after just 15 to 25 repetitions.

You can use a weighted bar to perform squats (by resting the bar on your shoulder blades) or you can perform simple bodyweight squats in your own home.

There’s no excuse for you not to be doing at least 50 bodyweight squats per day.

6. Standing rather than sitting

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Standing not Sitting Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Flickr user Ramsay Beyer

Many people are shocked by the lower back pain relief that can be achieved by simply choosing to stand rather than sit at a desk throughout the day.

While standing up can be made difficult by office jobs that require you to sit at your desk, new technology is enabling people to use height-adjustable desks that have been designed for both sitting and standing.

Sitting really is the new smoking, so stand up for lower back pain relief today.

7. Abundance posture stretches

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Stretching Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Instagram user Beyogiful93

“Abundance posture” is a fancy term for reaching high into the sky, as far as you can reach, and elongating your spine as much as you can.

People of average-height can also practice their abundance posture by lightly grabbing the top of a door frame, and gently thrusting their body back and forth. Practicing your abundance posture 5 to 10 times per day should be enough to give your back a nice and healthy range of motion.

8. Running

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Running Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Kyle Cassidy (Wikimedia Commons)

Running is one of the simplest and healthiest exercises that people of all ages can do. To go on a run, you only need a pair of running shoes, and access to the outdoors – and you’ll be good to go.

Running is effective at achieving lower back pain relief because it strengthens your core which leads to the development of healthy posture habits. You’ll also generally feel a lot better about life when you get into the habit of running, which will serve as another form of lower back pain relief.

9. Chiropractic treatment

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Chiropractic Treatment Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Flickr user Michael Dorausch

Chiropractors are doctors who must undergo rigorous medical school training in order to treat your back. In other words, they know exactly what they’re doing, and are very good at providing most people with nearly-instant lower back pain relief.

Seeing a chiropractor could be one of the best decisions that you make this year, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

10. Practicing mindfulness

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Mindfulness Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Flickr user Intelfreepress

Mindfulness is the act of being present to the moment. When you choose to live in the moment, you become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. Practicing mindfulness is helpful for achieving lower back pain relief because developing a healthy mind can lead to surprising changes in your physical self.

For example, when you begin to practice mindfulness, you’ll become more likely to maintain good posture, perform your daily stretches, decompress your spine, and live well in general. Mindfulness can absolutely be associated with lower back pain relief.

11. Minimally invasive back surgery

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Dr. Kevin Pauza (Wikimedia Commons)

Minimally invasive back surgery is always an option, and we recommend that you work with the best surgeons that you can find if you decide to go down this path. Most people obviously don’t want to resort to having back surgery, but if you have exhausted all of your available options for finding lower back pain relief, then there’s absolutely no shame in resorting to the most drastic resolution at hand. When performed by a world-class surgeon, minimally-invasive back surgery should actually come with very little risk, and the potential for a big reward.

Lower back pain relief exercises, tips and tricks conclusion

Achieving lower back pain relief is an absolute priority in life, and you must take all of your options into consideration.

By implementing ideas from this list of the 11 best options for lower back pain relief, I’m confident that you’ll achieve what most people are searching for in life…

A happier, more exciting, and less painful existence.

5 Hidden Truths Of Going On A Cruise – Cruise Tips and Truths

Last updated: October 19th, 2019 

Some people say that cruises are the “hidden gems” of the travel industry. But, plenty of people also despise cruises.

Either way, it’s important to reveal the facts of the travel industry, so that you can make informed decisions about how you go on vacation. And, ignoring cruise lines as a possibility for your next vacation could be a massive mistake…if you didn’t even know the hidden truths about them.

The reality is that there are 5 key truths of going on a cruise that you need to know about in order to become an “informed vacationer.”

The following five cruise tips and truths might even help you decide on how you book your next vacation…

[via CruiseCritic]

Cruise Truth #5. They’re probably the best “value” option in the entire travel industry

Going on a Cruise Tips and Truths Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Cruise lines like Carnival are known for appealing to vacationers who want to have as much fun as possible without emptying their bank account. Cruises are so appealing to “value” travelers because you can usually guesstimate how much money you’ll have to spend (within a few hundred bucks) to enjoy a full 7-day vacation.

When you compare the financial perks of going on a cruise to its alternatives (like going on a road trip, or flying out of your city) – you’ll probably realize that cruising offers the best kind of “value” travel that’s available.

Cruise Truth #4. You get to choose how much control you have over your vacation

Going on a Cruise Tips and Truths Health and Experiences
Image Credit: YouTube user Robert Neff

Some people like to plan every detail of their trip. Others enjoy knowing that the “schedule” has already been set for them. One of the greatest aspects of cruising is that you get to make this choice for yourself.

You’ll have the opportunity to visit the exact sights, restaurants, and tourist hot spots that you want to see. Or, you might just want to go with the flow, and follow a guided tour that’s already been prepared for you. Every cruise is unique, and you will be able to select one that gives you the exact level of control that you’re looking for.

A nice middle ground that works for most people involves planning a few must-do activities for certain ports of call, but staying open to spontaneous adventures that may come up.

Cruise Truth #3. Cruising connects you with fun people

Going on a Cruise Tips and Truths Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Flickr user Roger Mommaerts

The type of people who want to “escape” on a cruise vacation are the same kind of people who want to create awesome memories that last a lifetime.

Maybe work has been tough lately, and you need to de-stress for a week away from it all. Or, maybe you’re newly-retired, and finally have the time to treat yourself to a healthy and indulgent experience. Whatever your reasons may be for considering going on a cruise, you should know that 99% of cruisers have similar goals in mind.

Most people simply want to have fun, visit new cities, and if we’re being totally honest – make up for lost time. When cruising, you’ll always be able to connect with people who are on a mission to have a great time.

Cruise Truth #2. Different cruise excursions offer something unique for everyone

Going on a Cruise Tips and Truths Health and Experiences
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People are different, and you certainly have unique interests when it comes to planning your vacation. The cruise industry understands this, and has made practically every type of excursion available to the public. You’re really lucky to live during times like these…

Who would’ve thought that in the 21st century, you can book a cruise that takes you to golf courses, rainforests, beaches, cities, historical sights, and various other destinations.

There are very few limits when it comes to finding a cruise that you like.

Cruise Truth #1. They provide you with so many options for entertainment that you’ll never get bored

Going on a Cruise Tips and Truths Health and Experiences
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People who are thinking about going on a cruise for the first time often worry that they’ll be stuck on a giant boat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. But, once these first-time cruisers actually make it on board, their opinions almost always immediately change…

This is because there are simply so many entertainment options available on cruise lines that it’s practically impossible to get bored. The industry has made sure of this. Depending on your particular type of cruise, you could have access to nightclubs, comedy shows, restaurants, fitness classes, spas, salons, pools, hot tubs, lounges, shops, and so much more.

Your options for entertainment on most types of cruises will be nearly limitless.

Five Cruise Tips & Truths Conclusion

Now that you’re aware of the 5 hidden truths of going on a cruise, there isn’t really any reason why you shouldn’t book a cruise to “test the waters” of a new vacation experience.

Going on a cruise is one of the most inexpensive, entertaining, and relaxing ways of enjoying an entire week or even month-long vacation. It’s also an easy way to improve your health (by de-stressing) and gain new life experiences (through traveling) at the same exact time.

So, next time you hear someone making fun of the possibility of going on a cruise…you can just laugh along with them. Because, you’ve just been exposed to the hidden truths behind one of the greatest vacation options in the travel industry. You’re now aware of the facts, while many others are simply uninformed. You might even want to share this article with friends and family to help spread the truth about cruising.