The 11 Hardcore “Tactics” For Achieving Natural Allergy Relief in 2020

Natural Allergy Relief Flushing Your Sinuses Health and Experiences

Last updated: November 18th, 2019 Achieving natural allergy relief can be a seriously tough task…especially when your local pharmacy is constantly trying to seduce you with over-the-counter antihistamines, eye drops, and nasal decongestants.

There’s probably no real harm in using these kinds of artificial products on occasion. But, using them regularly absolutely has the potential to bring about long-term health issues.

To get allergy relief in a way that won’t harm your mind and body, you have to get familiar with the following 11 hardcore tactics for achieving natural allergy relief in 2020.

This is my complete list of holistic allergy-fighting tactics that will help you get real relief…

Natural Allergy Relief Tactic #11. The Magic “Honey ACV” Blend

Natural Allergy Relief Honey Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Ujamaabox/Giannayoga (Instagram)

Raw honey and apple cider vinegar are considered to be two of nature’s most potent “allergy destroyers.” So, why not blend the two ingredients together and receive a double dose of natural allergy relief?

The real trick to making this powerful concoction “work” involves making sure that you’re using raw local honey and raw apple cider vinegar with the mother.

It’s an important distinction, because raw local honey contains pollen from your local environment, which can provide you with a form of allergy immunotherapy (kind of like taking allergy shots).

And, drinking apple cider vinegar with the mother means that you’ll also get all of the beneficial enzymes that help you stop OD’ing on histamines.

Natural Allergy Relief Tactic #10. Using Essential Oils

Natural Allergy Relief Essential Oils Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Ltineranttrader (Wikimedia Commons)

Using essential oils like lemon, lavender, and peppermint can almost immediately eliminate your allergy symptoms 100% naturally.

You should mix these essential oils together in a dark bottle (using equal parts) and pour a few drops on your wrists, neck, and behind your ears.

Some people get instant allergy relief using this method…and the best part is that it’s totally safe and effective. Some people even like to use this formula in an essential oil diffuser for allergy aromatherapy while they sleep. You’ve got to try this awesome natural allergy relief tactic out to really believe it.

Natural Allergy Relief Tactic #9. Limiting your dairy intake

Natural Allergy Relief Dairy Products Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Smial/Stefan Kuhn (Wikimedia Commons)

Most people don’t even think about how much dairy they’re taking in each day.

Between milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, butter, and various other delicious foods…odds suggest that you’re getting way too much dairy in you diet.

And, because dairy products have a tendency to thicken the mucus in the back of your throat…limiting your intake of dairy right away could provide you with the quick & natural allergy relief that you crave.

Natural Allergy Relief Tactic #8. Weight loss

Natural Allergy Relief Weight Loss Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Alan Cleaver (Flickr)

“Weight loss” is a natural allergy relief tactic that will definitely surprise some people.

But, losing weight can truly help some allergy sufferers because you will breathe and sleep so much better when your body isn’t burdened by carrying excess weight.

Try cutting down to about 12-15% body fat, and see if you notice a difference in how you feel.

This natural allergy relief tactic doesn’t work for all allergy sufferers. But, it can generally make anyone feel much better one way or another…especially since losing weight will significantly improve your respiratory health and possibly help you stop snoring.

Natural Allergy Relief Tactic#7. Eating spicy foods

Natural Allergy Relief Spicy Foods Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Jon Sullivan/Takeaway (Wikimedia Commons)

Eating spicy foods like homemade Cajun gumbo or cayenne pepper chicken is probably the quickest way to achieve temporary natural allergy relief.

Spicy foods have an immediate effect on clearing your nasal passages.

While this quick fix won’t prevent your allergies from returning, it’s still an amazing trick for getting natural allergy relief in seconds.

Natural Allergy Relief Tactic #6. Air purification

Natural Allergy Relief HEPA Air Purifier Health and Experiences

Using a high-quality HEPA filter air purifier in your home or office is one of simplest ways to breathe clean and mostly allergen-free air.

This method will allow you to prevent indoor allergens like dust, pet dander, and molds from entering your respiratory system. Overall, it’s an easy form of natural allergy relief that you shouldn’t ignore.

Natural Allergy Relief Tactic #5. Flushing your sinuses (Neti pot)

Natural Allergy Relief Flushing Your Sinuses Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Aikhan/CFCF (Wikimedia Commons)

The Neti pot has been around since the times of ancient India.

But, most recently, the modern-day Neti pot has made its way into the American media spotlight.

The Neti pot offers the simplest, safest, and most effective form of nasal irrigation that exists. The device looks like a mini tea pot, and is simply used to flush out your sinuses. Yeah, you actually pour water into one of your nostrils using the Neti pot, and then watch as the water flushes out of your other nostril.

Just make sure to use warm distilled water and Himalayan sea salt (or table salt) to create a safe saline solution for your Neti pot. This will ensure that you soothe your sinuses rather than burn them.

Natural Allergy Relief Tactic #4. Bathing at night

Natural Allergy Relief Bathing At Night Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Sam.k.88/Guuweei (Instagram)

Taking a hot bath or shower at night is the 4th best natural allergy relief tactic on this list because it’s one of the most important habits that an allergy sufferer can have.

Bathing in warm, steamy water will open up your nasal passages, refresh your itchy eyes, and help to keep your bed nice and clean.

When you bathe at night, you’ll generally sleep better as well, which means that your immune system will be “fully charged” once morning arrives. See how important bathing at night can be? It’s a powerful habit that you need to develop right away.

Natural Allergy Relief Tactic #3. Cutting out alcohol

Natural Allergy Relief Alcohol Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Juan Fernandez (Flickr)

There’s nothing wrong with having the occasional drink or few.

But, regularly drinking alcohol actually worsens the symptoms that most allergy sufferers face. Since most alcoholic beverages contain high levels of histamines and sugars, allergy sufferers are generally doing themselves a disservice by drinking any alcohol at all.

When you cut alcohol out of your diet, you’ll most likely breathe better, sleep better, and feel better all-around.

I promise that I’m not trying to be a party pooper here. I just want you to feel really good. You’ll probably have even more fun when you aren’t out sniffling and sneezing anyway.

Natural Allergy Relief Tactic #2. Maximizing Your Gut Health

Natural Allergy Relief Maximizing Your Gut Health Health and Experiences
Image Credit: National Cancer Institute/Wikimedia Commons

Maximizing your gut health might sound like a new-age “woo woo” form of allergy relief. But, you shouldn’t ignore this natural allergy relief tactic at all.

Many people have actually sworn by this method – since adding healthy bacteria to your diet in the form of probiotics or even something like Bulgarian yogurt has the potential to eliminate sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, and practically all of your other allergy symptoms in just a few short weeks.

The connection between your gut health and allergies (and your overall well-being) has become much clearer in recent years, so restoring your gut health is a massive priority.

Natural Allergy Relief Tactic #1. Moving to a coastal city

Natural Allergy Relief Moving To A Coastal City Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Worldpins (Instagram)

Ah yes, the greatest strategy for natural allergy relief is also the most expensive to achieve. Go figure!

However, if you can afford to live anywhere near the vicinity of an ocean, you will be blessed by strong winds that help to keep allergens far away.

Some of the best cities for living with allergies include places like San Diego, California and Daytona Beach, Florida. If you’re right on the coast, odds are strong that you’ll be far better off than the allergy sufferers who are trapped inland (which is actually most of us).

But, simply knowing that natural allergy relief can be found near the beach is the best motivation in the world for moving to a coastal city as soon as possible.

Bonus Tip for Achieving Natural Allergy Relief (2020 Update): Using Propolis

Natural Allergy Relief Propolis
This is what bee propolis looks like

I’m updating this article in 2020 to write about how well using YS Eco Bee Farms Propolis has worked for treating my allergies 100% naturally.

I’ve actually written a full-length review of YS Eco Bee Farms Propolis – so you can read that post if you’d like to get the full scoop on how this magical little substance works.

But, if you’d like to hear the shorter version of the story, just keep in mind that taking Propolis is essentially eating the resin that bees produce to line their hives with. It’s loaded with good stuff that can practically eliminate your allergies if you’re lucky.

At the very least, propolis will seriously boost your immune system and keep you feeling extremely healthy. I love it. And, I’ll probably continue to rave about using propolis for years to come. I hope you choose to take advantage of it, too.

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