Kasey Taylor

My name is Kasey Taylor and I started Health and Experiences with the goal of helping people find practical solutions to every day home and health issues. It always makes me feel good when people are able to use our guides and solve something or find an item we reviewed which makes their life easier or better. 
I am an avid online shopper. Amazon Prime all day! If I write a guide or product review you can know that I have tried multiple different competing items before I picked the one I think is best. 

Stefon Meyers, Editor

I’m Stefon Meyers. I started as a writer on the Health and Experiences team and now work as the Editor, basically making me the head honcho of all content on our website. I love doing reviews and guides and at the end of the day, it’s all about helping people out. 
Personally, I am a movie buff. You won’t find a bigger Bill Hader (and Kristen Wiig <3) fan in the universe. I hope you love our website and it makes your life easier at some level. 

About Health and Experiences

Health and Experiences gives you access to real anti-aging, health, and beauty advice that genuinely improves your life.

If you’re like most health-oriented women, then you want to enjoy an awesome lifestyle that’s filled with fun and happiness.

And, that’s exactly what Health and Experiences delivers.

By reading Health and Experiences, you will take part in the following…

* Receive top skincare, beauty, and women’s lifestyle product recommendations (that you won’t get anywhere else)

* Get insights into the skincare products to avoid, and the essential skincare products that make you look great

* Learn health-based tips and tricks that genuinely contribute to your quality of life

* Understand what it takes to live really well

How to get the most out of Health and Experiences

Ready to get started?

You can begin by reading my Skin category which is absolutely filled with articles that will help you achieve a clear and beautiful complexion.

I also blog about Wellness and Lifestyle as well.

With over 100+ fresh blog articles on Health and Experiences…there’s enough blog content on here to keep you entertained for many hours.

Other ways to connect with Health and Experiences

You can always visit my Contact page if you’d like to get in touch with me.

Alternatively, my main email address is newhealthexperiences@gmail.com – that’s where you can reach me 24/7.

I make sure to respond to all reader questions and feedback.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me here 🙂 Enjoy your stay!

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