5 Hidden Truths Of Going On A Cruise – Cruise Tips and Truths

Last updated: October 19th, 2019 

Some people say that cruises are the “hidden gems” of the travel industry. But, plenty of people also despise cruises.

Either way, it’s important to reveal the facts of the travel industry, so that you can make informed decisions about how you go on vacation. And, ignoring cruise lines as a possibility for your next vacation could be a massive mistake…if you didn’t even know the hidden truths about them.

The reality is that there are 5 key truths of going on a cruise that you need to know about in order to become an “informed vacationer.”

The following five cruise tips and truths might even help you decide on how you book your next vacation…

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Cruise Truth #5. They’re probably the best “value” option in the entire travel industry

Going on a Cruise Tips and Truths Health and Experiences
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Cruise lines like Carnival are known for appealing to vacationers who want to have as much fun as possible without emptying their bank account. Cruises are so appealing to “value” travelers because you can usually guesstimate how much money you’ll have to spend (within a few hundred bucks) to enjoy a full 7-day vacation.

When you compare the financial perks of going on a cruise to its alternatives (like going on a road trip, or flying out of your city) – you’ll probably realize that cruising offers the best kind of “value” travel that’s available.

Cruise Truth #4. You get to choose how much control you have over your vacation

Going on a Cruise Tips and Truths Health and Experiences
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Some people like to plan every detail of their trip. Others enjoy knowing that the “schedule” has already been set for them. One of the greatest aspects of cruising is that you get to make this choice for yourself.

You’ll have the opportunity to visit the exact sights, restaurants, and tourist hot spots that you want to see. Or, you might just want to go with the flow, and follow a guided tour that’s already been prepared for you. Every cruise is unique, and you will be able to select one that gives you the exact level of control that you’re looking for.

A nice middle ground that works for most people involves planning a few must-do activities for certain ports of call, but staying open to spontaneous adventures that may come up.

Cruise Truth #3. Cruising connects you with fun people

Going on a Cruise Tips and Truths Health and Experiences
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The type of people who want to “escape” on a cruise vacation are the same kind of people who want to create awesome memories that last a lifetime.

Maybe work has been tough lately, and you need to de-stress for a week away from it all. Or, maybe you’re newly-retired, and finally have the time to treat yourself to a healthy and indulgent experience. Whatever your reasons may be for considering going on a cruise, you should know that 99% of cruisers have similar goals in mind.

Most people simply want to have fun, visit new cities, and if we’re being totally honest – make up for lost time. When cruising, you’ll always be able to connect with people who are on a mission to have a great time.

Cruise Truth #2. Different cruise excursions offer something unique for everyone

Going on a Cruise Tips and Truths Health and Experiences
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People are different, and you certainly have unique interests when it comes to planning your vacation. The cruise industry understands this, and has made practically every type of excursion available to the public. You’re really lucky to live during times like these…

Who would’ve thought that in the 21st century, you can book a cruise that takes you to golf courses, rainforests, beaches, cities, historical sights, and various other destinations.

There are very few limits when it comes to finding a cruise that you like.

Cruise Truth #1. They provide you with so many options for entertainment that you’ll never get bored

Going on a Cruise Tips and Truths Health and Experiences
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People who are thinking about going on a cruise for the first time often worry that they’ll be stuck on a giant boat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. But, once these first-time cruisers actually make it on board, their opinions almost always immediately change…

This is because there are simply so many entertainment options available on cruise lines that it’s practically impossible to get bored. The industry has made sure of this. Depending on your particular type of cruise, you could have access to nightclubs, comedy shows, restaurants, fitness classes, spas, salons, pools, hot tubs, lounges, shops, and so much more.

Your options for entertainment on most types of cruises will be nearly limitless.

Five Cruise Tips & Truths Conclusion

Now that you’re aware of the 5 hidden truths of going on a cruise, there isn’t really any reason why you shouldn’t book a cruise to “test the waters” of a new vacation experience.

Going on a cruise is one of the most inexpensive, entertaining, and relaxing ways of enjoying an entire week or even month-long vacation. It’s also an easy way to improve your health (by de-stressing) and gain new life experiences (through traveling) at the same exact time.

So, next time you hear someone making fun of the possibility of going on a cruise…you can just laugh along with them. Because, you’ve just been exposed to the hidden truths behind one of the greatest vacation options in the travel industry. You’re now aware of the facts, while many others are simply uninformed. You might even want to share this article with friends and family to help spread the truth about cruising.

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