Best Jump Ropes for Beginners – The 5 Jump Ropes You Must Consider in 2020

Last updated: October 21st, 2020 The best jump ropes for beginners are high-quality, budget-friendly, and flexible enough for a few rookie mistakes here and there (you don’t want to hurt yourself while getting good at jumping rope).

And, this article reveals the top 5 jump ropes that you need to consider in 2020 – especially if you’re serious about making your new jump rope a major part of your fitness routine.

Why Some Jump Ropes are Amazing for Beginners

Best Jump Ropes for Beginners Instagram Model Lina Shek
Image: Fashion Model Lina Shek

Jumping rope has been shown to be one of the healthiest exercises imaginable.

In fact, experts believe that 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of running. This just shows you how unbelievably healthy skipping rope can be.

I personally enjoy the benefits of skipping rope even more than the results that I get from doing bodyweight exercises.

Using a beginner-friendly jump rope can help you:

  • Look lean
  • Acquire four or six-pack abs
  • Work up a sweat and help your body detox
  • Improve your cardiovascular system (heart health)

By now, it should be pretty easy to understand why jumping rope can be super important for your overall health and well-being.

So, you have to make sure that you implement a good-quality beginner’s jump rope into your daily exercise routine. It’s too good of an opportunity to pass on.

And, as a beginner, you’re going to want a jump rope that makes the transition into this style of exercise as smooth and simple as possible.

The 5 Best Jump Ropes for Beginners in 2020

Best Jump Ropes for Beginners Pro Crossfitter Alex Parker
Image: Pro Crossfitter Alex Parker

The best jump ropes for beginners are really simple to use.

Because, when you first start using a jump rope, the goal is to make jumping rope an addictive and healthy new habit that you practice a few days out of the week.

This requires using a “forgiving” jump rope that works with you – not against you.

And that’s why the following jump ropes are perfect for beginners, while still providing more experienced athletes with quality materials that will likely last a number of years.

These jump ropes have been hand-selected to provide the best combination of budget-friendliness, quality craftsmanship, and flexibility (e.g. you can make mistakes with these jump ropes – without constantly whipping yourself in the foot or leg).

Enjoy the full list:

Best Jump Rope 1. Survival and Cross Premium Quality Jump Rope

Best Jump Ropes for Beginners Survival and Cross Premium Quality Rope

The Survival and Cross Premium Quality Jump Rope is thought to be the best value jump rope available on the internet. This jump rope is extremely forgiving, budget-friendly and easy to jump with.

And, that’s why this product is ultimately considered one of the very best jump ropes for beginners.

Survival and Cross Jump Rope Benefits:

  • You can easily adjust this jump rope’s length (so, you can be extremely short or tall to use this jump rope)
  • Many people also consider this the best jump rope for performing double unders
  • Comes with sturdy handles and lightweight, premium-quality rope (contains a metal cable at the core of the design)
  • This jump rope is designed for beginners who are interested in speed, fitness and agility

Best Jump Rope 2. Limm Jump Rope

Best Jump Ropes for Beginners Limm Jump Rope

The Limm Jump Rope is another excellent jump rope for beginners that prioritizes smooth and comfortable workouts rather than speed.

If you aren’t interested in skipping rope at a fast rate of speed – then this will probably be the ideal jump rope for you.

Limm Jump Rope Benefits:

  • Totally beginner-friendly jump rope that looks and feels like an ordinary, easy-to-use rope
  • Rope can be easily adjusted from 10 feet in length down to the exact length of rope that you need (perfect for people of all heights)
  • Cost-effective
  • Ergonomic grip adds comfort and anti-sweat technology to your workout (no sweaty handles that are difficult to grip)

Best Jump Rope 3. 321 Strong Aluminum Fitness Jump Rope

Best Jump Ropes for Beginners 321 Strong Aluminum Jump Rope

The 321 Strong Aluminum Fitness Jump Rope is a beautiful skipping rope that comes with an 11 foot adjustable cable, carrying bag, eBook and replacement parts.

It’s an attractive offering for people who are brand new to jumping rope.

You get an entire “kit” with this product offering, which is always a good thing if you like to take your jump rope with you to the gym or park.

321 Strong Aluminum Fitness Jump Rope Benefits:

  • Easily portable (comes with convenient carrying case)
  • Also comes with a replacement cable, spare screws and caps (essentially a second back-up jump rope)
  • Not lightweight – but weighs enough to provide a bit of resistance (excellent for beginners)
  • Easy to adjust

Best Jump Rope 4. DEGOL Skipping Rope


The DEGOL Skipping Rope is one of the nicest-looking jump ropes for beginners on this list. This is an excellent “skipping rope.”

This jump rope is comfortable, high-quality and built for speed (it’s a speed jump rope).

DEGOL Skipping Jump Rope Benefits:

  • Extra comfortable grips
  • Solid cable that doesn’t feel hollow like less expensive models
  • Works for people who are up to 6’10” tall (jump rope length is adjustable)
  • Jump rope length is adjustable
  • Value-priced

Best Jump Rope 5. King Athletic Jump Rope

Best Jump Ropes for Beginners Kings Athletic Jump Rope

The King Athletic Jump Rope is considered the best jump rope for cardio fitness. And, that makes it a great jump rope for beginners, too.

So, if you’re in search of a jump rope that’s durable, ergonomic and no-thrills, then this is probably the ideal jump rope for you.

King Athletic Jump Rope Benefits:

  • Made with leather material that feels somewhat heavy – which is great for people who are new to jumping rope
  • Super basic yet effective athletic jump rope (no bells and whistles)
  • Simple, well-made jump rope that gets the job done


If you decide to use any of the beginner’s jump ropes found on this list, I’m confident that you’ll end up with a strong, fun and flexible new fitness tool that will help you get in the best shape of your life.

All five of the jump ropes listed in this article are high-quality, forgiving and beginner-friendly – so there’s no reason why you can’t get started jumping rope in just a matter of days.

And, remember, once you start to jump rope, you’ll probably begin to feel healthier, less stressed, and all-around happier.

So, go ahead and snag your jump rope, and start to experience what getting unbelievably fit feels like. You’re going to love it.

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

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