The 10 Best Natural ADHD Treatments That Actually Work in 2020

Last updated: October 19th 2019 ADHD is a frustrating condition that can make you or your child experience life in a serious haze. That’s why you need natural ADHD treatments that actually work in 2020 (full list of natural treatments for ADHD are listed below)…

Why you need to treat your ADHD as soon as possible

Anyone who has dealt with ADHD knows that it’s difficult being stereotyped as “lazy” or “slow” when you’re constantly fighting a genuine medical problem.

This is a form of ignorance and discrimination that needs to be acknowledged.

In the meantime, because there isn’t a cure for ADHD, the best that you do is treat the condition.

Luckily, ADHD is extremely treatable, and it’s absolutely possible for you (or your child) to live an amazing and fulfilling life with ADHD.

How to make the most of prescription and natural ADHD treatments

Using medication is one option for treating ADHD. And, contrary to popular belief, there usually isn’t a problem with going this route if it’s what works best for your situation (think low prescription doses, a healthy diet, and working with a doctor you trust).

There’s zero judgment here.

However, there is also the holistic path to treating ADHD, which some people find to be much more reassuring than taking prescription ADHD medication.

How natural ADHD treatments can change your life

Today, I’m listing the 10 best natural ADHD treatments that actually work, so that you’re aware of all of your options when it comes to treating ADHD.

Information is power, and I’m confident that your life will improve significantly when you learn about the best treatment options that are available to you.

So, here’s the complete list of 10 best natural ADHD treatment options that will help you live a stronger, happier and more fulfilling life with ADHD…

Natural ADHD Treatment #10. Replacing processed sugars with natural sweeteners

Natural ADHD Treatments Xylitol

This little “sugar hack” will greatly improve your mental clarity and focus. And you NEED to know about this, because eating sugar harms your ability to concentrate much more than you were originally led to believe…

For example, your ancestors most likely ate just 20 teaspoons of sugar per year (according to Dr. Mark Hyman). This means that human DNA was never intended to mesh with the mass amounts of sugar that most people regularly take in.

So, one easy trick to greatly cut back on your sugar intake involves replacing sugar with something like Xylosweet Xylitol (full product review article). Easy enough, right?

Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute that tastes almost as good as sugar. Plus, using xylitol instead of sugar allows people with ADHD to concentrate much better, and live a more stable lifestyle.

Natural ADHD Treatment #9. Yerba mate

Natural ADHD Treatments Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a special kind of tea leaf that comes from South America’s rainforest. It’s wildly powerful stuff that can easily change your life.

Yerba mate will give you a kick that’s as strong as coffee, but it won’t make you crash afterwards.

And most importantly, the “buzz” that you get from drinking yerba mate is really peaceful and balanced. This means that people with ADHD can drink yerba mate and enjoy a smooth 4-5 hour window of calm, relaxing focus.

Natural ADHD Treatment #8. Food-based multivitamin

Natural ADHD Treatments Womens Multivitamin

People with ADHD need to take a good food-based multivitamin every single day.

Vitamins help to keep you energized and mentally sharp throughout the week, so they’re crucial to your mental health and well-being.

But, I do have to recommend that you take a food-based multivitamin, so that your body is only taking in vitamins that are sourced from natural foods. This is an important tip to remember, since the “regular” varieties of multivitamins are made from synthetic ingredients. And, you can’t be taking artificial vitamins if you want a natural ADHD treatment that works.

Rainbow light is an excellent brand of food-based vitamin, and they offer both Men’s and Women’s multivitamins for all to take.

Natural ADHD Treatment #7. Matcha green tea powder

Natural ADHD Treatments Matcha Green Tea Powder

Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder provides tons of amazing health benefits like the ability to fight cancer, burn fat and detoxify the body.

But, for all of the ADHD sufferers out there, matcha is also known to significantly enhance mood and concentration.

Your brain will feel laser-sharp after drinking just one cup of matcha tea.

Plus, you can even toss a few tablespoons of matcha green tea powder into a fruit smoothie or protein shake, and you’ll receive the same exact benefits this way.

Natural ADHD Treatment #6. Talking with a psychologist who specializes in ADHD

natural ADHD treatments talking with a psychologist health and experiences
Image Credit: Vetusto (Flickr)

Everyone with ADHD should have a crystal-clear understanding of how the “ADHD brain” works in comparison to the “normal” human brain. And, talking with a trusted psychologist who specializes in ADHD is by far the best way to accomplish this task. A professional can teach you more about ADHD in 10 minutes than you can learn through 6 hours of online research.

But, to lead you down the correct path, here’s a super-quick summary of what a good ADHD psychologist will tell you (it’s just the tip of the iceberg, really):

They will usually explain that people with ADHD are naturally motivated by their own unique (weird) interests, and have to use wildly different strategies in life to truly accomplish their goals.

The best part about speaking with an ADHD psychologist is that they can even help you form these unique strategies for attacking your own life with ADHD.

Natural ADHD Treatment #5. Daily cardio

natural ADHD treatments cardio running health and experiences
Image Credit: Jeff Drongowsky (Flickr)

Running, jogging, sprinting, or doing any other kind of cardio exercise is not just amazing for the heart, but also for your “ADHD brain” as well.

People with ADHD tend to daydream or “get stuck in their head” quite often, so doing cardio every day provides a great opportunity to rejuvenate your mind.

Plus, you release powerful endorphins and other brain chemicals when you do cardio for about 30-40+ minutes. So, getting involved in a daily cardio routine is almost like therapy for people with ADHD.

Natural ADHD Treatment #4. Meditation

natural ADHD treatments meditation health and experiences
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Meditation is one of the greatest natural treatments for people with ADHD because of the long-lasting impact that it can have on your mental and even physical health (yes, seriously).

Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult, either.

You can simply sit in a quiet space, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing for 5 minutes at a time. Start practicing this just once or twice a day, and you’ll be able to regain focus in your life like you wouldn’t even believe.

Natural ADHD Treatment #3. Standing not sitting

natural ADHD treatments standing not sitting health and experiences
Image Credit: Gotpics7 (Instagram)

If you’re like most people with ADHD, then you get really fidgety when you sit down for too long. People with ADHD have a natural tendency to want to move around…and you should never suppress this feeling.

However, I also realize that you probably have a day job to attend to, or some kind of work to do, which supposedly requires sitting at a desk.

But the thing is, you really have to eliminate the act of “sitting down” from your life as much as possible. No excuses!

Once you practice standing not sitting, you’ll be able to think better, feel better and live better. Sitting is not healthy. In fact, it’s evil for those who have ADHD.

So, start standing up today, because it simply works, and enjoy this natural ADHD treatment that will benefit your concentration (and your posture).

Natural ADHD Treatment #2. Maximizing your gut health

natural ADHD treatments maximizing you gut health health and experiences
Image Credit: Laurenmichelle1601 (Instagram)

Are you aware of the (almost) unbelievable connection between your gut health and your brain? Yup, it’s true. Your gastrointestinal tract has its own neural network called the enteric nervous system (ENS), and this means that the health of your gut will impact every aspect of your life. Yes, everything! Your mood, energy level, ability to focus, and even your love life.

To immediately boost your gut health, start taking a high-quality probiotic supplement once daily, drink kombucha, or eat natural yogurt more often (Bulgarian yogurt is great for this).

This will help you detox your gut, and start feeling better almost immediately.

It’s crucial that if you have ADHD, you leverage every “advantage” you can get. And, maximizing your gut health is one “trick” you really can’t go without.

Natural ADHD Treatment #1. Figuring out your real talents

Natural ADHD Treatments Talent

Figuring out your real talents is so important for people with ADHD because of the “tunnel vision” that many ADHD’ers claim to experience.

Basically, people with ADHD often report experiencing “tunnel vision” or “flow” whenever they become absorbed in a project or activity that they are passionate about.

What this means is that ADHD’ers can find massive success in certain “untapped” areas of their life.

But, the caveat is that people with ADHD first have to discover which natural talents have been hiding under the surface for so long.

Once those real talents have finally been revealed, people with ADHD can use their gifts to find mental clarity, long-lasting happiness and a life well-worth living. 100% naturally…

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