11 Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks That Actually Work

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Last updated: October 19th, 2019 Lower back pain is a frustrating, destructive, and extremely limiting factor on your overall quality of life. So, you need lower back pain relief exercises and tricks that actually work, and you need them fast. That is the reason for today’s article…

This isn’t really a fun topic to discuss by any means. But, it has to be done. Lower back pain has to be discussed because you need to have a happy, healthy, and functional lower back in order to accomplish most of your dreams (not to mention your everyday activities as well).

Luckily, there are some amazing ways for you to find genuine lower back pain relief in a relatively short period of time.

And, these are the 11 best options that I know of for finding real relief in your life…

1. Decompressing your spine

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Hanging Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Redefining Strength

Hanging from a metal bar is the easiest way to decompress your spine, and most gyms carry equipment that you can hang from. The key to decompressing your spine by hanging involves making sure that your feet are totally off of the ground as you hang.

But, you also have to “mentally relax” and visualize your back loosening up as you hang (this is extremely important).

Once you’ve decompressed you spine for the first time in a while, you will experience one of the greatest feelings of relief that you’ve ever felt.

2. Lat pulldowns

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Lat Pulldowns Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Instagram user Sebkentmorris

Lat pulldowns are a type of exercise that you can perform at your local gym with minimal effort. The goal of performing lat pulldowns is simply to strengthen your hard-to-reach lat muscles, which is basically your mid-to-lower back region.

You’ll want to use just enough weight to get a nice stretch throughout your entire back area without overexerting yourself. You’re simply stretching and strengthening your back here, and not trying to become a professional bodybuilder (although that would be kind of fun).

After a few weeks of consistent lat pulldown exercises, you should absolutely feel some amount of lower back pain relief.

3. Budgeting for one massage every week

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Massage Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Conny Nordin (Wikimedia Commons)

Lots of people believe that massages are expensive, and claim that this is the real reason they don’t purchase professional therapeutic services.

However, in some Eastern countries, the Asian people actually consider massages to be a necessary part of life – just like eating and bathing.

This is how important receiving massages can be in some cultures. So, if you’re in search of genuine lower back pain relief, then you must budget for weekly massages – otherwise your quality of life will likely suffer.

4. Upgrading your mattress

Upgrading Mattress Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Yahquinn (Wikimedia Commons)

You’ve heard it time and time again for very good reason. Upgrading your mattress is one of the quickest and easiest fixes that there will ever be for lower back pain relief. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Well, you do have to find a high-quality mattress, so that does involve a little bit of research.

But, if you can sift through the online reviews, and actually try out some mattresses in-person, you just might find that upgrading your mattress is the end-all solution to your lower back pain.

5. Squats

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Squats Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Squats are a timeless exercise that provide almost immediate lower back pain relief. Squats actually strengthen your entire body, but your back will feel especially great after just 15 to 25 repetitions.

You can use a weighted bar to perform squats (by resting the bar on your shoulder blades) or you can perform simple bodyweight squats in your own home.

There’s no excuse for you not to be doing at least 50 bodyweight squats per day.

6. Standing rather than sitting

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Standing not Sitting Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Flickr user Ramsay Beyer

Many people are shocked by the lower back pain relief that can be achieved by simply choosing to stand rather than sit at a desk throughout the day.

While standing up can be made difficult by office jobs that require you to sit at your desk, new technology is enabling people to use height-adjustable desks that have been designed for both sitting and standing.

Sitting really is the new smoking, so stand up for lower back pain relief today.

7. Abundance posture stretches

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Stretching Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Instagram user Beyogiful93

“Abundance posture” is a fancy term for reaching high into the sky, as far as you can reach, and elongating your spine as much as you can.

People of average-height can also practice their abundance posture by lightly grabbing the top of a door frame, and gently thrusting their body back and forth. Practicing your abundance posture 5 to 10 times per day should be enough to give your back a nice and healthy range of motion.

8. Running

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Running Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Kyle Cassidy (Wikimedia Commons)

Running is one of the simplest and healthiest exercises that people of all ages can do. To go on a run, you only need a pair of running shoes, and access to the outdoors – and you’ll be good to go.

Running is effective at achieving lower back pain relief because it strengthens your core which leads to the development of healthy posture habits. You’ll also generally feel a lot better about life when you get into the habit of running, which will serve as another form of lower back pain relief.

9. Chiropractic treatment

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Chiropractic Treatment Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Flickr user Michael Dorausch

Chiropractors are doctors who must undergo rigorous medical school training in order to treat your back. In other words, they know exactly what they’re doing, and are very good at providing most people with nearly-instant lower back pain relief.

Seeing a chiropractor could be one of the best decisions that you make this year, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

10. Practicing mindfulness

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Mindfulness Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Flickr user Intelfreepress

Mindfulness is the act of being present to the moment. When you choose to live in the moment, you become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. Practicing mindfulness is helpful for achieving lower back pain relief because developing a healthy mind can lead to surprising changes in your physical self.

For example, when you begin to practice mindfulness, you’ll become more likely to maintain good posture, perform your daily stretches, decompress your spine, and live well in general. Mindfulness can absolutely be associated with lower back pain relief.

11. Minimally invasive back surgery

Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises and Tricks Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Health and Experiences
Image Credit: Dr. Kevin Pauza (Wikimedia Commons)

Minimally invasive back surgery is always an option, and we recommend that you work with the best surgeons that you can find if you decide to go down this path. Most people obviously don’t want to resort to having back surgery, but if you have exhausted all of your available options for finding lower back pain relief, then there’s absolutely no shame in resorting to the most drastic resolution at hand. When performed by a world-class surgeon, minimally-invasive back surgery should actually come with very little risk, and the potential for a big reward.

Lower back pain relief exercises, tips and tricks conclusion

Achieving lower back pain relief is an absolute priority in life, and you must take all of your options into consideration.

By implementing ideas from this list of the 11 best options for lower back pain relief, I’m confident that you’ll achieve what most people are searching for in life…

A happier, more exciting, and less painful existence.

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