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Ascorbic Acid for Canning, Food, And Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Last updated: October 20th, 2019 Regardless of why you need it, using ascorbic acid for canning, preserving food or simply living a healthy lifestyle is an excellent idea.

Funny enough, I first bought a big bag of ascorbic acid powder to clean my swimming pool. It worked wonders for my pool. But then, I realized that my bag of ascorbic acid was also considered USP pharmaceutical grade – which is better than food-grade quality…

So, at the time, I didn’t even realize that ascorbic acid can be used for canning and everyday normal consumption!

But, I’m glad that I eventually recognized the benefits of keeping ascorbic acid powder around the house.

This article is meant to share what I’ve learned about the benefits and many uses of ascorbic acid for canning, preserving food, restoring your swimming pool, and living a healthy lifestyle.

What Is Ascorbic Acid Powder?


Pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C) powder is a naturally occurring antioxidant that is part of the vitamin C complex.

Using ascorbic acid powder is a great way to preserve food, prevent yourself from getting sick, and live an all-around healthier lifestyle.

As you can probably tell, ascorbic acid has many great uses, and is an excellent item to keep around your home.

Ascorbic Acid for Canning

Ascorbic Acid for Canning, Food, And Living a Healthy Lifestyle Pantry
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Many people purchase ascorbic acid for canning because it prevents the browning of food.

Since oxygen makes food spoil faster, and ascorbic acid is an antioxidant, it only makes sense that ascorbic acid helps to prevent the oxidation of food.

To put it simply, the ascorbic acid used in canning keeps your food fresh for a long time.

Ascorbic Acid for Food

Ascorbic Acid for Canning, Food, And Living a Healthy Lifestyle Bag

Because ascorbic acid works as an antioxidant to fight the oxidation of food, it’s also useful for sprinkling on sliced fruit and other foods that you need to keep fresh in the fridge.

This is the reason why you commonly see ascorbic acid listed as a food ingredient on nutrition labels.

It’s essentially a natural food preservative.

Ascorbic Acid for Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Ascorbic Acid for Canning, Food, And Living a Healthy Lifestyle Fruit Bowl

Taking a small amount of pure ascorbic acid powder (such as a half teaspoon) can provide you with an abundance of vitamin C content.

This is why using ascorbic acid powder can be so effective for living a healthier lifestyle.

By using ascorbic acid, you can…

  • Help your body form collagen
  • Keep your bones and teeth strong
  • Heal wounds
  • Boost your immune system

As you can tell, using just a little bit of ascorbic acid powder can significantly boost your quality of life.

Pure ascorbic acid generally provides you with 2250 mg of vitamin C per half teaspoon – which is the suggested daily dose that most people should take.

Ascorbic Acid for Removing Swimming Pool Stains

Ascorbic Acid for Canning, Food, Living a Healthy Lifestyle, and Swimming Pool Stains

One of the most surprising and effective ways to use ascorbic acid powder is for removing certain types of stains from your swimming pool.

I’ve used ascorbic acid powder to clean rust stains off of my swimming pool, and it worked wonders for that.

You may also be able to use ascorbic acid to remove other kinds of metal stains around your home.

Is Ascorbic Acid Powder Safe?

Ascorbic Acid for Canning, Food, And Living a Healthy Lifestyle Half a Teaspoon Dose

Ascorbic acid is considered safe to use in normal quantities.

Although, some studies have shown that taking too much ascorbic acid can lead to developing kidney stones.

But other than that, there have been no known complications from the normal consumption of ascorbic acid.

With normal consumption, you should be 100% fine using ascorbic acid for whatever you may need.

The Best Ascorbic Acid Powder Available

Ascorbic Acid for Canning 5 Pound Bag

I recommend using PC NetwoRX Ascorbic Acid Powder because it’s USP pharmaceutical grade powder (better than food grade) that isn’t made from GMO corn.

In other words, this is the best-quality ascorbic acid that I’ve found, and personally use to this day.

I take a little less than half a teaspoon of this ascorbic acid powder to cover my entire day’s worth of vitamin C content.

It’s one of the best products for canning goods, preserving food, cleaning your swimming pool – and living an all-around healthy lifestyle.

Ascorbic acid powder is an extremely useful supplement and tool for many of your everyday needs. I highly recommend it.

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

Kasey Taylor (Health and Experiences)

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