Best Butt Acne Treatments That Actually Work in 2020 – 5 Solutions for Buttne

Best Butt Acne Treatments

Updated: October 21st, 2019

Butt acne, buttne or pimples on your buttocks. This is a topic that most people don’t want to confront. Until it happens to you.

Dealing with butt acne is embarrassing, and occasionally even downright painful for the victim. But as it turns out, solving the problem isn’t too difficult. You just have to try these 5 best butt acne treatments that actually work in the year 2020 (and beyond)!

But first, let’s get started by understanding the actual cause of your butt acne.

Best Butt Acne Treatments

Attacking the Root Cause of the Problem (Quick Overview): What Actually Causes Butt Acne?

Before I breakdown the best treatment options for handling butt acne, It’s helpful to know why you’re actually experiencing pimples on your behind.

And, while a dermatologist will be in the best position to diagnose the root cause of your butt acne, these are the most likely reasons why you have butt acne:

Butt Acne Cause: Folliculitis

Folliculitis is the most common cause of butt acne.

Every human being has tiny hairs on their butt (whether you’re a woman or man). These hairs often get irritated, because you probably move around during the day, sit down at work, and work out at least a few times every week.

When your hair follicles become irritated (due to moving your butt around), the roots also become inflamed, which is just your body’s natural response to irritation.

This is ultimately what sparks folliculitis, and makes your butt appear inflamed with pimples.

Butt Acne Cause: Sweat from working out

When your butt sweats, all of that liquid gets trapped in your work out clothes.

There’s obviously a lot of bacteria at the gym as well, which gets on your skin as well.

This liquidy, sweaty and bacteria-infested environment on your skin often contributes to butt acne.

Butt Acne Cause: Tight clothing

Wearing tight clothing like yoga pants can exacerbate problems with butt acne, because tight clothing often contributes to folliculitis.

Butt Acne Cause: Dry skin

The butt is an area that plenty of people forget to moisturize.

Just because you don’t flash your booty around in public doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it some lovin’, too. Try using some dry skin creams to moisturize your butt, and help to prevent butt acne from happening before it starts.

Butt Acne Cause: Ordinary acne

There’s still a chance that you may be experiencing plain, old-fashioned pimples on your butt. This isn’t too common. But, it does happen on occasion. If this is the case, you might want to start eating truly healthy foods, avoid processed ingredients, and drink plenty of water.

The 5 Best Butt Acne Treatments That Actually Attack The Root of Your Problem

Now that you understand why you’re experiencing butt acne, you’re in a much better position to attack the root of your problem.

These 5 products are the best solutions that I know for making your butt look beautiful…

Treatment 1. Hibiclens

Butt Acne Treatments Hibiclens

Hibiclens is an antimicrobial liquid soap that dermatologists often recommend for dealing with irritated pores – which is most likely the root cause of your butt acne.

This is amazing stuff, because it’s extremely effective, but also gentle enough to where it can be used daily. There’s a reason why wrestlers, athletes and medical professionals all use it. It’s really good at killing the nasty bacteria in your pores.

Best of all, Hibiclens is great for using in the shower after your work outs. Just lather your butt in Hibiclens for a minute or so, and then wash it off with shower water. Repeat for a few weeks, and watch as your butt acne most likely disappears.

Treatment 2. Benzoyl Peroxide Medical Acne Wash (by Dr Song)

Butt Acne Treatments Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Body Face Wash by Dr Song

Benzoyl Peroxide Medical Acne Wash (by Dr Song) is an affordable and effective way to quickly combat acne on your butt.

This formula contains a medical grade 10% benzoyl peroxide treatment wash that’s really easy to apply to your behind.

It works by killing bacteria and even cystic acne on your skin. So, it’s best if you apply a full dose of the treatment across your entire behind.

Use this acne wash as often as you can, and there’s a great chance that you’ll get really good results.

Treatment 3. Salicylic Acid Gel Peel (20%)

Butt Acne Treatments Salicylic Acid Gel Peel 20 Percent

Salicylic Acid Gel (20%) is a solution that allows you to peel away the upper layers of skin on your butt, and reveal fresh skin.

Some people prefer to use this salicylic acid gel if benzoyl peroxide (as shown a little bit above) is too strong for their skin.

So, try leaving this gel on your butt for about 60 seconds, wash it off, and then see how your skin responds. If your skin responds well, you can leave it on your behind for approximately 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse and repeat. Problem solved.

Overall, salicylic acid gel is extremely effective for treating acne regardless of where it’s located on your body. This is a treatment option that definitely shouldn’t be ignored.

Treatment 4. Vitamin C Serum (with Hyaluronic Acid)

Butt Acne Treatments Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid is an excellent natural acne remedy for turning over new skin on your butt.

People usually use vitamin C serum because it can help you eliminate scarring, hyperpigmentations and dark spots.

But, this particular treatment contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and a few other ingredients. So, it’s excellent for reducing any acne scars or marks that you may have as a result of spots on your butt.

Pro tip: Ignore the dropper tool that comes with this acid, and simply dab some of this on a cotton pad. You can then wipe your butt cheeks with the cotton pad, and you’ll be able to apply this formula much more easily.

Treatment 5. Stridex Maximum (“Stridex in the Red Box”)

Butt Acne Treatments Stridex in the Red Box Maximum Strength

Stridex Maximum is usually referred to as “Stridex in the Red Box”. It’s the type of Stridex that most people want, because it actually works extremely well.

Each pad of Stridex Maximum contains a 2% salicylic acid solution. So, this is a nice “light” option if you don’t want to go with a full salicylic acid gel peel (30% formula) as recommended earlier in this article.

Plus, I love the convenience of having a container of pads that are pre-mixed with salicylic acid. This is a really convenient and affordable option for treating butt acne.

Best Treatment for Pimples on Your Butt Conclusion

I know this article might seem like an awkward, or even hilarious thing to talk about.

But, it’s actually a pretty painful problem that plenty of people go through.

There’s nothing to feel ashamed about!

The best thing you can do is just take care of your butt acne problem before it gets any worse.

And, with the 5 treatments for butt acne in this article, I’m confident that you’ll be able to take care of your acne problems really fast and easily. In fact, I bet that your butt is going to look amazing in no time.

I know that mine looks great. Sorry. Can’t provide pictures with proof on this website (maybe some other time)…

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