How To Build A Daily Routine For Your Online Brand (Building A Wellness Blog Part Three)

Updated: October 20th, 2019 This is Part Three of my three-part series on Building A Wellness Blog, in which I show you how to build a small wellness brand that earns $1000 a month.

In this article, you’ll learn how to build a daily routine that almost guarantees the future success of your wellness blog.


Welcome to Part Three of my guide on Building A Wellness Blog.

If you haven’t been following this series, then you might want to check out Part One and Part Two before reading this particular piece.

Once you’re all caught up, you’ll be ready to proceed with this particular article, which shows you how to build a winning daily routine for your wellness brand, and practically guarantee your long-term success in the wellness industry.

Here we go…

Let’s make your wellness brand a success

Learning how to build a daily routine for a small internet brand is a lot like creating a system. We create systems in business so that we can achieve consistent results, and figure out which areas need to be tweaked for the greatest results.

Most people need to build a consistent routine in order to see great results with a wellness blog.

Working on your blog occasionally, or whenever you feel like it, is a definite path to failure. This is why you have to rely on some kind of daily routine to succeed at your wellness blog.

So, this article ultimately reveals my personal system for running Health and Experiences, as well as my other wellness brands on the internet.

I urge you to steal my system, and use it to make the daily routine that works best for your lifestyle. My routine works for me, but it isn’t going to work for everyone. So, make sure to do what works best for you.

Build your daily routine the right way

Build A Daily Routine Essentials

Wake up on a high note

You should love waking up. Waking up is like being given another opportunity to fight, play, and build.

Mornings are also when you’ll have your best creative energy. This isn’t always the case, but I’ve spoken with hundreds of entrepreneurs about this, and many are up at 5 a.m. each day to take advantage of the early morning silence.

There’s definitely something special that happens when you get up early in the morning to work on your projects while the rest of the world is asleep.

But, as long as you’re up and ready to go before 9 a.m. every morning, you’ll probably be just fine.

What you accomplish during the day is far more important than the exact time that you wake up.

So as soon as you’re up, you should get ready to work, and prepare to accomplish great things with your day.

Do the ground work

I like to do a few push ups, bodyweight squats, and sit-ups when I first wake up.

This is a great way to get a small head rush early in the morning. It’s energizing.

Breakfast and coffee

Plenty of people don’t like to eat breakfast, and that’s totally OK.

But, you have to fuel your body with high-quality food to focus on your wellness brand.

I happen to love breakfast, so I eat shortly after waking up. For breakfast, I’ll normally scramble some organic eggs, grab a slice of rye bread, a slice of cheese, and eat it all up fast.

For coffee, I recommend using Harlequin Cafe Coffee. This stuff is the bomb. Yes, you can brew it using a normal coffee maker.

Write two blog posts

To create a great blog, you have to put in consistent work. No one else is going to do your work for you, unless you hire them to do so (which is actually an excellent option too).

I aim to write at least two blog posts per day.

Try to make your blog posts at least 1000 words each. Google likes lengthy and valuable content.

Make sure to write about things that people actually want to read.

Your blog isn’t about you. It’s about the people. So give the people what they want. Day in and day out.

Schedule social media posts

Social media can be a huge distraction. Or it can be a powerful asset that you use to grow your brand.

I recommend using a tool to schedule all of your social media posts ahead of time.

I like to spend Sunday night writing out 10+ posts for social media, so that I’m always ready to go when Monday rolls around.

Prepare some emails

People who subscribe to your email newsletter will want to hear from you regularly as long as you send them great emails.

It’s important to bang out a quick email to your subscribers as often as possible. Always write to your audience via email, and treat them as trusted friends.

Take care of your day job if necessary

You need a consistent source of cash flow to keep your blog alive, hence the need for having a day job.

I know it’s tempting to quit your job as soon as you start working on your blog.

But, the truth is that having a day job is an essential part of the blogging process. Unless you’re retired, of course.

Create winning habits

Build A Daily Routine Good Habits Reading

Winning habits are things that you do without really thinking about. It’s really hard to build great habits, but it’s always worth it.

When you find yourself with a little extra time, these are the kinds of things that you should be doing to find success with blogging.


Read whatever you can get your hands on. You have to stay up-to-date on current events, scientific journals, and whatever is happening in the wellness industry. You should even read a little bit (like 10 minutes’ worth) of celebrity gossip (for business purposes only).

By reading the stuff that’s really popular with the masses, you’ll develop a great understanding of what most people like to read on a daily basis.


It’s tempting to skip exercise, but you’ve got to do it. 45 minutes every day is all it takes. Just hit the gym, run the neighborhood, or do whatever you have to do to stay in shape.

Do not skip workouts.

Associate with high-energy, fun-loving or ambitious people

Only associate with people who understand the game of bouncing positive or fun energy off of one another, and the powerful benefits that come with that.

Focus on the process 

You’ll drive yourself nutty if you constantly fantasize about the day that you’ll finally be free to travel the world and live life as a wellness blogger.

The reality is that it takes quite a bit of energy and persistence to achieve real results online. It can take about one year (if not a bit longer) to earn $1000 a month in blogging income.

Most people won’t tell you that.

But, at the end of the day, anyone can build a profitable internet brand if they commit themselves to it for one year. It’s going to be worth it when you have an independent source of monthly online income.

Know that the universe usually gives back what you feed it

Build A Daily Routine Universe Karma

I’ve built many blogs and brands on the internet. So, I’ve found out first-hand that building a brand on the web only works when you give the world genuinely useful information that’s in-demand.

There’s already so much noise online that you’ll get crushed if you try to replicate what another website is doing without adding any real value.

Everyone copies thoughts, ideas and websites. That’s normal.

But, copying a concept and adding your own truth to it is where the real value comes from.

At the end of the day, people can normally sense your true intentions. Most people understand if you’re putting their interests first. Yes, even on the internet.

In my experience, it’s best to just start your wellness brand on a strong foot. Do your best to genuinely help people without any expectations, and you’ll be rewarded in due time.

Keep your audience hooked on your product

Build A Daily Routine Keep Your Audience Hooked


Keeping your audience hooked on your brand is about providing consistent, raw value. This is just what all great businesses do (think Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and Chipotle).

When it comes to blogging, I like to think about what James Altucher says, which is that you shouldn’t even bother writing anything unless you’re going to bleed.

Write about stuff that other people won’t write about. Be a little bit vulnerable. This is what makes writing good.

Note: I’m not a good writer at all. I just share genuine stories and entertainment on the internet. Keeping your writing genuine is the most important bit. But every extra bit of vulnerability that you can add to your writing is just icing on the cake.

Work fast and publish often

When you’re just starting out with your wellness blog, your goal should be to work fast. You can focus on writing world-class blog posts later.

For now, you want to show your audience that you’re going to stick around. Prove to the people (and most importantly, to yourself) that you’re making a commitment to building your blog for the long-term.

Keep your sentences short and crisp

I still have lots of trouble with keeping my sentences short. But, I still try to shorten my writing and make it ‘stupid simple’ to understand whenever I can remember this rule.

The best copywriting happens place at a 5th grade reading level.

Everything about your blog should be super simple to absorb, even when you’re covering high-level subjects.

Stay persistent

Staying persistent is the key to building a successful wellness brand on the internet.

You have to show up and do the work most days of the week.

If you can just stay persistent about giving people genuine value on the internet, you literally can’t fail.

You might have to adjust your strategy a few times, but you’ll eventually generate a solid source of monthly income.

Focus on one source of traffic to begin with

Build A Daily Routine Traffic Source

Your blog’s primary source of traffic is how people will find out about you. It’s best to pick just one source of traffic to start with, and focus on that. In the future, you should absolutely combine traffic sources, but my goal is to make your blogging business super easy to start.

Let’s keep things simple, and choose ONE source of traffic listed below to start with. I recommend starting with SEO (but any of the four traffic sources listed below are excellent).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to build an internet brand from the ground up, then you’ll probably want to find out what people are searching for online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of publishing content that people are already searching for. I leverage a bit of SEO for all of my web business ventures.

SEO is an excellent way to put your wellness blog on the map. It’s a slow process, but it does get you in front of organic readers.

I like running a Google search and looking at the auto-complete data to see what people are searching for.

Because, if you publish content on your blog that people are already searching for on Google, then people are eventually going to discover your wellness blog.

What I’m describing is the most basic form of SEO there is (publishing content that people are searching for). There’s a lot more to SEO than just that. But, this should at least get you going in the right direction.

Social media

Social media is powerful, and blogs can absolutely be built entirely off of a strong social media presence.

I highly recommend signing up for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and possibly Snapchat or Periscope as soon as you can.

You’ll have to find the social network that you enjoy using most, and stick with that platform to build your wellness brand on social media.


People love to read great emails. If you can write really good emails, you can grow a wildly successful wellness brand entirely because of this skill set.

Paid traffic

Paid traffic is the art and (mostly) science of buying advertisements on the internet. Running paid traffic is extremely effective for building audiences. But it doesn’t always attract the kind of people that I personally want for my audience. I prefer growing my wellness brands organically.

But, paid traffic could absolutely work for you.

I will never dismiss a source of traffic, especially because paid traffic works unbelievably well for millions of people.


Build A Daily Routine Perspective

Perspective is everything

Most people will tell you that building a wellness blog is hard.

…Compared to what?

The truth is that building a brand on the internet isn’t hard compared to battling disease, fighting the legal system, or dealing with a traumatic life event.

This stuff is achievable. Anyone can do it. I admit that it takes grit to build a thriving wellness blog. But, blogging isn’t anywhere near being hard. I type on a keyboard for a living and expend a bit of mental energy each day. That’s nothing compared to most of the stuff our ancestors went through.

Make sure to keep things in perspective throughout this process, and remember to think about life’s real difficulties as your building a winning wellness brand.

If you can do that, you’ll come to realize that creating a wellness blog isn’t all that hard. And, if you can commit to building a daily routine while creating your wellness blog, you’ll eventually find yourself with a nice monthly income that enables you to live virtually anywhere in the world, and do almost anything you want.

Trust me when I say that you aren’t going to regret the process of building an awesome wellness brand. It all pays for itself in due time.

P.S. If you’d like to refresh your mind on the basics of launching a $1000 a month wellness blog, then you may want to refer back to Part One of this series, in which I discuss How To Start A Small Wellness Blog That Makes $1000 A Month. You can also refer to Part Two of the series, where I show you How To Launch Your Wellness Blog For The Price Of A Protein Bar.

P.P.S. If you’ve enjoyed my series on Building A Wellness Brand, then I’d love to hear about it. To send me your thoughts, you can contact me now, or just leave a comment below.

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Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

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