Best Plain Whey Protein of 2020 – Tera’s Whey Protein Review

Teras Best Plain Whey Protein Review Featured Image

Last updated: October 20th, 2019 I recently picked up a tub of Tera’s Whey Protein (Unsweetened), and realized that it was the best plain whey protein that I’ve tried.

It tastes clean, pure and light. But, Tera’s Whey is still worthy of a full review, which is why I’m bringing this article to you today…

Teras Best Plain Whey Protein Review Featured Image

Tera’s Whey Protein (Unsweetened) Is The Best Plain Whey Protein I’ve Tried So Far

Until proven otherwise, I’m going to stick with my gut instinct, and say that Tera’s Plain Whey Protein is the best plain protein on the market today.

I was a little skeptical to pick up a tub of the stuff because it’s a little bit pricey.

But, I now understand why so many people are willing to pay the price for Tera’s whey…

It’s simply a premium product.

If you want to fuel your body with good stuff, you usually have to pay the price to do so.

What Are The Benefits Of Tera’s Plain Whey Protein?

Teras Best Plain Whey Protein Review Frothy And Clean
So frothy and clean-tasting
  • Tera’s plain whey is the cleanest, best-tasting whey protein that I’ve tried
  • It blends easily in my Blender Bottle without any protein grittiness or sticky residue
  • You can easily drink Tera’s plain whey on its own, without adding any sweetener, and it still practically tastes like a milkshake
  • I personally like to sweeten my drinks, and I can vouch that Tera’s unsweetened whey tastes great with a single teaspoon of Xlear Xylitol added to it
  • I was thrilled to see that there are only two ingredients in Tera’s unsweetened whey – dairy whey protein concentrate and sunflower lecithin
  • It’s nice to know that Tera’s is sourced from grass fed cows in Wisconsin, so there’s probably no funny business going on with this product (no questionable imported ingredients etc.)

What Are The Downsides Of Tera’s Unsweetened Whey Protein?

Teras Best Plain Whey Protein Review Cons
One of Tera’s greatest cons is that it’s too easy to go through multiple tubs of the stuff
  • Tera’s is more expensive than most unsweetened whey proteins on the market
  • Serving sizes are two scoops, meaning that each tub makes only 12 protein shakes in total (at 22 grams protein per shake)
  • It can be too easy to go through entire tubs of Tera’s in just 1-2 weeks – depending on your diet and protein intake (if you only need one scoop of protein per shake, this tub could last you almost a month)
  • There are other delicious flavors of Tera’s available like Blueberry, Bourbon Vanilla and Dark Chocolate, which can make it difficult to settle for the plain flavor

Tera’s Best Plain Whey Protein Review Conclusion

Teras Best Plain Whey Protein Review Health And Experiences Approved
  • They’ve nailed the epitome of a clean and pure tasting protein that helps you stay lean, muscular and fit
  • It’s marketed as a product for people who are willing to pay a little bit extra for the highest-quality plain whey protein available
  • Tera’s plain whey is delicious with or without sweeteners
  • Tera’s Whey Protein (Unsweetened) is the best unsweetened whey protein on the market today
Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

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