The 7 Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends – Cool Gifts for Guys in 2020

Last updated: October 20th, 2019

Gift ideas for boyfriends are kinda’ challenging to come by. You have to find a fun gift for the man in your life. And, while your boyfriend probably isn’t expecting you to splurge on him, he’s most likely expecting something cool, useful and maybe even exciting, right?

To help you out, I’ve listed 7 of the best timeless gift ideas for boyfriends that will make your man pretty pumped up to be with you.

Here are the gift ideas that your boyfriend will love in 2020 and beyond…

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #7. Ultimate Ears Boom 2 (Waterproof and Shockproof Speaker)

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends BOOM 2 Waterproof Speaker

The Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 is an amazing speaker that will let your boyfriend listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks anywhere, anyplace.

Yes, this thing is totally waterproof, and is easily portable, so that it can be brought anywhere (like your shower, swimming pool, bathtub etc.).

It’s also wireless, so it connects to iPhone or Android smartphones via Bluetooth technology.

Get this thing for your boyfriend, and he might just love you forever.

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #6. Memory foam bean bag chair for chillaxing (Chill Bag)

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Chill Bags Comfortable Memory Foam Chair

Boyfriends don’t put much thought or effort into buying life-changing items like the Chill Sack.

So, you can be sure that he’ll actually use this amazingly comfortable gift that you give him.

Next time you decide to watch a movie together, just wait, and rest assured that he’ll want you to join him on the really comfortable memory foam bean bag chair that you bought for him.

Then you’ll both feel nice and cozy together.


Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #5. Awesome clothing

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Ralph Lauren Clothing

You know your boyfriend’s shirt size, don’t you?

Well then, getting him some clothing from a cool, comfortable retail brand will make his entire week.

I’m a fan of Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirts because they’re clean, timeless and comfortable.

If your boyfriend has more of an athletic style, then you should go with some Nike Men’s Legend Tees.

Oh, your boyfriend’s kind of a hipster, you say? American Apparel it is.

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #4. Give him live access to his ‘thing’

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Health and Experiences Buy Sports Tickets

Every guy has a thing.

Whether that’s football, boxing, hockey, or maybe even motorcycle riding, there is some kind of hobby that almost every guy is super passionate about.

For example, if your boyfriend is really into football, then you should consider buying him sports tickets to attend his favorite team’s next home game.

Or, if he’s into rock music, then you should consider booking VIP tickets for an upcoming concert. Giving him access to his ‘thing’ is a great way to make his birthday a great one…while you get to join in on the fun, too.

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #3. Pressure cooker

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Who ever said that guys don’t like to cook? Between slow cooking in crock pots, grilling out on the patio, and stir frying late-night goodies, odds are strong that your boyfriend loves cooking up some delicious food.

But, you have to forget about buying him another ‘kiss the cook’ apron.

Just go straight for elite kitchen gear that helps your boyfriend cook delicious food.

Consider buying your boyfriend a crock pot, indoor grill, or for the ultimate kitchen tool – an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #2. Navy SEALs Tactical Bowie Knife

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Navy SEALs Tactical Knife

The Navy SEALs Tactical Bowie Knife is an awesome 9″ blade that’s perfect for hunters, fishermen, survivalists or boyfriends who just like to live life a little bit dangerously.

I mean, most boyfriends like to be a little bit dangerous, as you probably already know.

So, getting your boyfriend this tactical hunting knife is a present that will immediately excite his primal side.

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends #1. Cocktail Shaker Set

Best Gift Ideas For Boyfriends Cocktail Shaker Set

The SILVERgrade Cocktail Shaker Set is an ideal gift for the boyfriend who likes to mix up a drink or two.

Whether your man is a weekend party animal, or a nightly-martini-drinker – forcing him to shake up his own cocktails will turn him into a bartending pro.

I also love that this cocktail shaker set comes with an e-book of drink recipes, too. So, your boyfriend will have everything that he needs to make some amazing drinks (for both you and him).

Who ever said that getting your boyfriend a gift can’t make you happy, too?

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